Discount iPad Hybrid Poster/Banner Display Holders for B2B and B2C!

iPad Display Holders with Poster StandsLast Friday, we revealed some of our top electronics display for tablets and iPads including acrylic holders, countertop and wall mount holders and floor stand iPad displays. As promised, today we wanted to show off our lineup of iPad hybrid poster and banner displays to really gain an edge in displaying iPads or conveying corporate information in a B2C or B2B format.


Classic Aluminum Pro iPad Hybrid Banner Stand Display 


iPad Banner Poster DisplaysWhat a display you’ll get with our hybrid banner stand display! Not only is this display product made in the USA, it’s an all-aluminum combo that contains a place for a banner and an iPad. Great for conferences, tradeshows, expos, and retail arenas, these stand displays feature integrated USB cables, a rotating frame for 360 degree display and anti-theft hardware.


This display can accommodate one or two 24-inch wide by 96-inch tall banners—and we can provide banner pole pockets for the top and bottom. Along with discounted priced on these banner stands, we can also customize the banner inserts with your artwork or help you create something. They are extremely easy to assemble and banners can be printed single or double-sided.


Classic Aluminum Pro iPad Hybrid Poster Stand Display with Slide-In Design


iPad Banner Displays with Side InsertsOur second poster stand display comes offers a slide-in design to hold posters (again we can help with the artwork!). Much like our all our hybrid displays for iPads this stand display features integrated USB cables, a rotating frame for vertical or horizontal display and anti-theft hardware.


The poster stand has mitered corners, substantial thick uprights and face frame and a clear overlay with a slide-in design. The 72-inch pole is completely moveable for easy positioning. Available in both black or silver, this poster/iPad stand display has a heavy steel base and holds single-sided 22-inch by 28-inch poster, as well as two other sizes, 24-inchc by 36-inch or 22-inch by 56-inch.The top slide-in design make this display stand perfect for any environment.


Classic Aluminum Pro iPad Hybrid Poster Stand Display with Easy-Open Snap Frame Design


Last on our list of iPad/Poster displays is our easy-open, snap-frame design model. This display stand is also available in black or silver and comes with a heavy steel base. The best features like USB cables, 360 rotating degree frame and anti-theft hardware are also included in this display stand.


iPad Banner Display Holders with Easy Open InsertsWith mitered corners and thick uprights and fame frame, the clear overlay offers a front loading design and because the frame is moveable, it can be positioned anywhere on the 72-inch pole. The poster stand holds three sizes of posters: 22-inch by 28-inch, 24-inch by 36-inch or 22-inch by 56-inch. We are always happy to help with poster inserts and we make our artwork upload process easy as 1-2-3!


If you need B2B or B2C poster or banner iPad display holders, you won’t find them cheaper than Metropolitan Display so be sure to shop online or call us toll-free at 800-899-0015! Remember all new likes on Facebook, new followers on Twitter and new connections on LinkedIn get a 5% discount on all the products we sell at Metropolitan Display!*


*Ask us how our discount program works and buying in bulk will always save you more!


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