What Can You Do With Electronic Displays and Changeable Message Signs?

What can you do with changeable message boardsMost sales of electronic displays or changeable messages signs are based on the buyer’s expectation of garnering effective display-advertising results, and these advertising products deliver on that promise. However, have you ever wondered if you could use your electronic messengers for reasons other than on-site, off-premise or street signage?


As it turns out, many creative businesses and organizations are harnessing their electronic display signs for purposes such as:


Creating or increasing brand or product awareness


Encouraging social or community welfare


Teaching or motivating individuals to modify their behavior or change their ideology


Providing navigational aids and traffic information


Helping vehicle operators drive more safely


LED Signs for RestaurantsHere is just a random sampling of the many ways companies and organizations just like yours are putting their changeable message boards to work:


Apartments, rental properties and new construction: Boasting about availability, move-in specials, amenities such as washer and dryers or health facilities, upgrades and freebies.


Churches, houses of worship, and religious organizations: Such groups are featuring service times and content tidbits, inspirational messages, quotes, and scripture or promoting sermon series, bible studies or special speakers or events.


Drug and/or grocery stores: These retailers are marketing their pharmacy services, highlighting grocery or health and beauty promotions, and publicizing health education and special health and wellness clinics.


Financial institutions: In addition to the traditional time and temperature data often seen on electronic message displays at financial institutions, these signs are used to broadcast information about free or reduced service fees, prime lending or mortgage rates, retirement account or other financial news, tips or hints.


Roadside Changeable Message SignsHospitals: Offer community education about special events and programs such as nutrition or health workshops. Post health tips or wellness related quotes or public service announcements (PSAs).


Local, state and federal governments: Furnish vital transportation information such as emergency and disaster information and evacuation routes, construction and school zones, speed limits, congested areas and traffic accidents, upcoming roadwork, exit ramps, and anticipated delays.


Restaurants: Advertise their daily, weekly or seasonal menu specials or broadcast their organic or local cuisine. After all, who can resist message signs proclaiming “Hot doughnuts!” or “Apple Pies – 2 for $1″?


Retailers: The sky is the limit for retailers as they are only bound by the limits of their product line, services or creativity. For example, a shoe store could offer tips on keep shoes clean or hints on how to make footwear last longer in addition to promoting discounts and special offers.


Schools and educational facilities: Make known their sports events and fundraising efforts, early dismissals, school closings and holidays, and testing dates.


The best answer to the question “What can you do with electronic displays and changeable message signs” is to release the creativity of your in-house advertising staff or ad agency. As you can see, these electronic signs can be used for a wide range of reasons, and smart entrepreneurs will seek out ways to maximize the highest rate of return on their investment in these display-advertising products.


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