Top 5 Tricks for Making Your Business Cards More Effective

Where to find discount business cardsIncluding vital contact information on your business cards, ordering them in large quantities to save money, and using high-quality card stocks, fonts and inks are good general tips for those in the market for new business cards. You won’t find any general tips here, however. Our goal today is to take you beyond the business cards basics with ten tricks guaranteed to turn those little cardstock pieces into dynamic marketing pieces. Let’s get started:




Do-it-yourself is fine for some things – think fashion, crafts or simple home improvement projects. However, just like you probably wouldn’t try DIY brain surgery, why risk DIY techniques when it comes to branding, advertising and marketing your goods or services? The small cost of hiring a professional to help you create an effective business card design will be offset by the ROI of increased profits and professionalism.


Discount Business Printing


In addition, these pros can handle all the little details that can sometimes fall through the cracks such as designing logos or proofing the final card design. How embarrassing and costly would it be to have to throw away thousands of business cards because a staffer missed a typo, especially in vital information such as business names, contact phone numbers or emails? It’s well worth the minimal cost to save yourself the time and money of designing and printing your own business cards.


Use Both Sides


You may hear conflicting advice on whether or not to use the backside of your business cards or leave them blank. Like most hotly contested topics, there are lots of pros and cons on both sides of the argument, and you’ll have to make the final decision yourself. However, ponder this: you’ve paid for the back side of the card, whether you use it or not. What do you have to lose by putting that valuable advertising real estate to work? If you include something truly useful for your customer base – maps, calculators, QR Codes calendars, charts or graphs, the odds are they will keep your cards longer.


Make A Good Impression


How to design your business cardsYou only have a few seconds to capture your prospect’s attention, so do your business a favor and put your best foot – or business card – forward. Use a professional printing company rather than churning out some cards on your inkjet printer, and make the first impression memorable.


Use a Logo


If you already have a logo associated with your brand or product, use it on your card. If you do not have a logo, invest in one. A personalized logo shows pride in your product or service and conveys an air of professionalism that generic clip art does not have.


Less or More?


Another benefit of using a professional to create a business card design is it ensures you include all the crucial information about your company. On the other side, these experts know how much data is enough versus how much is too much. Instead of a card jammed packed with a jumble of information, you will end up with a clean, clear design to be proud of.


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