Making the Most of Mannequins in Your Showroom

Discount Mannequins and FormsWhether you use them to create eye-catching window displays or to show apparel to better advantage in your showrooms, merchandise displays better and sells faster when showcased on mannequins. Follow the tips below to use your mannequins to modernize your displays and engage a larger audience for your products.


Creating the Wow Factor


Why do some window or store displays attract crowds of curious people like magnets while others make little or no impression? The difference is in the wow factor: visually graphic displays that grab the prospective buyer’s attention in those critical first seconds of making an impression.


An unconventional way to add instant sizzle to standard showroom displays is to combine your mannequins with freeze models for a day or weekend to draw in shoppers and breathe new life into your visual marketing.


Freeze models, or living mannequins, are inexpensive to hire for a few hours. These models can hold a frozen pose for an extended time and even refrain from blinking, and then suddenly smile or move to engage and entertain shoppers.


However, if the idea of living mannequins seems too radical, there are other inexpensive ways to punch up the impact of your displays such as adding props or creating tableaus. Let’s look at some of those techniques.


Set the Scene


Discount pricing on mannequinsThink of visual merchandising as being comparable to a movie or theater stage setting. What items could you include with your dressed mannequins to tell a story?


A mannequin dressed in a swimsuit, sunglasses and a sun hat that is artfully posed by a beach chair draped with a beach towel conveys a powerful “fun in the sun” message unmatched by a table display of folded swim apparel. Depending on your product line, you could add other props such as a large beach tote or beach ball to paint the picture of a day at the beach.


Whenever possible, dress mannequins in complete ensembles and use complementary props. For instance, accessorize men’s suits with hats, pocket squares and briefcases. Drape scarves, cowls, shawls, jewelry and other accessories around the neck of headless mannequins and secure with hatpins to give the illusion of a well-pulled together outfit. Additionally, tie belts and scarves at or below the waist to give balance and symmetry to the overall profile of the mannequin.


Themes Matter


Printing and journalism businesses work from editorial calendars; retailers work from marketing calendars. Use your marketing calendar as a guide for choosing your monthly showroom display themes, and do not be afraid to think out of the box. Christmas in July promotions can be just as profitable as holiday promotions in November and December, and the uniqueness of the approach could attract shoppers who would otherwise be too jaded by the holiday over-commercialization to be good prospects. The beauty of working with mannequins is they can be dressed to portray any time period or season with just a quick change of clothing and accessories.


Change Is Good


Male mannequins and formsMost of us hate or avoid change, but changing showroom displays frequently is the key to keeping shopper interest high and sales consistent. Familiarity breeds contempt or so the saying goes, and if your mannequins have been dressed in the same fashions for the last six months, it could send a negative message to your customer base. Change those outfits monthly to create an impression of being fashion forward and in step with the latest designs and trends or risk losing profits to a more enterprising competitor.


Whether you are able to invest a few minutes or a few hours into managing your mannequins in your storeroom displays, the good news is apparel, accessories and even jewelry shows to better advantage on a mannequin than it does on hangers, racks or stacked on tables and shelves. Apparel drapes better and customers can easily envision themselves wearing or using the garments or jewelry when they see it visually displayed on a mannequin.


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