Showcase Your iPads and Tablets With These Electronics Display Holders!

iPad Counter Top Display HoldersThe world of technology has made it easier than ever to show consumers how a product or service works instantly through iPads and tablets. Retailers and exhibitors are taking advantage of our electronic displays to reel consumers in in two ways.

First, these electronics display holders can showcase iPads or tablets for sale. Second, these sturdy display holders make it easy for consumers to interact or view presentations to learn more about your products, services or just about any sort of offering. Images and interaction are two things consumers want to see before they buy and if you can show them how your product or service works right in your store or at expos, you’ll gain a better chance of closing the deal.


Great for expos, trade shows, car dealers auto shows and just about any type of retailer looking to reveal new product specifications in an easy to see format!


iPad Display Holders


Metropolitan Display offers a variety of iPad display holders and we expect to keep adding to this model line.


iPad counter top display holdersClear Acrylic Display Holders – These simple, yet effective iPad or tablet display holders are manufactured using commercial grade clear acrylic. You can easily cover all areas of your retail store or exhibit area because these electronic display holders come in a six-pack. We can also customize these display holders with your logo and they are available in both vertical and horizontal formats.


Aluminum Pro iPad Counter Top Display with Round Base – These handsome iPad counter top display holders come with integrated USB cables, rotating frame for both vertical and horizontal viewing and anti-theft hardware. Use these to display iPads for sale or as a selling tool where customers can watch videos and learn features of various products or services. Each has a heavy round steel base and they come in black or silver. And, as many of our product do, these iPad counter top displays are made right here in the U.S.


Aluminum Pro iPad Counter Top Mount Display with Flange – Easily showcase your iPads or the information on them about your products and services with this top mount display. Included are a double flange base and hardware for safe mounting and added security. This iPad display holder also has integrated USB cables, can rotate 360 degrees, offers anti-theft hardware, 8-inch long post and are available in black or silver.


iPad wall mount displays with flangeClassic Aluminum Pro iPad Wall Mount Display with Flange – This all aluminum iPad wall mount display is durable and comes with a double flange base, hardware and integrated USB cables. The frame rotates both vertically and horizontally and you can be sure your iPads stay safe with the included anti-theft hardware. These wall mount iPad displays offer style and design and are made in the USA.


We also carry Aluminum Pro IPad Display Floor Stand with Square, Round or Oval Bases.


There are three models of this iPad display holder—one with a square base and one with a round base. Each comes with USB cables, rotating frame for 360 viewing, anti-theft hardware and are available in both silver and black. Each has a 14-inch heavy steel base (the round base model is 13-inches) and metal backs. These also feature high-impact acrylic face covers, are easy to assemble and also made in the United States.


iPad floor stand displaysOur latest addition to these iPad floor stands is our curved, oval base model. Each of these holders come with the same features and durability as our square and round base iPad display floor stands.


Showcase Your iPads or Products and Services


These electronic display holders are one of our top sellers because they are so versatile, offer iPad security and offer ways for retailer to sell iPads or tablets or use them for informational display purposes.


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Don’t forget to bookmark our blog and tune in next week when we’ll reveal our hybrid poster/iPad electronic display line-up!

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