Use Scrolling Message Signs to Promote Products or Brands

Scrolling LED SignsDo you use scrolling message signs in your business? If not, you may be missing out on a powerful advertising medium. Scrolling messages signs offer a high level of interactive visual attractiveness with their dynamic rotating content.


They deliver more advertising and promotional messages than many other types of display advertising products because they are quick and easy to modify.  For instance, unlike billboards, which might take days or weeks to be updates, messages can be constructed and changed instantaneously. Simply type in your new text and flip a switch – it’s that easy!


Here are some tips to help you exploit the full capability of your scrolling message signs and take your business to the next level:


Offer Customers What They Want


Use Scrolling Message Signs to Promote Products and BrandsDisplaying the date, temperature and time may seem cliché or you may think, “Everybody does that with their changeable signs.” However, have you ever considered that the reason most changeable sign owners use them to display this data is because it is useful information everyone wants and needs? Mount scrolling message signs on the walls, shelves or tabletops of your business and put them to work providing this sought-after data.


Keep It Simple


Think of Twitter tweets, which only allow 140 characters, to develop the perfect mindset to construct engaging yet concise messages for your LED signs. Short, simple messages repeated often in an endless loop are more effective than longer messages. Repetition reinforces the marketing messages in your prospects or customers’ minds so they remember them longer.


Location, Location, Location


Just as in real estate, location can make or break the success of a scrolling message sign marketing campaign. Units can be wall-mounted easily with the attached hanging D-rings or positioned on shelves and countertops because they have a small footprint. Create messages to complement or to enhance other advertising messages so you are offering a consistent form of advertising to your target market.


Place signs where they are visible but will not cause any eyestrain. For instance, you might want to place one above the entrance or exit doors, or on the wall behind counters or between other fixtures.


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Match the Message to the Market


It is critical for marketing messages to match the needs and buying habits of your target audience. The right advertisements will drive more foot traffic, more sales, and more profits into your business, but the wrong ones potentially alienate your clientele or cost you money. Once you have the message right, remember to keep it fresh and on-topic.  No one likes yesterday’s news or last season’s fashions, and you want your customers to feel you are on the cutting edge of your industry. Keeping your message current shows you have attention to detail, stay on top of trends, and positions you as a professional.


At Metropolitan Display we carry scrolling message signs in small, medium and large to help you promote products. We hope you’ll like us on Facebook, add us to your circles on Google+ and connect with us on LinkedIn.


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