Four Patrioric Banner Sails to Really Draw A Crowd This July

Even though team U.S.A may have conceded to Belgium in the World Cup last night, it doesn’t mean your patriotic spirits should be dampened. There are so many things to celebrate during the month of July, it’s time to let those stars and stripes loose!


We’ve got some ideas to ensure that July is the best sales month of the whole summer. Take a look at these four Advertising Banner Sails and let your mind wander. These are only the beginning.


4th of July Sale Flutter FlagSummer Sale!


Christmas in July and 4th of July sales are hugely popular this time of year. Between the thousands of tourists who are wandering the globe on extended holidays and the sun drenched locals who are spend-happy from all that extra vitamin D, advertising a mid-year sale is a great idea.


It’s also the time of year that children are shacked up with their grandparents, giving mom and dad a break while they are out of school. And everyone knows grandparents are the best ‘back to school’ shopping partners! Giving them a sale lets everyone get a head start on buying clothes for the new school year.



Fireworks!Fireworks Banner Sail


Almost nothing draws a crowd like fireworks. But first, you have to know where to get them! Since most stands are roadside, you need to give drivers ample warning so they can stop in time to fill up their trunk with sparklers, black cats and bottle rockets.


What’s even better is that these flutter flag banner sails are durable enough to leave up throughout the year. Keep it up even after you’ve closed up shop this season, that way, folks will know where to go next year!


For the Love of Your Country!


You don’t even need a reason to show that you’re proud of your country, but after yesterday’s loss, it’s a sensitive time. Show your 16' Tall Banner Sailcustomers your true patriotic colors and fly one of these flutter flags outside the shop. At the very least, it’ll set you apart from your neighbors.


Happy 4th of July! 


Being in season is always in fashion. By wishing anyone who walks past your store a Happy 4th of July you’re already making a connection. With everyone in good spirits enjoying the company of family and friends, they are much more likely to spend- at least in the days leading up to the 4th. This timely advertising sale is also a friendly way to let people know why you’re closed without leaving a bad taste in their mouths.


If you like what you see, keep in mind we have flutter flags to take you through every season of the year! The fun doesn’t have to stop once you flip your calendar to August!


We hope your 4th of July is full of fireworks, hot dogs and loved ones. Happy Birthday America!Happy 4th of July Eagle Flutter Flag


Metropolitan Display sells discount mannequins and forms as well as many retail display products. We hope you’ll like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and be sure to add us to your Google+ circles!

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Marketing Lessons We Learned Watching the World Cup

Soccer, or football as its known in many parts of the world, has been a popular pastime since the 2nd and 3rd centuries with roots tracing back to ancient China. Today the sport remains huge the world over, with FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) raking in an estimated $700 million annually.


Like the Olympics, the international competition happens in a different city once every four years. Kick off at the 2014 FIFA World CupTM began June 12th in Brazil. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite team in the confines of your home or with a large group at your local watering hole, the game’s energy is almost infectious. Even non-sports fans come out of the works for this one.



World Cup Marketing Tips- Metropolitan Display


In the end, the team that claims the trophy will do so based on their hours of practice, meticulous preparation, and expertly executed strategy. The same can be said of the World Cup’s many sponsors and companies turning a profit with their effective advertising campaigns. After all, when the world is watching you have to bring your A-game.


So what are some examples and best practices you can implement into your next marketing campaign? While this list is by no means exhaustive, here are a few of our favorites:


1. Start where people are already talking: Social media.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are abuzz with FIFA’s “Social Stadium”. It’s all World Cup all the time.


But just how big can social media engagement around the World Cup? Well, a lot. Just four hashtags command about 350 thousand tweets everyday. What’s even cooler is the way FIFA has connected with multilingual users via Twitter accounts in several different languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Arabic.


It’s a global world, and not everyone in it speaks English. What are your biggest markets outside of the U.S.?


2. Your Brand is only a piece of it. Engage, engage, engage. 


Let’s take sports apparel brand Adidas, for example.  Listed as one of FIFA’s official partners, the company has been supplying the official match ball since 1970. They tapped into a very passionate audience and effectively engaged fans the world over by asking fans to vote on the ball’s name. In total, over 1 million people weighed in.

Using social media contests such as this one are a great way to involve your following and allow their voices to be heard- something most people crave.


3. Be creative, and insert yourself into the mix. 


You don’t have to be a FIFA partner to get your brand in front of the global stage.While Adidas may have it easier since they are directly on the field, other, more unexpected companies also find a way to connect to the game.


Be it a play on words where you link your brand to the match, or a celebrity endorsement from a player, there are many ways to capitalize.


Never thought about doing a global marketing campaign? Now’s a great time to start- the world is watching! Sit this one out and you’ll be waiting another four years. Get in the game!


Did you know we offer top-tier design services for all your Marketing Displays? Visit the Artwork Info section on our website to learn more! Be sure to add us to your circles on Google+ and connect with us on LinkedIn.


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Three Marketing Displays to Help you Successfully Promote your Brand at Trade Shows!

Any marketing professional worth their salt will tell you that selling your product or service really comes down to one thing: Branding. One of the best places to get your brand in front of a large audience is at a trade show. However, with tens of thousands of square feet and just as many people, it can be overwhelming for both attendees and vendors.


Fortunately, we’ve been at this a long time and have stocked our inventory list with the most effective marketing displays to help you stand out and draw a crowd at industry trade shows.


Here we’ll highlight three of our favorites, but we have thousands of products to help you see significant ROI’s on your trade show investments.


Classic Aluminum Pro iPad Hybrid Banner Stand Display- Metropolitan DisplayCome for the Banner, Stay for the iPad


While a well thought out banner design that towers above the crowd is always a good start, potential customers will stay significantly longer if they can actually engage and interact with your brand. Having knowledgeable staff on stand by is a great way to do that. But what if your company has spent a significant amount of time and money creating a fantastic demo explaining your business model and subsequent benefit to your potential customer? Enter: the iPad.


Our Classic Aluminum Pro iPad Hybrid Banner Stand Display is a brilliant way to tell your story in the way that only technology can.


You can even have more than one set up, designating each iPad to serve a different purpose. For example, give clients the independence to explore your new software or watch an introductory video while the other is expressly intended to allow customers to enter their contact information, making follow up a cinch!


Stand Tall


No doubt there is a definite height advantage when setting up in an expansive trade show setting. If a customer can look out across the room and see where your company is placed, they are going to have a much easier time navigating the labyrinth like pathways to get to you.10 Ft. Curved Pop-Up Display- Metropolitan Display


When you’re looking to stand up to stand out we always recommend our Deluxe 10 Ft. Curved Pop-Up Display Kit with
Mural Print, Lights, & Counter/Case
. Not only does it allow you to cascade your brand atop the aisles, it also unifies your entire display by giving you the option to customize your counter.


Only professionals looking to make a splash need apply.


Invest Once, Reuse Again and Again


Even if your branding changes over the years, with our Pro-Max Mini Retractable Banner Stands, you’ll only have to buy the hardware once.


Mini Retractable Banner Stand- Metropolitan DisplayIf time is money,the easy set-up makes this of even more value. The ultra portable unit is not only attractive, it’s durable enough to leave on display at all times. The printed banner is easily changeable and stored in the canister when not in use. A perfect for any company making the trade show rounds this summer! 


Don’t forget we feature high-resolution imprinting using UV inks and technologies for long lasting, easy care printed banners. Simply upload your own designs or have our art department create something for you – contact us for design rates.


Metropolitan Display offers tons of display advertising items, retail display products and promotional displays that will help your business get noticed.


We hope you’ll add us to your circles on Google+, be sure to like us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn!

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Changeable Message Signs- The Original Twitter!

Business owners have long known that communication and interaction with potential customers is one of the best ways to ensure new business. To that end, staying in front of your pre-established customer base is essential to gaining repeat business.


While today’s marketing tactics may be heavily focused online, saturating Facebook and Twitter isn’t the only way to drive sales.


Sidewalk Sign Replacement Letter Set- Metropolitan DisplayConsider tourists for example. When travelling abroad, data packages are incredibly expensive. When wandering through the streets of a new city, many travelers rely heavily on the physical storefront of a shop or restaurant to pique their interest as opposed to surfing the web for suggestions. With changeable message signs, you can advertise anything from a season-end sale to the introduction of a new product line all in under 140 characters.


Let’s explore a few of the ways businesses are getting creative with changeable message signs:


Are Changeable Message Signs Right for My Business?


Businesses that should use changeable message signs for marketingRetail shops and restaurants are not the only businesses that are increasing foot traffic with changeable message signs. We’ve seen a number of different organizations across a wide array of industries capitalize on this specific breed of advertising potential. If you work in one of the following fields, take note. We’ll cover some unique ideas for use after the jump!


Apartment complexes

New construction sites

Residential communities

Public libraries

Banks and financial institutions

Day care facilities

County clubs & Sports clubs

Veterinarian offices

Hospitals & healthcare facilities

Insurance companies

Grocery Stores

Gas Stations




How Can My Business Use Them to Stand Out?


Market your business with sidewalk and curb signsWho among us hasn’t audibly laughed aloud when a cleverly written marquee sign caught our eye. It’s no surprise that showing you have a sense of humor is a great way to get folks in the door. Here are some our favorite examples we’ve seen in years past:


Veterinarian clinic - “No Hump Wednesday. 10% off spay and neuter.”


Church Public Service Announcement - “Honk if you love Jesus. Text while driving if you want to meet him.”


Bakery – “Our dough is so fresh it makes Beyonce jealous.”


Health food store – “Orange you glad we didn’t say inorganic.”


Farmer’s market- “Eat here or we’ll both starve.”


School Marquee- “Classes start August 4th. Resistance is futile.”


Book store- “Books: longer battery life than your Kindle.”


In short, if you’re looking to make a small investment with a big return, changeable message signs can pay high dividends while allowing you to show a bit of personality. No reason you can’t inform and entertain at the same time. These low maintenance advertising streams are the best way to get your message out- and the best part is you never even have to touch a keyboard!


Get people talking about your store by hooking them with a funny anecdote. Who knows, if you are entertaining enough, maybe they’ll even post you on their twitter feed.


Metropolitan Display carries a wide variety of changeable message signs for all your needs. We hope you’ll like us on Facebook, connect with us on LinkedIn and add us to your Google+ circles!


Want to browse retail display items on eBay? If so, check out our eBay Store!


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Using Mannequins to Draw A Crowd This Summer


When deciding on which store to spend your money, there are several factors at play which can affect your decision. Consciously or not, we’re all impacted first and foremost by what we see visually. Shops that are on a large strip or stores in massive shopping malls must take care not to blend in. To avoid the pitfalls of becoming merely ‘one of many’ retailers and boutiques alike must take care to find their unique visual niche.


However, in order to convey the right message, the feel of your window displays must also be organized, leave an impact, and impart an overall feel of your shop.


Womens Black Color Jersey Covered Dressmaker Form with Black Hardwood Tripod Base and Neckblock- Metropolitan Display

Be it whimsical or chic, how you represent a store’s branding in the front window or on the showroom floor starts with the appropriate merchandise displays. With highly versatile, adjustable mannequins, shoppers get an immediate sense of how clothing will wear and are far more likely to come browse an entire collection.


But what are some key considerations when using display mannequins and how can they help you draw a crowd?


Think Anthropology


No, not like the culture collectors you learned about in school, we’re talking about the multi-national retailer! Over the years, Anthropology has amassed a solid reputation for their window displays that get people talking.


By adopting a ‘come for the window display- stay for the clothes’ Wow-Factor, your window display can do the same. In fact, it will be working overtime to advertise the season’s hottest trends, while seamlessly marketing your brand. After all, the more your store name escapes the mouths of your potential clientele, the more likely they are to spend their disposable income in your shop.


Why not try combining your mannequins with freeze models, or living mannequins. Especially during peak shopping hours such as weekends. The addition of a live person who’ll randomly smile or wave at passersby is sure to create a buzz.


Mens Creme Color Jersey Covered Dressmaker Form with Walnut Wood Tripod Base and Neckblock- Metropolitan DisplayAll Propped Up


Next time you set out to create the display, start by piecing together your story and work backwards. As with any good piece of theatre, this will require you to bring in some props!


For example, packaging multiple related pieces from one collection into a cohesive freeze frame is a great way to get people to stop and ponder the scene. Take for instance a mannequin simply dressed in a swimsuit. She becomes a more powerful storytelling device when outfitted with sunglasses, a sun hat, strappy sandals, and a beach tote. Position that same mannequin at a café table under a giant rainbow umbrella and watch as vacation goers single file into your store when they emotionally connect with their impending trip.


Just try doing all that with a table display of folded swim apparel!


Christmas in July


So maybe shoppers have come to expect sun bathing mannequins and beach scenes this time of year. But what they may not expect are mannequins in alternating green and red suites with Santa hats! Throw down some white powder at their feet and let customers take guesses if it’s white beach sands or snow.


The point is, familiarity breeds complacency. Fortunately, fashion trends change so often being fashion forward with your displays is a cinch. Displaying new merchandise in unexpected ways is the best way to snag the fashionistas trolling your block. Premium Quality Womens Jersey Covered Female Torso Dressmaker- Metropolitan Display


No need to hire help outside your normal staff. Even a few dedicated hours a month will have your window and storeroom displays standing out among your competition with crowds sure to follow. Show passersby you have the latest and greatest, by pairing apparel, accessories and even jewelry together on a life sized mannequin. Leave the hangers, racks and stacks behind so your fashionable clientele can project their imaginations and see themselves donning your new line.


Metropolitan Display sells discount mannequins and forms as well as many retail display products. We hope you’ll like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and be sure to add us to your Google+ circles!

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Table Covers at Your Next Trade Show Event- Why you Need them!

If your business packs up and heads to trade shows more than once a year, you’ve likely invested in your own portalbe trade show display tables. While they can be cumbersome to transport, your expo booth simply isn’t complete without a key focal point to properly showcase your promotional products and business information such as brochures, business cards and pamphlets.


However, if your plan is to rent tables at your next event, we strongly suggest clarifying what sizes and shapes of tables you’ll be working with lest you arrive with an 8 foot, rectangular cover only to be given a small round table. (More on this in a moment…)


It’s also important to keep in mind that while your agreement may include table linens, what an event coordinator can’t provide is custom imprinted table covers complete with your own logo and branding. This kind of increased marketing exposure not only sets you apart from the thousands of booths in any direction of you, they also let attendees know immediately who you are, and what you do, helping you leverage your physical presence among thousands of passersby.


Which Table Cover is right for my brand?


From sizing to style there are lots of options when it comes to table linens. Invite customers into your professional looking booth with one of the following options:


Fitted Table Covers


Fitted table covers with custom imprintFor a truly unique look, try out our fitted table covers at your next event. You’ll mask the feel of a traditional table display entirely while maintaining a neat, professional appearance that also doubles as an additional storage space.


While the sleek look literally has you covered on all sides, it’s not the ideal choice if you plan to have a representative stationed at the table, or if your goal is to temporarily house items you’ll need to access and replenish often such as promotional materials, company brochures & pamphlets, intake forms, etc.


Three-Sided Table Covers


3 Sided Table Covers for Product DisplaysFor a more traditional set up, we recommend our  Three-sided table linens. They still allot for a few stored items which will remain out of view of any interested passersby, yet the open side facing the interior of your stand provides quick, easy access to key materials you’ll need to refill often. After all, what good is an empty literature holder, when trying to get the word out!


The open concept also permits ample, comfortable seating for a small team of representatives with room for multiple chairs.


Did you know we can do the same for Round Tables? Traditionally speaking, most event venues provide rectangular six- or eight-foot banquet tables; however, order late or forget to specify and you may find have to navigate coverage of a round display furniture. Fortunately, our square 60-inch, three-sided table linen, still allows for a 17-inch drop to ensure sufficient coverage of round tables up to 36-inches in diameter.


Convertible Table CoversCustom imprint table covers


Don’t want to ever have to worry what size or shape table you’ll be utilizing at your next expo? Convertible table covers to the rescue! Keeping these adjustable options on hand can give you peace of mind that you’ll never have to worry about running short of a particular size or that an event director might assign you the wrong furniture types/sizes. With handy hook and loop attachments, you can make on-the-fly adjustments that allow you to change the size in a moment’s notice.


To get the most value added from your marketing message, consider investing in some custom imprinted table covers which are sure to further brand your and company image, solidifying your goods and services in the minds of your potential customer base.


During summer months, trade shows and expos are red hot! We’ve got everything you need to make your next event a raging success. Peruse our Facebook Page for daily news updates and don’t forget to check out our Amazon and eBay stores for additional deals!


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How and When To Sell A Home Quickly With Real Estate Signs and Swooper Flags

According to, “The best time of the year to sell a house is the spring.” The benefit of listing your house on the market or searching for a home this time of year is really twofold for both buyer and seller. By late April, many buyers have just deposited their tax return checks, and are therefore more likely to make housing offers at the seller’s full asking price. Win-win.


Some figures suggest that roughly 60% of new home owners move in the summer months not only because it’s more financially feasible, but also to avoid disruption during the school year- opting instead to uproot while their children are on summer break.   Knowing all this, if you are ready to list your home there are some quick pro tips you should be aware of.   Open House Saturday and Sunday Yellow Flutter Flag Advertising Banner Sail, 16' Tall- Metropolitan Display




It’s all about perception. Did you know when pricing your home it’s actually best to avoid using a zero at the end?   It’s a bit counter intuitive if you really think about it. While it might seem like rounding down to say $250,000 would draw more buyers than a $253,252 price tag, studies actually show the opposite to be true. Play the numbers game right!




The best day to make an offer on a home is the first Tuesday of the month after sellers have made their month’s mortgage payment,  while the best time to list your home is Thursday, making it available for new weekend showings.




Don’t be afraid to do a few minor renovations such as painting the rooms a neutral color. Home buyers often have trouble seeing “the potential” in something they don’t have an emotional connection with.




Keep it simple! Make your home a clean slate. They need to mentally project their belongings inside the walls of your space. That means, don’t over do it with family pictures or too much ‘filler’.


SignageCrane Style Real Estate Metal Sign Stand & Holder- Metropolitan Display


While the internet has helped speed the sale of homes over the past decade, don’t underestimate the power of a drive by. Yards with proper signage can dramatically increase foot traffic at your next open house- especially in highly sought after neighborhoods.   And while you’re at it, don’t forget to invest in a flashy ‘SOLD’ flyer to hang underneath or stick on the face of the board.


By following these and other ‘tried and true’ tips you’ll have your house sold out from under you in no time. Now all you have to do is track down some cardboard boxes!   Insert Side Loading Metal Sign Stand A-Frame- Metropolitan Display


At Metropolitan Display we carry real estate and lawn signs in a variety of different styles, all of which have been carefully designed to help you get your home off the market in no time flat.


We hope you’ll like us on Facebook, add us to your circles on Google+ and connect with us on LinkedIn.


Did you know that you have the option to purchase the stand by itself or with 2 printed signs? Just send us a digital file and we’ll print it out in ultra high-resolution using outdoor inks on weatherproof 3ml rigid PVC plastic. Don’t have art, but need it? No problem Designs Services are available upon request. 

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Best Uses for iPad and Tablet Kiosk Displays!

According to UK-based Gartner Analytics, worldwide tablet sales have increased by more than 68% since 2013. To put that in perspective, in total sales swelled to just over 195 million up from 2012′s 116 million. Not only is this rise changing the way we access information, it’s changing the way business and consumers interact with one another. Even B2B services have been transformed with the spread and accessibility of these handy devices.


If you’re not taking advantage, your business could very well be missing out on a ton of business opportunities, potential sales, and untapped marketing channels.


Assuming you are ahead of the curve and have already invested in tablets for your business, you’ll obviously want to take all necessary precautions to make sure iPads and Tablets are visible, accessible, and most importantly, secure! No one wants to be out hundreds of dollars if one of these essential devices gets lifted.


Fortunately, Metropolitan Display has dozens of tablet kiosk displays, fitting for any situation or scenario your can conjure.


Below, we’ll cover three of our top displays as used by the industries who benefit most from having them in their employ.


Food Truck Vendors Professional Series Lock & Stand Counter Style Ipad Kiosk Display


What started as a craze in LA has spread all over encompassing cities such as Portland, Austin and Montreal, with some estimates projecting a $803 million gain in 2014.


An essential for anyone looking to jump on the bandwagon (or truck) is an iPad or Tablet capable of accepting square payments, letting customers pay with their credit or debit cards and signing with their finger.


We recommend this Professional Series Lock & Stand Counter Style Ipad Kiosk Display, which can be easily handed back and forth between vendor and customer.


iPad floor stand displays


Trade Shows


At any given time your booth at the trade show could be host to hundreds of conference participants. If you play your cards right many of those could quickly go from strangers to business prospects.


Give them something interactive to toy with, which asks only for a simple email address to participate.


Try this Classic Aluminum Pro iPad Display Curved Floor Stand with Oval Base. Perfect for an iPad Air.


Retail Store


Want to let shoppers know of future secret sales? Simply ask them to enter their primary email address. This way they are eligible to receive newsletters detailing new items, special promotions, or additional sales which can only be accessed with an emailed offer.


Since the iPad shouldn’t move much, we suggest our Classic Aluminum Pro Ipad Display Counter Stand with Round Base.


Click on any of the links above for even more features for these electronic display holders and remember, you can find us anytime online by accessing our Facebook page, following us on Twitter, or scoping us out on LinkedIn.


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Outdoor Advertising- Worth the Investment?

When you hear the words ‘outdoor advertising’, does your mind automatically jump to billboards. This makes sense, given their size and frequency. However, don’t get pigeon holed. When it comes to displaying your business to passersby, you have a lot more options!


But why should you invest? Isn’t everything moving towards the digital anyway?


Think again. According to one Forbes article, in 2011 the average american spent almost 20 hours per week in transit, covering more than 200 miles in those seven days. While the vast majority passed and viewed multiple ads along the way, the aftermath is what’s most fascinating. For example the same study showed that, thanks to outdoor advertising:


- 38% visited a particular store while on their way home
- 24%  said they were compelled to stopped off the same day
- 32% shopped with a retailer they saw earlier in the week
- 58% learned about an event they wished to attend
- 58% ate at a a restaurant they remembered from an ad


Types of Outdoor Advertising


Don’t let the number of options overwhelm you. Think of all these merely as tools in your arsenal to help you reel in foot traffic and turn a lucrative profit!


Apart from roadside billboards, here are some of the top places to promote your company outdoors according to the Outdoor Cartop Sign- Metropolitan DisplayAdvertising Association of America:



- Bus shelters
- Phone Kiosks
- News Racks
- Buses
- Airports
- Subway Stations
Taxis/Wrapped Vehicles
- Movie Theaters
- Arena & Stadiums
- Convenience Stores
- Health Clubs & Gyms
- Shopping Malls


With the kind of traffic these kinds of public establishments draw, you’d be doing your business a great disservice by not taking advantage of this 24-hours promotional landscape.


What are the best outdoor products to help me stand out? 


Discount LED signsWithout a bit of help, it can be hard to know where to effectively budget your pennies. However, with a bit of elbow grease you can easily plan an advertising campaign to suit any budget. Here’s a short list of inexpensive options that are easy to install and proven to help you generate a substantial ROI:

LED signs- Not only are they beautiful, they have lifespans of 10 years or more.
- Banner Stand Displays- Perfect for trade shows, stores, museums, and permanent displays.
- Eraseable signs- Change your menu options every morning or offer a daily deal.
Changeable message signs- Portable, versatile, and able to withstand the elements.

Flutter Flag Advertising Banner Sail


Get additional traction and boost your sales by partnering these more traditional types with an equally colorful and branded display such as flutter flags or flying banner sails.


By using two or more types of outdoor advertising you help ensure you’re maximizing your return! The more consistently you promote your brand, the more you’ll be sure to stand out- long after folks have exited their cars and snuggled up on their couches.


Be sure to follow us on Facebook and check out Twitter feed for up to the minute specials and deals!

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Three Garment Display Brands- One Red Hot Spring Blowout Sale!

The results are in. Weather-depressed folks are low on Vitamin D and even lower on patience- ready for warmer weather to kick in. Can you believe there are some parts of the country still experiencing snow flurries on the last day in April?! Undoubtedly this bizarre weather has had a marked effect on your business. Why not think about having a spring blow out sale? Its benefits are two fold for your shop. First, it allows people who are still experiencing chilly temperatures to get warmer clothing at a steal, and also draws them in to check out your spring collections, anticipating the inevitable warm up ahead.


Metropolitan Display has as many garment racks as you have clothing. Not only will they help your staff keep those busy sale racks organized and navigable, they can help you display the season’s newest lines in a way that’s sure to attract attention. Here’s a look at our top three brands that will help you make your Spring Blow Out Sale a sweeping success!


Deluxe Rolling Z Rack Garment Rack


Z-Rack Garment Racks with add on shelf for the holidaysStack up to 400 lbs of your heaviest winter coats or designer spring collection. Easily adjust the height for floor length maxi dresses or long jackets- up to 80″ with no additional hardware or tools. We’ve made it easy to make said adjustments with convenient push-buttons, letting you focus on staging your wears. 

Know the perfect shoes to pair with that spring frock? Invest in the combo kit which includes our Deluxe 2 Piece Folding Bottom Shelf with Brackets plus our Chrome Top Shelf. Storage and beauty all in one- a win-win with an upscale look and feel won’t strip your assembly hardware or your wallet. 


NYC Garment Co Double Tier Ballet Rack


NYC Garment Co. unique garment racks for the holidaysHelp a brother or sister out, by taking the guesswork out of pairing the hottest spring colors. This NYC Garment Co Pipe Series Adjustable Double Tier Ballet Rack lets you organize tops and bottoms into seasonal color pallets which mesh well together. Or match up a classic wool peacoat with a lux pair of weather resistant trousers. 


Put the multiple tiers to your advantage by organizing clothing by price point, buy one get one options, or size ranges. Not only will this make it a cinch for customers to fill their shopping carts, your staff will also appreciate having a way to keep merchandise organized!




Rolling Salesman Rack


Rolling and folding salesman single bar garment rackExpecting your deeply discounted designer steal or red hot spring fashion trend to fly off the shelf? Sounds like you need to make sure to make portability, quick set up and take down a high priority! Enter our folding rolling salesman garment rack. Breaks down flat enough to fit in the trunk of a standard four-door car, and hooks make it a breeze to showcase more than just clothing. Sell all that comes in your new spring collection including vital accessories like jewelry, hats, scarves and handbags!


Upgrade All Your Displays!


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Last day to take advantage of our April Promo! Free inserts when you purchase the A-Frame.

Free Shipping on Printed A-Frame Inserts

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