How and When To Sell A Home Quickly With Real Estate Signs and Swooper Flags

According to, “The best time of the year to sell a house is the spring.” The benefit of listing your house on the market or searching for a home this time of year is really twofold for both buyer and seller. By late April, many buyers have just deposited their tax return checks, and are therefore more likely to make housing offers at the seller’s full asking price. Win-win.


Some figures suggest that roughly 60% of new home owners move in the summer months not only because it’s more financially feasible, but also to avoid disruption during the school year- opting instead to uproot while their children are on summer break.   Knowing all this, if you are ready to list your home there are some quick pro tips you should be aware of.   Open House Saturday and Sunday Yellow Flutter Flag Advertising Banner Sail, 16' Tall- Metropolitan Display




It’s all about perception. Did you know when pricing your home it’s actually best to avoid using a zero at the end?   It’s a bit counter intuitive if you really think about it. While it might seem like rounding down to say $250,000 would draw more buyers than a $253,252 price tag, studies actually show the opposite to be true. Play the numbers game right!




The best day to make an offer on a home is the first Tuesday of the month after sellers have made their month’s mortgage payment,  while the best time to list your home is Thursday, making it available for new weekend showings.




Don’t be afraid to do a few minor renovations such as painting the rooms a neutral color. Home buyers often have trouble seeing “the potential” in something they don’t have an emotional connection with.




Keep it simple! Make your home a clean slate. They need to mentally project their belongings inside the walls of your space. That means, don’t over do it with family pictures or too much ‘filler’.


SignageCrane Style Real Estate Metal Sign Stand & Holder- Metropolitan Display


While the internet has helped speed the sale of homes over the past decade, don’t underestimate the power of a drive by. Yards with proper signage can dramatically increase foot traffic at your next open house- especially in highly sought after neighborhoods.   And while you’re at it, don’t forget to invest in a flashy ‘SOLD’ flyer to hang underneath or stick on the face of the board.


By following these and other ‘tried and true’ tips you’ll have your house sold out from under you in no time. Now all you have to do is track down some cardboard boxes!   Insert Side Loading Metal Sign Stand A-Frame- Metropolitan Display


At Metropolitan Display we carry real estate and lawn signs in a variety of different styles, all of which have been carefully designed to help you get your home off the market in no time flat.


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