Illuminated LED Signs- Such a ‘Bright’ Idea!

Did you know April is Earth month? Since its beginning in 1970, celebration and awareness of the energy we consume and its effects on our planet has spread around the world. What started as a collection of 20 million Americans on one day in late April has grown to an month-long awareness campaign recognized by over 180 countries and some 1 billion people! 


Even still, we have a lot of room to make improvements in the U.S. We use an overwhelming amount of the world’s energy even though our population accounts for only 5% of all people on this planet. To put it another way, the average American uses the same amount of energy as 307 Tanzanians.


But what can you do? You still have to run a successful business in order to feed your family after all. 


Why not try making small changes like switching all your interior and exterior lights to energy-efficient, environmentally-friendlyLED Signs- Metropolitan Display LED lighting? It can be especially beneficial for lights that stay on for long periods of time such as your storefront’s ‘Open’ sign. Enter Metropolitan Display’s Illuminated LED Sign collection. 


Our High Quality LED Illuminated Signs are manufactured using tested, UL approved, high performance parts and superior manufacturing. Each comes with a guaranteed  One Year 100% Warranty so you never have to worry about suffering from manufacturer defects. On average, theses signs enjoy a lifespan in excess of the 10 year mark. If you divide the initial cost over the course of its life, you’ll be getting your initial ROI, and then some with all the customers who’ll inevitably be drawn to your store with this brilliant window advertising. It even glows vibrant in daylight!



LED Marquee Sign- Metropolitan DisplaySigns use just 10 watts of power- that’s more than 10X less than neon bulbs. This low energy consuming , safe low voltage illuminated window sign won’t over heat and, the best part, it’s much more environmentally safe as LED bulbs are Environmentally Friendly and devoid of hazardous materials such as mercury. Each sign’s slim and light weight frame make them easy to manage, install and maintain.


Here are some other interesting facts about lighting from top retailer which you may not know:


- Only about 1% of outdoor lighting in the world has been converted to LED lighting.
- Most electric bills in the U.S. average about 25% of their total from lighting alone.
- Most consumers see an immediate 50-90% energy savings when they switch to LED lights.
- Most LED Lights have a Minimum 5 year warranty with an estimated life of 15 years.
- In less than 20 years, it’s estimated that LEDs will account for 75 percent of all lighting sales.


Not only can the experts at Metropolitan Display help you choose the right kinds of advertising products for your business and LED Open Sign- Metropolitan Displaybudget, they can also save you money in the long run and help your business go green, starting with our Illuminated LED Sign collection.


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Best Uses For Our New Collection of Windless Stay-Open Flutter / Swooper Flags

Ever gotten so excited to fly a kite, only to find the winds aren’t in your favor? While none of us can control or even predict the weather you don’t have to be at its beck and call when you want to advertise your business.


Unlike traditional standard flags which fold in on themselves when there is no breeze, we have the answer to displays that aren’t atGrand Opening Patriotic Flutter Flag Advertising Banner Sail all weather dependent. Enter our extensive collection of Windless Stay-Open Flutter / Swooper Flags. These beauties can not only grab the attention of any passersby, they also have a built in mechanism along the top arm that helps them stay open, making them consistently visible.


With bright colors, large bold lettering and extra-large flag sizes to display all your text, you can rest easy knowing that your advertising banner will be seen from afar and in any breeze condition. The quality Knit Polyester Flutter Flag is 100% dyed-through, single-sided (back side reverse) for bright colors with a very long life. The 4-piece aluminum pole set and ground base included in the full kit is easy to set-up in minutes.


4th of july Flutter Flag Advertising Banner SailInterested in seeing how your business might benefit from such an investment? Here are just a few of the things we’ve seen over the years:


- Apartment complexes advertising rent specials: Availability is good for renters, but bad for landlords who lose money when the space sits empty.

- Announcing your grand opening: How will you build your customer base if they don’t know you’re there?

- Car dealers promoting vehicles on clearance: Especially with big ticket items like cars, people are always looking for a bargain. New inventory for you means big savings for them.

- Seasonal shops: Do you sell fireworks in July and January? Make sure you’re clearly visible from the road so families who are looking to celebrate know where to stock up.

- Stores offering military discounts: Supporting our active military and veteran counterparts is not only noble, it’s a great way to get people in the door by showing your support.

- To announce a house that’s just come on the market: There could be dozens of open houses in your neighborhood at any given time. Realtors looking for a quick sale love the option to stand out.

- Pack people in for your next yard or estate sale: Some folks devote their entire weekends to seeking out these types of second hand sales. The more buyers you have on your property, the faster you can get back to your day.


Ready to grow leaps and bounds this quarter? Build these custom swooper flags into your advertising budget and watch as yourantiques 4th of july Flutter Flag Advertising Banner Sail ROI comes back in droves.


Metropolitan Display has thought of everything to help you grow and make your establishment more visible! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.


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Ban on Plastic Bags? Stock Up On Reusable Value Expo Totes!

Some figures suggest as much as 90% of the 380 billion discarded plastic bags we use each year in the U.S. end up in landfills instead of being recycled. Thankfully, some progressive cities such as San Francisco, Portland and Austin have banned the use of plastic bags entirely in stores. In several other countries around the world such as Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany, the use of plastic bags come with additional fees or taxes.


Reusable Value Expo Tote BagStill, that leaves an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags worldwide which are thrown out each year after just one use.


One simple solution is to offer customers Reusable Value Expo Tote Bags. Not only does this cut down on environmental waste and show you care about the planet, you can also elect to imprint your logo on the face of the bag and instantly market your brand to potentially hundreds of people!


New! Reusable Value Expo Tote Bags


These best selling Value Expo Tote Bag are the newest addition to our product line. They are economical in price only with heat-seal detailing which creates the “turned and stitched” look of more expensive bags without the high price. No matter what the event, these are great ways to promote your brand at Trade Shows, Grocery Stores or even just a day at the beach.


Let’s talk Sizes and ColorsReusable Value Expo Tote Bag Colors


With five different sizing options available, we can outfit you with a bag to satisfy any purpose. Are you a catering company who needs extra space for large food orders? Or maybe you own a jewelry store and need a smaller option to fit your wears. Either way we’ve got you covered. Sizes range from 8″ x 10″ x 4″ all the way up to 20″ x 16″ x 6″.


We’ve got 9 colors to choose from including black, white, royal blue, navy, warm red, red, yellow, green and purple. We also offer 29 standard Imprint colors, plus a full color thermal transfer for a truly vibrant imprint. Prefer to purchase blank them blank? No problem.


It’s all in the Details, Folks


  • Each bag is made with non-woven polypropylene with matching reinforced handles- no breakage happening here!
  • Fully reusable and 100% recyclable!
  • 9 different colors to match any branding strategy!
  • Order them  blank, single or double-sided imprinted with your company logo!
  • We can turn it around fast with a 4-10 Day imprinting lead time!


We make the effort to get it right the first time. Please contact us and speak to one of our live operators for more information and pricing. 800-899-0015


Be sure to follow Metropolitan Display on Facebook and Twitter. Also, don’t overlook our April 2014 promo— we’ll ship your printed inserts for free when you buy the frame. Click the image below to learn more!


Free Shipping on Printed A-Frame Inserts

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Spring Has Sprung! Take Full Advantage With A-frame Signs

Ding dong the winter’s gone! After a punishing season and polar vortex which held much of the U.S. hostage for several months, the weather is finally starting to cooperate, and folks couldn’t be more thrilled with the sunnier conditions.Vitamin D deprived pedestrians are anxious to hit the streets and soak in some rays.


Do you have portable signage on-hand, ready to market to the weather-depressed masses? Metropolitan Display can help, offering a plethora of A-frame signs for your sidewalk. They are some of the most versatile and durable ways to advertise.


Where/How can my business use them?


Discount A-frame changeable message A-frame signsA-frame signs are perfect for almost any venue including:


  • Restaurants and cafes – Perfect for the soup du jour and for catching the eye of passersby.
  • Tax preparation businesses – April 15th is a mere two weeks away- get them in quick!
  • Auto repair facilities – Do you specialize in Japanese or vintage cars? Tell your public!
  • Convention centers – Designate registration and trade show areas in a flash.
  • Spas and salons – Try offering a spring mani-pedi combo in time for sandal season!
  • Schools – School closures or special events in the works? Let your parents in on it.
  • Farmer’s Markets - Got a special on some end of season root vegetables? Sing it loud!
  • Retail Stores - A 50% markdown on winter cashmere sweaters should do the trick!
  • At the Register- Place next to your counters to advertise credit cards or additional discounts.
  • Gyms and Yoga centers – Save your customers the trouble of calling in to find out the schedule for the day.
  • Trade show exhibitors and venue organizers – Convention centers are big places- help them find your booth easily!
  • Hotels – Holding a cheer leading conference or gaming convention? Let attendees know where to find their brethren!
  • And more!


Why we Give A-Frame Signs an A+!


Seasoned retailers and trade show exhibitors may refer to these must-haves as A-frame signs- otherwise known as a sidewalk/curb signs, signicades or sandwich board signs. Regardless of how to label them, they all serve as powerful marketing tools which help you advertise your business at the street level.


Discount metal outdoor A-frame signs

And the Choices Keep on Coming…


Need an ad display that gives you color options including white, yellow, orange or black? We’ve got you covered! In fact, color options makes these attention getters versatile enough to match your customized inserts and facilitate your branding efforts.


Discount aluminum A-frame signsSpeaking  of custom printed inserts, did you know we have the ability to take care of these as well? We make it easy for you to upload your custom artwork for flawless digitally printed inserts.


Have you budgeted enough for an effective interruption marketing campaign in the form of these show-stopping, lock hinging advertisements? Contact us today to start advertising your spring sales with A-frame signs!


Be sure to follow Metropolitan Display on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn. Also, don’t overlook our April 2014 promo— we’ll ship your printed inserts for free when you buy the frame. Click the image below to learn more!

Free Shipping on Printed A-Frame Inserts

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The Versatility of Easel Stands and Art Tree Presentation Stands!

Buy Easel Stands Online at affordable prices!Easel stands and art tree presentation stands help place your business products or services in front of your target customers. They give you the very best bang for your advertising display buck. An easel is completely versatile to use in every situation from a huge storefront to a small booth type display. The economical and more importantly, choice variety, make these stands affordable solutions. Our art tree stands allow you to display products, brochures or use as educational tools.


A Plethora of Portable Easels!


The portability of our easel stands makes them indispensable for presenters. These are available in a variety of materials and many of our models are made in the USA. Even the most lightweight style gives a professional appearance to show your audience you care enough about your products to showcase them in the best light.


Heavy Duty easel stands at discount pricesThe basic easel comes in either a matte silver finish or a black finish with a 24 inch shelf. These are perfect if you need a moveable display for conferences or trade shows. They are also great for hotels and convention centers to guide and inform.


A step up to a heavier easel stand is also affordable and holds up to a 50 pound display. These are perfect for a classroom or workplace presentation. To upgrade to a more upscale look, choose the classic Baroque styles in either black with brass accents or all brass. They can guide customers into a theater or a specialized area in a hotel setting. They will also present your daily café offerings in a memorable and classic bistro look. Make your business stand out!


The flip chart display easel is made of aluminum, easy to transport and with the adjustable legs, is height adjustable. These are great to use in a meeting where you want to brainstorm and have everyone’s ideas visible to the group. In a classroom they are ideal to get the lessons you need to teach to your students.


Art Presentation Trees Stands that Shine!


Buy art tree presentation stand online at discount prices!Our print and poster art tree stands are also priced affordably and can be useful in a variety of situations. They expand up to 80 inches high to get your information up past eye level. The top is an 11 x 17 inch header and this two-tone stands holds up to 32 display pieces. They will showcase your artwork or your specific business information at a variety of levels. These stands will also work for calendars and slim booklets. They are easy to move via wheels but come with four locking casters to keep them in place. What a great space saver for everything from a gift shop to a trade show!


Whenever you need to put your best ideas forward, Metropolitan Display will have the right product for you. You can use your company artwork or order customized signs from Metropolitan Display—we make it easy to upload your artwork.


From school and education centers to hotels and convention centers to trade shows and more, our easel stands and art tree presentation stand are the best you’ll find anywhere and our prices will amaze you!


We invite you to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn!


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Must-Have Tips on How to Use Shoe Fitting Displays

Discount Multi-Shelf Shoe RacksIn order to showcase your shoe inventory to its best advantage, you need the highest quality, flexible display pieces. In the fiercely competitive shoe market, you want customers to feel comfortable and welcome visiting your store and also to present your inventory in attractive and enticing ways.


Inviting Displays


The background you create will be complemented by the products you choose for displays. You can’t sell or entice if you don’t make it easy for shoppers to visualize themselves wearing your inventory.  The first thing you need is the proper visual space. A sturdy chrome-plated rack with eight adjustable shelves will put your stock at an easy level to see and to shop. Our shoe exhibits are lightweight and easy to move around so your display can be consistently changed to stay fresh.


Discount shoe fitting mirrorsChange them monthly and always seasonally. Pinpoint sales and discounts with posters or A-frame signs to make an eye catching display. Several racks can create a versatile area that can be shopped on both sides. Separate shoe sizes on the different adjustable racks to make them easier to browse. Shoe display products can be customized to work in a temporary or a permanent business area. You can use one for clearance items and another to section off sizes according to color. And because they are lightweight, they are also great for trade shows or expos.


Don’t Forget the Mirrors and Benches!


Discount frameless and angled shoe fitting mirrorsYour potential buyers will want to see what your shoes look like on their feet. Shoe mirrors should be placed nearby so that when trying on your wares, customers have a handy tool to see the footwear on their feet.


We offer two shoe mirror choices depending on your décor. Choose from the traditional framed mirror or the more modern frameless mirror. We also recommend with ladies shoes especially, at least one full length mirror be available. This is important in a women’s shoe display area because your customers will appreciate an entire body view.


Discount shoe fitting benches with padded seats for sales peopleYour staff also need a place to sit and assist the customers. Our shoe fitting stool with an attached padded seat is perfect for this purpose. The close, upfront contact will help you close the deal and sell more footwear. Get your star sellers out on the floor. Set up several mirrors nearby all your shoe displays so customers get the full effect of how each style of footwear looks on their feet. Placing our slanted mirrors  by shoe benches can take on two jobs. Clients are easily served by your staff and when they stand up, they have the perfect nearby viewing area.


Discount shoe fitting benches with padded seatIf you have more of a self-service location, the padded bench  is easy for consumers to use while shopping in your retail space, trade show or expo event. Potential buyers will love the comfort of the seat and its closeness to the mirrors so they can easily view their choices.


Because the shoe market is highly competitive, count on Metropolitan Display to help you put your best foot forward!


Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! And, while you’re picking up some shoe display products, why not take advantage of our March 2014 Promo—10 percent off all retractable banner stands (Click on the image below for details). A great way to guide trade show attendees to your footwear selections!


10 percent off retractable banner stands

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The Best Ways To Use Mannequins and Forms In Your Retail Store

Discount mannequins and formsWhen you have an amazing product, you need an eye catching display. Your merchandise should make people want to stop and imagine how great a piece of clothing or an accessory would look on them. Metropolitan Display’s mannequins and forms help you show your products in the very best light to help you sell more!


The Magic of Mannequins!


One way to be sure to keep your store fresh is to vary what you are showing on your mannequins. As people pass by your business, a new display will attract attention as opposed to setting a display and leaving it the same way for an entire season.


Discount mannequins from Metropolitan DisplayIf you are in a mall location, your fellow mall workers are also potential customers. And, many shoppers visit malls several times a week. Changing the display makes you stand out and the extra touches you add mean a bigger bottom line at the end of each month.


Mannequins and forms are not only for your window displays, although they are what help feed business into your establishment. Varying your inside-the-shop mannequins will make an impact as shoppers visually see different ways to accessorize, and potentially buy not just that dress or top, but also the necklace or scarf displayed with your apparel. Place colors you find are not selling as well on stage with spectacular accessories to maximize sales of slower moving items. Your retail store needs to be freshened every few days to make the best impact.


Choosing the Right Products


Discount Unisex mannequins and formsThese lightweight but sturdy forms can be used with both a top and bottom to create a complete outfit. Tops, slacks, dresses or skirts will show your fresh ideas and marketing possibilities and are easily attached for a full outfit display. Our forms are also beneficial for craft shows, costume displays and trade shows.


You will soon realize that mannequins are great additions to many applications beyond the mall or boutique. The best way to showcase unique products is in a display that highlights your target consumers—they can see themselves wearing what you want to sell.


In addition, mannequins will help in the best presentation of your items. The golf pro shop can benefit with both sex forms. The men’s display can present golf shirts, pants, shorts and hats. The women golfers will want to see the ways you suggest to pair the same outfits adding skorts and fashion accessories. You can up sell with sunglasses, visors and score keepers. Your options are limitless.


Make sure that you set your displays so that the attachment areas of the mannequins are minimized and not visible as consumers shop inside your store or window shopping. Keep your best foot forward and plan your viewing areas to provide a neat, professional display. You can use the gender specific models in a tripod base for a display that shows off more of the items on the upper torso. The pedestal mannequins have the options for upper and lower torso dressing. Visit our forms and mannequins webpage to view suggestions and products to match your creative ideas and make your sales areas POP!


We invite you to like us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn. And, don’t forget our March 2014 promo—10 percent off all retractable banner stands, which perfectly complement your window displays!


10 percent off retractable banner stands

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Spring Sales Tips For Using Grid Panel Displays

2x6 Grid Panel DisplaysYou’ve discovered the perfect location to open your new business, but what’s your advertising plan? You’ve even found a partner that will provide a free design service by providing a rough blueprint of your space. But when you receive that blueprint, it contains some product display items you’ll need to purchase.


Enter Grid Panel Displays!


At Metropolitan Display we offer everything from a rolling, three sided portable grid panel setup to attractive wall units. The best part is their easy assembly and unlimited customization.


Some options include:


2x5 Grid Panel DisplaysTwo by Six-Foot Panels – The 2×6 foot panels mount on the walls and become the base for your flexible display. These come in a set of two to give you an eye catching option of choices. All wall panels come with mounting hardware. With such a wide display area, promote everything from jewelry accessories to hardware.


Two by Five-Foot Panels – If the 2×6 foot panels are too large, the 2×5 foot panels may be a better choice. These can be combined with other sizes or set up individually to highlight merchandise in separate locations. A hardware store can keep a display near the register to provide seasonal needs and showcase products from tools to gardening or holiday lighting. Coffee specialty stores can use the bin accessories to display flavor choices.


Tower Grid Panels – Our tower displays are three-sided and come in chrome, black or white to match any décor. Each comes with a display kit that includes a rolling base. The panels are two-feet by six-feet and we recommend buying several, especially if wall space is limited.


Tower Grid Panel DisplaysBaskets and HooksAdd baskets to showcase small items or use hooks to hang large clothing pieces and make your retail space a consumer-friendly shopping experience. At a boutique area in a hair or nail salon, your products will be displayed directly in sight of your target customers. Handbags can be hung on hooks, hair or nail products can in baskets for easy access. Change the positions to keep the display fresh.


This is only a sampling of what we have available so do browse our all the grid panels for additional options!


Wow Your Competition!


Baskets for Grid Panel DisplaysThese grids are perfect to customize an entire store. Since the wall panels come in such a wide variety of sizes, you’ll come up with plenty ideas to cover any size display. An entire store can be set with wall panels and then add the movable three-sided tower displays to fill the middle of your retail space. These can also be used with the same shelves and baskets that work on your wall displays. In a custom clothing business, you can hang garments or shoes on the grids and have smaller pieces on the shelves and baskets. These are also perfect for jewelry displays. Even a business such as a spice or scented candle company will benefit from the option to hang small items from these versatile grid panel displays.


Hooks for Grid Panel DisplaysUse scarfs, boas or draping to display a unique product. The trade and craft show user will also benefit especially from the three-sided tower grids. These are easily transported on the included wheels and offer a variety of eye-grabbing displays that will work anywhere you can’t hang the wall units.


Metropolitan Display is always on the lookout for new products to make your life easier. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.


And, if you’re interested in discounted retractable banner stands, we’re offering 10 percent off in our March 2014 Promo! Click the image below to browse banner selections!


10 percent off retractable banner stands


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Invest in Sidewalk and Curb Signs for Spring Sales!

Discount plastic A-frame sidewalk signsNeed portable signage that will fit a variety of applications? Metropolitan Display has the right product for every situation. And, our A-frame signs are some of the most versatile on the market.


Signicades, A-Frame, Sidewalk and Curb Signs!


Retailers and trade show exhibitors sometimes call these signs A-frame signs, sidewalk signs, curb signs, signicades or sandwich board signs. To us, they all mean the same thing when it comes to selling your brand and message.


Discount metal outdoor A-frame signsWe offer volume pricing and bulk shipping on our sidewalk and curb signs. In addition, these are available in metal, aluminum and durable plastic. Choose from large A-frame signs to advertise your roadside establishment. Exceptional way to engage consumers on the outside or inside of your business. You can even use these as point-of-purchase signs inside your business.


Choices and More Choices


These ad displays come in a variety of colors including white, yellow, orange or black. This makes them versatile enough to match your display needs and get your business message to the public.


Discount aluminum A-frame signsAdd custom printed inserts—we can help with those too—to highlight your information on each side or just one side. Upload your custom artwork to us and we’ll digitally print vibrant and crisp inserts. Or, purchase our changeable message sidewalk signs to easily change your message with lettering kits or markers.


These A-frames are affordable for any advertising situation and do grab the attention of passersby in the form of interruption marketing—they can’t help but notice them. The locking hinges make them quick to set up and easy to move. Made from durable materials, they hold up in all sorts of weather. We also have folding models for easy placement and quick removal.


Recommended Uses


Discount A-frame changeable message A-frame signsEstablishments that benefit from A-frame signs include:


  • Restaurants and cafes – Announce daily specials
  • Bakeries – Entice foot traffic
  • Tax preparation businesses – Let consumers know where you are
  • Auto repair facilities – List auto and parts specials
  • Trade show exhibitors and venue organizers – Lead people to your booth or common areas
  • Spas and salons – Offer salon menu options and packages
  • Hotels – Use as direction tools, especially in conference areas
  • Discount A-frame signs with lettering kitsConvention centers – Guide, direct and inform
  • Schools – Announce sporting events and special activities
  • Gyms and Yoga centers – List your daily classes
  • Farmer’s Markets – Showcase you wares
  • Retail Stores – As a curb side announcement or inside malls
  • And more!


Because of the multiple ways to use these signs, you will find they are an indispensable part of your advertising budget. So contact us today and advertise your spring sales with A-frame signs!


Be sure to follow Metropolitan Display on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn. Also, don’t forget our February 2014 promo—10 percent off easel signs. Click the image below to learn more!


ten percent of easel signs

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The Power of Brochure Holders, Pedestal Stands and Catalog Holders

Point of Purchase Pedestal StandsWant powerful, eye catching and easy to use advertising tools to place your message directly into your targeted consumer’s hands. Metropolitan Display makes it easy with our brochure holders, pedestal stands and catalog holders.


Pedestal Stands


Take for example our formal insert angled frame pedestal stands. At a convenient height of 37 inches, your display is just where you need it to showcase your product information. These stands have a main informative panel making it easy for clients to zero in on the information you insert. Depending on your specific needs, these can be ordered as vertical or horizontal. The frame for these displays only hides a 3/8-inch section of your viewable area and they are a snap to open to update information.


Tri-fold brochure holdersAnother great feature of all these pedestal displays is that they are solidly made and come in several finish choices. They will provide years of service and portability.


Brochure Holders


Point of Purchase Sell Sheet Acrylic Holders Letter SizeThe ultimate point of purchase display is our brochure holders. Depending on model, you can display 4×9-inch tri-fold brochures or pamphlets or 8×10-inch information sheets. Buy two of each to hold up to eight informational pamphlets and make a stunning counter top display to entice consumers.


Catalog Holders


Set up a full size catalog using our open tray catalog holder or purchase our binder catalog holder that comes with a built-in three-ring binder. Made with aluminum construction, these durable displays are quick to assemble and they are made in the United States. With their classic look, these holders work in an endless variety of applications.


Recommended Uses


Open face catalog holder display standsSuppose you are opening a restaurant in a high traffic area. Any one of our pedestal stands are perfect to showcase your menu. Or, use the brochure holders for your take out menus and set up at the hostess location.


At a craft or trade show, put the highlights of your business in the hands of your potential clients to browse while waiting for assistance using any of these displays. If you provide a customized service, brochures and pamphlets are an absolute must-do to help you sell your message. Any specialized business will benefit from these professional looking displays.


These same displays will work well in an office situation to give information to clients as they wait for appointments. At a dental office, inform patients on the services you provide. Most dental offices also want to educate patients in proper mouth care and promote healthy ways to care for themselves and their families. For medical offices you will be able to provide a wide variety of services and consumer health information options.


Binder Catalog holder standsA spa or salon can list their services in a brochure or pamphlet and display them in the waiting area or on counter tops or tables.


At a rental community, use a pedestal stand to reveal available floor plans for your property. Add the 4.9-inch acrylic stands and insert a tri-fold brochure showing rental prices and options.


With our pedestal stands, brochure holders and catalog stands, you have many display options open for your business!


Metropolitan Display is the perfect company to showcase YOU. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn and don’t forget, we also provide custom printed inserts and brochure and sell sheet printing in crisp clear colors—visuals to really make your displays shine.

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