Invite Patients Into Your Waiting Room With Healthcare Display Products

Discount Healthcare Display productsFor doctors, dentists and other medical professional offices, your waiting room needs to not only offer a welcoming feel but also be a place where patients can learn more and stay engaged while waiting for their visit. This is easily managed with some of the creative healthcare display products we have at Metropolitan Display.


Literature & Brochure Racks


All doctors have those patients who fear that frank talk about a private medial concern. With literature and brochure racks, you can engage those who fear talking about what seems embarrassing to them.


No matter what type of medicine you practice use our literature holders and brochure racks and fill them with informational FAQ flyers and brochures on common health issues and tests or procedures patients fear.


We can also help you with discount healthcare printing for brochures, flyers and more where we always offer 25% off.


Clothing Racks


Doctor Waiting Room Coat RacksMany waiting rooms these days are small making it hard for patients to sit comfortably with bulky coats or sweaters.


We offer all sorts of clothing racks perfect for your waiting room with top racks so people can hang up their outerwear as well as find a place for umbrellas and bags.


Electronic Displays


Most waiting room areas have a television tuned to a certain news or sports network or dedicated videos based on their practice offering helpful tips.


One way to battle those not interested in sports or news—or those more concerned about what to expect is to use iPad electronic displays throughout your waiting room. iPads are interactive devices where you can set up around the waiting area and show videos and info-packed healthcare and patient information.


Our electronic displays come in floor, wall and countertop models and include security hardware to ensure your iPads are safe.


Poster Frames


iPad Display holders for doctor's officeDoctor waiting rooms are often full of art thoughtfully placed to calm patients. A great idea for a healthcare display is to purchase our deeply discounted poster frames (front, top and side loading) and insert your own posters dedicated to what your practice is all about.


We can use your artwork or help you create a custom printed poster insert. Our healthcare display posters come in many sizes so there is sure to be one that fit your needs.


Swinger Sidewalk & Curb Signs


Even professionals in the medical arena need to advertise their services. Many use swinger sidewalk and curb stands to inform the general public of important information such as “flu shots here” or “new patients welcome” or “daily allergy pollen count alert.”


Again, Metropolitan Display offers many models of swinger sidewalk and curb signs to help educate, advertise and inform.


Don’t forget throughout the month of March 2013, we are offering all of our healthcare display swinger sidewalk signs at 10% off—just use promo code swinger10 at checkout or mention the promo to one of our operators.


Swinger Sidewalk and Curb Signs


Be sure to view our Pinterest boards as we upload new healthcare display products all the time!


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