Using Mannequins to Draw A Crowd This Summer


When deciding on which store to spend your money, there are several factors at play which can affect your decision. Consciously or not, we’re all impacted first and foremost by what we see visually. Shops that are on a large strip or stores in massive shopping malls must take care not to blend in. To avoid the pitfalls of becoming merely ‘one of many’ retailers and boutiques alike must take care to find their unique visual niche.


However, in order to convey the right message, the feel of your window displays must also be organized, leave an impact, and impart an overall feel of your shop.


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Be it whimsical or chic, how you represent a store’s branding in the front window or on the showroom floor starts with the appropriate merchandise displays. With highly versatile, adjustable mannequins, shoppers get an immediate sense of how clothing will wear and are far more likely to come browse an entire collection.


But what are some key considerations when using display mannequins and how can they help you draw a crowd?


Think Anthropology


No, not like the culture collectors you learned about in school, we’re talking about the multi-national retailer! Over the years, Anthropology has amassed a solid reputation for their window displays that get people talking.


By adopting a ‘come for the window display- stay for the clothes’ Wow-Factor, your window display can do the same. In fact, it will be working overtime to advertise the season’s hottest trends, while seamlessly marketing your brand. After all, the more your store name escapes the mouths of your potential clientele, the more likely they are to spend their disposable income in your shop.


Why not try combining your mannequins with freeze models, or living mannequins. Especially during peak shopping hours such as weekends. The addition of a live person who’ll randomly smile or wave at passersby is sure to create a buzz.


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Next time you set out to create the display, start by piecing together your story and work backwards. As with any good piece of theatre, this will require you to bring in some props!


For example, packaging multiple related pieces from one collection into a cohesive freeze frame is a great way to get people to stop and ponder the scene. Take for instance a mannequin simply dressed in a swimsuit. She becomes a more powerful storytelling device when outfitted with sunglasses, a sun hat, strappy sandals, and a beach tote. Position that same mannequin at a café table under a giant rainbow umbrella and watch as vacation goers single file into your store when they emotionally connect with their impending trip.


Just try doing all that with a table display of folded swim apparel!


Christmas in July


So maybe shoppers have come to expect sun bathing mannequins and beach scenes this time of year. But what they may not expect are mannequins in alternating green and red suites with Santa hats! Throw down some white powder at their feet and let customers take guesses if it’s white beach sands or snow.


The point is, familiarity breeds complacency. Fortunately, fashion trends change so often being fashion forward with your displays is a cinch. Displaying new merchandise in unexpected ways is the best way to snag the fashionistas trolling your block. Premium Quality Womens Jersey Covered Female Torso Dressmaker- Metropolitan Display


No need to hire help outside your normal staff. Even a few dedicated hours a month will have your window and storeroom displays standing out among your competition with crowds sure to follow. Show passersby you have the latest and greatest, by pairing apparel, accessories and even jewelry together on a life sized mannequin. Leave the hangers, racks and stacks behind so your fashionable clientele can project their imaginations and see themselves donning your new line.


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