The Best Ways To Use Mannequins and Forms In Your Retail Store

Discount mannequins and formsWhen you have an amazing product, you need an eye catching display. Your merchandise should make people want to stop and imagine how great a piece of clothing or an accessory would look on them. Metropolitan Display’s mannequins and forms help you show your products in the very best light to help you sell more!


The Magic of Mannequins!


One way to be sure to keep your store fresh is to vary what you are showing on your mannequins. As people pass by your business, a new display will attract attention as opposed to setting a display and leaving it the same way for an entire season.


Discount mannequins from Metropolitan DisplayIf you are in a mall location, your fellow mall workers are also potential customers. And, many shoppers visit malls several times a week. Changing the display makes you stand out and the extra touches you add mean a bigger bottom line at the end of each month.


Mannequins and forms are not only for your window displays, although they are what help feed business into your establishment. Varying your inside-the-shop mannequins will make an impact as shoppers visually see different ways to accessorize, and potentially buy not just that dress or top, but also the necklace or scarf displayed with your apparel. Place colors you find are not selling as well on stage with spectacular accessories to maximize sales of slower moving items. Your retail store needs to be freshened every few days to make the best impact.


Choosing the Right Products


Discount Unisex mannequins and formsThese lightweight but sturdy forms can be used with both a top and bottom to create a complete outfit. Tops, slacks, dresses or skirts will show your fresh ideas and marketing possibilities and are easily attached for a full outfit display. Our forms are also beneficial for craft shows, costume displays and trade shows.


You will soon realize that mannequins are great additions to many applications beyond the mall or boutique. The best way to showcase unique products is in a display that highlights your target consumers—they can see themselves wearing what you want to sell.


In addition, mannequins will help in the best presentation of your items. The golf pro shop can benefit with both sex forms. The men’s display can present golf shirts, pants, shorts and hats. The women golfers will want to see the ways you suggest to pair the same outfits adding skorts and fashion accessories. You can up sell with sunglasses, visors and score keepers. Your options are limitless.


Make sure that you set your displays so that the attachment areas of the mannequins are minimized and not visible as consumers shop inside your store or window shopping. Keep your best foot forward and plan your viewing areas to provide a neat, professional display. You can use the gender specific models in a tripod base for a display that shows off more of the items on the upper torso. The pedestal mannequins have the options for upper and lower torso dressing. Visit our forms and mannequins webpage to view suggestions and products to match your creative ideas and make your sales areas POP!


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