Turn Your Showroom Into a Visual Masterpiece With Grid Panel Displays

Where to buy grid panel displays onlineCreating eye-catching showroom displays month after month can get challenging. Fortunately, there are affordable display merchandising solutions such as grid panel displays that can make merchandising quick and easy and turn your showroom into a visual masterpiece.



Grid panel displays can be mounted on your showroom walls or floor-standing, and you can integrate them as part of a larger product merchandise campaign or as freestanding displays. They are versatile because you can change displays quickly to correspond with special promotions, holiday offerings or seasonal merchandising, and flexible because you can configure their design to suit your needs. Best of all, one person can easily set up and take down a display.


Discount Tower Grid Panel DisplaysChoose from 3 or 4-sided wire display panels that can be customized as towers, triangles or gondolas or wall mounted displays in a myriad of configurations. Wire display panels can be fitted with baskets, hooks and other peripherals that enable you to display a wide range of items and objects. The only limit is your budget and your creativity.


Merchandising Ideas


Keep your merchandising clean and simple and focus on one main theme for best results. For example, a sporting goods store might choose to use a grid panel display to showcase tennis and golf apparel and items. These wire displays are the perfect way to create a tableau that encourages customers to visualize themselves using your product. Here’s how it could work:


Rolling Grid Panel DisplaysDisplay a tennis outfit – shorts, tee shirt, camp shirt, hat and shoes on a hanging mannequin or clothes hanger. Add some hooks to your wall or floor grid display to hang the display. Next, hang related accessories such as  a tennis racket or duffle bag. Add a shelf to the grid display and stack tees in various colors. Finally, use another end of the grid display to hang cap and belt options. You’ve just created a powerfully effective display that will catch the attention of your prospective buyers by giving them a visual picture of how they can benefit from purchasing your product.


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