Why Digital Signage Is a Hot Advertising Trend

Discount Digital LED SignsDigital signage is a hot trend in display advertising these days because it enables businesses and brands to differentiate their products and goods from other vendors by adding an interactive aspect to advertisements. Today’s consumers are conditioned to receive and to process information in bite-sized chunks, and digital signs are the perfect delivery systems for these types of messages.


Whether they are looking for way-finding information, emergency or disaster messaging, or just the best deal on a lunch or dinnertime special, current as well as potential patrons respond favorably to these  highly visual, attention-grabbing advertisements.
Uses for Digital Signage
Custom digital LED signs

Traditionally, digital signs have been found in industries such as healthcare, food service, restaurants and financial institutions, but as their popularity has grown, so has their market share. For example, digital signs can alert patrons to special events and show times or limited time exhibits, which makes them ideal for theatres, museums or convention facilities. They are helpful as point of sale communications or for foot traffic flow and control. Hair and nail salons, veterinarian offices, and other types of businesses are adding digital signs to their advertising portfolios because they recognized the value versus the investment of these advertising tools.


Benefits of Digital Signs


  • Digital signs are money-saving advertising platforms that offer many benefits such as:
  • Instantaneous updates
  • Reduced costs of printing promotional materials
  • Low upfront investment for installation
  • Little or no ongoing maintenance
  • High visibility
  • Low cost supplement to other types of advertising media
  • Targeted messaging based on demographics and shopping habits
  • Enhanced customer experience


Digital Signage Solutions
Discount scrolling message LED signs

Scrolling message signs are a low-cost digital signage solution that can pay high dividends on the monies invested. Use them anywhere a small footprint advertising solution is needed, and add more units as your business grows and your advertising budget increases. They can be wall mounted, installed over entry and exit doors, or positioned on shelves and countertops.


Illuminated LED window signs are another affordable option for those wanting to test the waters of digital signage without incurring a big bill for the experiment. Choose from movie-theatre marquee styles, restaurant themes or stock items such as “Open” or “ATM.”


Illuminated signs make it easier for your customers to do business with you, which add up to higher profits and increased sales. In addition, LED lights are cost-effective and energy saving, so you can do your part to protect the environment while offering your customers a state-of-the-art shopping experience.


All of these digital signage solutions are easy to install, user-friendly in operation, and provide years of usable service for an extremely low price.


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