Dressed For Success: Prepping Windows For Holiday Displays

Holiday window dressing ideasAre your storefront windows dressed for success or do they need an extreme makeover to get ready for the upcoming holidays? Windows can be one of your best sales tools as they sell your products or services around the clock whether you are open for business or closed for the day. Here are some easy to implement tips for making your windows work more efficiently for you during the holidays.


Do Your Housecleaning


Nothing is more unattractive than a dirty, dingy storefront window with a mishmash of articles strewn around the interior. Keep the window glass sparkling clean and streak free even if it must be cleaned several times throughout the day. If the window is not well-lighted, switch to higher voltage bulbs or add some additional lighting units. Use bright, traditional colors such as red and green for Christmas or pastels for Easter and change the displays frequently to keep the attention of passersby. Table covers are a low cost way to add a pop of color to your holiday window displays.


Check Out Your Competitors


Dress up your store windows for the holidaysTake a few minutes or few hours to look at your competitors’ holiday window dressings. Which do you like best and what would you do differently? Snap a few pictures of the best ones. How could you use a similar idea to make your product or service stand out from the competition and attract more customers? The goal here is not to create a copycat version of your competitor’s marketing message but to gather ideas for designing an eye-catching holiday display that makes people want to do business with you.


Be Cooperative


What types of business are to the right or left of your store? Could you work cooperatively with any non-competing business to increase sales for both of you? For example, a women’s clothing store in the middle of a ladies shoe store and a jewelry store might want to see if the shoe store would like to loan some shoes and handbags to display with mannequins displaying holiday fashions and jewelry from the neighboring store. Each business benefits from the increased exposure and the customers benefit from the value-added service of being able to buy complete ensembles. Does your business have neighbors with whom you could work?


Target Community Families


Discount Counter Top Mirrors for Retail DisplaysHoliday displays of winter wonderland scenes or bunnies and chicks frolicking among colored eggs are guaranteed to catch the eyes of children and adults alike. No matter what your product or service, think of ways to make a display that appeals to families rather than individuals, and you’ll have a winning holiday combination.


In addition to those types of displays, why not post a sign to let parents and caregivers know how child-friendly your establishment it? It takes little space to set up a special corner for kids to play or read while adults shop, but it could mean the difference in making or losing a sale.


Be Generic


In today’s hyper politically correct society, the safest bet is to keep holiday window displays generic. Terms such as happy holidays or spring holidays should not give any special interest groups a reason to feel offended by your advertising message.


A well-lit, gaily decorated holiday display window is a great way to advertise holiday specials or new products. Be sure to have enough inventories on hand to service your client’s needs, and make it easy for them to do business with you.


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