7 Tips for Caring for Your Display Table Covers

7 Tips for caring for your product display table clothsWhether you are creating great-looking tradeshow booth displays or setting up display tables for outdoor or indoor events, your tables and table covers are just as much a part of your overall image and advertising message as your signage and other display marketing products.


As a savvy business owner, you’ve probably invested some time and effort in researching various product options and choosing the right mix of table covers, runners and accessory items for your business. Now it’s time to talk about how to protect your investment by learning some tricks and techniques for caring for your display table covers to keep them looking like new and ensuring that they last a long time.


Tip One: Protect Your Investment


Use carrying cases to protect display table clothsOur first tip is to urge you to protect your investment by purchasing enough carry cases to store and transport all your table covers. These cases are specially designed to protect your tablecloths even during inclement weather and make carrying them into events easy and hassle free. Your tablecloths stay clean, dry and almost wrinkle free so they are ready to pop onto your tables and make your booth or display area more appealing.


Five Housekeeping Tips


1. If you opt for table covers made of durable polyester, you’ll cut down on your maintenance tasks with your tablecloths because polyester is stain and wrinkle resistant.

2. If there are any slightly wrinkled areas, touch them up with a hand-held steamer before putting the covers into place.

3. Pre-treat stains immediately or as quickly as possible with a fabric stain remover product. Wash the stained items as soon as possible to prevent the stains from setting up.

4. Transport stained or dirty tablecloths separately from clean ones.

5. Do not put stained, damp tablecloths in plastic bags because they could mildew especially if you forget to wash them promptly.


Tip Seven: Laundering Tablecloths Step-by Step
Discount product display table cloths 6 and 8 footHere’s a quick guide to washing and drying your table linens for best results:


*Use cold water and a gentle detergent.
*Follow the manufacturer’s guide on your washing machine to choose the best cycle setting. (If there are no guidelines, a delicate, gentle or handwash cycle is the best choice.)
*Separate by colors and whites; wash whites with whites and colors with colors.
*Add fabric softener to the final rinse to reduce or eliminate stray wrinkles.
*Dry on low heat for about 15 to 20 minutes. Note that high heat may cause the fabric to shrink or become permanently wrinkled or damaged.
*Remove the tablecloths from the dryer as soon as the cycle stops and preferably while they are still warm.
*Fold, press and smooth out wrinkles with your hands.
*Store neatly stacked until time to use them.
*Note: Always check the manufacturer’s care label before using bleach on your table covers. If the tablecloths need ironing, use the lowest heat setting on the iron or steam them with a hand-held steamer to avoid damaging the fabric.


Fresh, crisp table covers atop your display tables help to put your product or service in the spotlight and create a pleasing visual effect. With proper care and laundering you can expect years of service from your table linens and enjoy a nice return on your investment.


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