Increase Your Apparel Sales With Mannequin Marketing

Discount female mannequins and formsDid you know you can increase your clothing, accessory and apparel sales simply by changing your marketing strategy and displaying these items on mannequins? While garment racks, grid displays and countertop displays are the best way for stocking and displaying large quantities of apparel, nothing bets a mannequin for highlighting outfits and high-end items to their best advantage.


Whether your product line includes clothing such as dresses, suits and outwear or accessories such as jewelry, scarves and hats, any item looks better and appeals to customers buying impulses faster when displayed on a perfectly proportioned mannequin.


At Metropolitan Display, we carry everything you need to showcase clothing and other apparel to command attention and convey that professional look.


Easy and Convenient to Use


Discount Male mannequins and formsDressing and undressing them is easy and convenient because the heights can be adjusted from 59 to 69 inches. As a plus, they require little or no maintenance to keep them looking good and working hard to market your apparel line 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Superior Construction


You’ll be proud to own any of our durable mannequins and can choose from styles that include a choice of maple, walnut or natural wood bases and neckblocks. Bases are available in stand or tripod options and the uprights are crafted from heavy-duty chrome for strength and superior service.


Available Options


Mannequin female formsOur mannequins are available in both female and male versions that can styled in a variety of different garments and individual items. Additionally, because they are headless – essentially neutral – they allow customers to easily envision how they would look in a particular outfit or accessory item.


Female Torso or Blouse Form


Solidly built and crafted for years of service, you can count on these mannequins to be some of your hardest working “employees”. Customize the mannequin depending on what type of garment is on display by using the center flange for blouses and the offset flange for slacks or shorts.


Male Coat or Shirt Form


Buy mannequins and forms onlineThese well-constructed mannequins feature a polyurethane foam body, which allows you to tuck and pin garments to give them a more natural appearance. Use these forms to display individual items such as shirts and pants and display them with or without the stand or tripod base. Save money by buying in bulk and asking for a quantity discount so you’ll have lots of these handy helpers in stock at all times.


Experience All the Benefits


While mannequins keep your showroom and retail environments visually appealing to your customers and potential buyers, it’s important to have enough storage space to stock an adequate inventory to meet your customers’ requirements. When placing your mannequin order, remember to pick up some essential inventory storage items and accessories such as garment racks, clear garment covers, top shelf baskets or bottom shelves. These display products will complement your mannequins and help you provide an easier, more enjoyable shopping experience for your clientele.


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