How and When To Sell A Home Quickly With Real Estate Signs and Swooper Flags

According to, “The best time of the year to sell a house is the spring.” The benefit of listing your house on the market or searching for a home this time of year is really twofold for both buyer and seller. By late April, many buyers have just deposited their tax return checks, and are therefore more likely to make housing offers at the seller’s full asking price. Win-win.


Some figures suggest that roughly 60% of new home owners move in the summer months not only because it’s more financially feasible, but also to avoid disruption during the school year- opting instead to uproot while their children are on summer break.   Knowing all this, if you are ready to list your home there are some quick pro tips you should be aware of.   Open House Saturday and Sunday Yellow Flutter Flag Advertising Banner Sail, 16' Tall- Metropolitan Display




It’s all about perception. Did you know when pricing your home it’s actually best to avoid using a zero at the end?   It’s a bit counter intuitive if you really think about it. While it might seem like rounding down to say $250,000 would draw more buyers than a $253,252 price tag, studies actually show the opposite to be true. Play the numbers game right!




The best day to make an offer on a home is the first Tuesday of the month after sellers have made their month’s mortgage payment,  while the best time to list your home is Thursday, making it available for new weekend showings.




Don’t be afraid to do a few minor renovations such as painting the rooms a neutral color. Home buyers often have trouble seeing “the potential” in something they don’t have an emotional connection with.




Keep it simple! Make your home a clean slate. They need to mentally project their belongings inside the walls of your space. That means, don’t over do it with family pictures or too much ‘filler’.


SignageCrane Style Real Estate Metal Sign Stand & Holder- Metropolitan Display


While the internet has helped speed the sale of homes over the past decade, don’t underestimate the power of a drive by. Yards with proper signage can dramatically increase foot traffic at your next open house- especially in highly sought after neighborhoods.   And while you’re at it, don’t forget to invest in a flashy ‘SOLD’ flyer to hang underneath or stick on the face of the board.


By following these and other ‘tried and true’ tips you’ll have your house sold out from under you in no time. Now all you have to do is track down some cardboard boxes!   Insert Side Loading Metal Sign Stand A-Frame- Metropolitan Display


At Metropolitan Display we carry real estate and lawn signs in a variety of different styles, all of which have been carefully designed to help you get your home off the market in no time flat.


We hope you’ll like us on Facebook, add us to your circles on Google+ and connect with us on LinkedIn.


Did you know that you have the option to purchase the stand by itself or with 2 printed signs? Just send us a digital file and we’ll print it out in ultra high-resolution using outdoor inks on weatherproof 3ml rigid PVC plastic. Don’t have art, but need it? No problem Designs Services are available upon request. 

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Best Uses for iPad and Tablet Kiosk Displays!

According to UK-based Gartner Analytics, worldwide tablet sales have increased by more than 68% since 2013. To put that in perspective, in total sales swelled to just over 195 million up from 2012′s 116 million. Not only is this rise changing the way we access information, it’s changing the way business and consumers interact with one another. Even B2B services have been transformed with the spread and accessibility of these handy devices.


If you’re not taking advantage, your business could very well be missing out on a ton of business opportunities, potential sales, and untapped marketing channels.


Assuming you are ahead of the curve and have already invested in tablets for your business, you’ll obviously want to take all necessary precautions to make sure iPads and Tablets are visible, accessible, and most importantly, secure! No one wants to be out hundreds of dollars if one of these essential devices gets lifted.


Fortunately, Metropolitan Display has dozens of tablet kiosk displays, fitting for any situation or scenario your can conjure.


Below, we’ll cover three of our top displays as used by the industries who benefit most from having them in their employ.


Food Truck Vendors Professional Series Lock & Stand Counter Style Ipad Kiosk Display


What started as a craze in LA has spread all over encompassing cities such as Portland, Austin and Montreal, with some estimates projecting a $803 million gain in 2014.


An essential for anyone looking to jump on the bandwagon (or truck) is an iPad or Tablet capable of accepting square payments, letting customers pay with their credit or debit cards and signing with their finger.


We recommend this Professional Series Lock & Stand Counter Style Ipad Kiosk Display, which can be easily handed back and forth between vendor and customer.


iPad floor stand displays


Trade Shows


At any given time your booth at the trade show could be host to hundreds of conference participants. If you play your cards right many of those could quickly go from strangers to business prospects.


Give them something interactive to toy with, which asks only for a simple email address to participate.


Try this Classic Aluminum Pro iPad Display Curved Floor Stand with Oval Base. Perfect for an iPad Air.


Retail Store


Want to let shoppers know of future secret sales? Simply ask them to enter their primary email address. This way they are eligible to receive newsletters detailing new items, special promotions, or additional sales which can only be accessed with an emailed offer.


Since the iPad shouldn’t move much, we suggest our Classic Aluminum Pro Ipad Display Counter Stand with Round Base.


Click on any of the links above for even more features for these electronic display holders and remember, you can find us anytime online by accessing our Facebook page, following us on Twitter, or scoping us out on LinkedIn.


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Outdoor Advertising- Worth the Investment?

When you hear the words ‘outdoor advertising’, does your mind automatically jump to billboards. This makes sense, given their size and frequency. However, don’t get pigeon holed. When it comes to displaying your business to passersby, you have a lot more options!


But why should you invest? Isn’t everything moving towards the digital anyway?


Think again. According to one Forbes article, in 2011 the average american spent almost 20 hours per week in transit, covering more than 200 miles in those seven days. While the vast majority passed and viewed multiple ads along the way, the aftermath is what’s most fascinating. For example the same study showed that, thanks to outdoor advertising:


- 38% visited a particular store while on their way home
- 24%  said they were compelled to stopped off the same day
- 32% shopped with a retailer they saw earlier in the week
- 58% learned about an event they wished to attend
- 58% ate at a a restaurant they remembered from an ad


Types of Outdoor Advertising


Don’t let the number of options overwhelm you. Think of all these merely as tools in your arsenal to help you reel in foot traffic and turn a lucrative profit!


Apart from roadside billboards, here are some of the top places to promote your company outdoors according to the Outdoor Cartop Sign- Metropolitan DisplayAdvertising Association of America:



- Bus shelters
- Phone Kiosks
- News Racks
- Buses
- Airports
- Subway Stations
Taxis/Wrapped Vehicles
- Movie Theaters
- Arena & Stadiums
- Convenience Stores
- Health Clubs & Gyms
- Shopping Malls


With the kind of traffic these kinds of public establishments draw, you’d be doing your business a great disservice by not taking advantage of this 24-hours promotional landscape.


What are the best outdoor products to help me stand out? 


Discount LED signsWithout a bit of help, it can be hard to know where to effectively budget your pennies. However, with a bit of elbow grease you can easily plan an advertising campaign to suit any budget. Here’s a short list of inexpensive options that are easy to install and proven to help you generate a substantial ROI:

LED signs- Not only are they beautiful, they have lifespans of 10 years or more.
- Banner Stand Displays- Perfect for trade shows, stores, museums, and permanent displays.
- Eraseable signs- Change your menu options every morning or offer a daily deal.
Changeable message signs- Portable, versatile, and able to withstand the elements.

Flutter Flag Advertising Banner Sail


Get additional traction and boost your sales by partnering these more traditional types with an equally colorful and branded display such as flutter flags or flying banner sails.


By using two or more types of outdoor advertising you help ensure you’re maximizing your return! The more consistently you promote your brand, the more you’ll be sure to stand out- long after folks have exited their cars and snuggled up on their couches.


Be sure to follow us on Facebook and check out Twitter feed for up to the minute specials and deals!

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Three Garment Display Brands- One Red Hot Spring Blowout Sale!

The results are in. Weather-depressed folks are low on Vitamin D and even lower on patience- ready for warmer weather to kick in. Can you believe there are some parts of the country still experiencing snow flurries on the last day in April?! Undoubtedly this bizarre weather has had a marked effect on your business. Why not think about having a spring blow out sale? Its benefits are two fold for your shop. First, it allows people who are still experiencing chilly temperatures to get warmer clothing at a steal, and also draws them in to check out your spring collections, anticipating the inevitable warm up ahead.


Metropolitan Display has as many garment racks as you have clothing. Not only will they help your staff keep those busy sale racks organized and navigable, they can help you display the season’s newest lines in a way that’s sure to attract attention. Here’s a look at our top three brands that will help you make your Spring Blow Out Sale a sweeping success!


Deluxe Rolling Z Rack Garment Rack


Z-Rack Garment Racks with add on shelf for the holidaysStack up to 400 lbs of your heaviest winter coats or designer spring collection. Easily adjust the height for floor length maxi dresses or long jackets- up to 80″ with no additional hardware or tools. We’ve made it easy to make said adjustments with convenient push-buttons, letting you focus on staging your wears. 

Know the perfect shoes to pair with that spring frock? Invest in the combo kit which includes our Deluxe 2 Piece Folding Bottom Shelf with Brackets plus our Chrome Top Shelf. Storage and beauty all in one- a win-win with an upscale look and feel won’t strip your assembly hardware or your wallet. 


NYC Garment Co Double Tier Ballet Rack


NYC Garment Co. unique garment racks for the holidaysHelp a brother or sister out, by taking the guesswork out of pairing the hottest spring colors. This NYC Garment Co Pipe Series Adjustable Double Tier Ballet Rack lets you organize tops and bottoms into seasonal color pallets which mesh well together. Or match up a classic wool peacoat with a lux pair of weather resistant trousers. 


Put the multiple tiers to your advantage by organizing clothing by price point, buy one get one options, or size ranges. Not only will this make it a cinch for customers to fill their shopping carts, your staff will also appreciate having a way to keep merchandise organized!




Rolling Salesman Rack


Rolling and folding salesman single bar garment rackExpecting your deeply discounted designer steal or red hot spring fashion trend to fly off the shelf? Sounds like you need to make sure to make portability, quick set up and take down a high priority! Enter our folding rolling salesman garment rack. Breaks down flat enough to fit in the trunk of a standard four-door car, and hooks make it a breeze to showcase more than just clothing. Sell all that comes in your new spring collection including vital accessories like jewelry, hats, scarves and handbags!


Upgrade All Your Displays!


Let Metropolitan Display help you show your inventory to its fullest potential! Be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter.


Last day to take advantage of our April Promo! Free inserts when you purchase the A-Frame.

Free Shipping on Printed A-Frame Inserts

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Illuminated LED Signs- Such a ‘Bright’ Idea!

Did you know April is Earth month? Since its beginning in 1970, celebration and awareness of the energy we consume and its effects on our planet has spread around the world. What started as a collection of 20 million Americans on one day in late April has grown to an month-long awareness campaign recognized by over 180 countries and some 1 billion people! 


Even still, we have a lot of room to make improvements in the U.S. We use an overwhelming amount of the world’s energy even though our population accounts for only 5% of all people on this planet. To put it another way, the average American uses the same amount of energy as 307 Tanzanians.


But what can you do? You still have to run a successful business in order to feed your family after all. 


Why not try making small changes like switching all your interior and exterior lights to energy-efficient, environmentally-friendlyLED Signs- Metropolitan Display LED lighting? It can be especially beneficial for lights that stay on for long periods of time such as your storefront’s ‘Open’ sign. Enter Metropolitan Display’s Illuminated LED Sign collection. 


Our High Quality LED Illuminated Signs are manufactured using tested, UL approved, high performance parts and superior manufacturing. Each comes with a guaranteed  One Year 100% Warranty so you never have to worry about suffering from manufacturer defects. On average, theses signs enjoy a lifespan in excess of the 10 year mark. If you divide the initial cost over the course of its life, you’ll be getting your initial ROI, and then some with all the customers who’ll inevitably be drawn to your store with this brilliant window advertising. It even glows vibrant in daylight!



LED Marquee Sign- Metropolitan DisplaySigns use just 10 watts of power- that’s more than 10X less than neon bulbs. This low energy consuming , safe low voltage illuminated window sign won’t over heat and, the best part, it’s much more environmentally safe as LED bulbs are Environmentally Friendly and devoid of hazardous materials such as mercury. Each sign’s slim and light weight frame make them easy to manage, install and maintain.


Here are some other interesting facts about lighting from top retailer which you may not know:


- Only about 1% of outdoor lighting in the world has been converted to LED lighting.
- Most electric bills in the U.S. average about 25% of their total from lighting alone.
- Most consumers see an immediate 50-90% energy savings when they switch to LED lights.
- Most LED Lights have a Minimum 5 year warranty with an estimated life of 15 years.
- In less than 20 years, it’s estimated that LEDs will account for 75 percent of all lighting sales.


Not only can the experts at Metropolitan Display help you choose the right kinds of advertising products for your business and LED Open Sign- Metropolitan Displaybudget, they can also save you money in the long run and help your business go green, starting with our Illuminated LED Sign collection.


We hope you’ll like us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedInFind us on Google+


Free Shipping on Printed A-Frame Inserts

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Best Uses For Our New Collection of Windless Stay-Open Flutter / Swooper Flags

Ever gotten so excited to fly a kite, only to find the winds aren’t in your favor? While none of us can control or even predict the weather you don’t have to be at its beck and call when you want to advertise your business.


Unlike traditional standard flags which fold in on themselves when there is no breeze, we have the answer to displays that aren’t atGrand Opening Patriotic Flutter Flag Advertising Banner Sail all weather dependent. Enter our extensive collection of Windless Stay-Open Flutter / Swooper Flags. These beauties can not only grab the attention of any passersby, they also have a built in mechanism along the top arm that helps them stay open, making them consistently visible.


With bright colors, large bold lettering and extra-large flag sizes to display all your text, you can rest easy knowing that your advertising banner will be seen from afar and in any breeze condition. The quality Knit Polyester Flutter Flag is 100% dyed-through, single-sided (back side reverse) for bright colors with a very long life. The 4-piece aluminum pole set and ground base included in the full kit is easy to set-up in minutes.


4th of july Flutter Flag Advertising Banner SailInterested in seeing how your business might benefit from such an investment? Here are just a few of the things we’ve seen over the years:


- Apartment complexes advertising rent specials: Availability is good for renters, but bad for landlords who lose money when the space sits empty.

- Announcing your grand opening: How will you build your customer base if they don’t know you’re there?

- Car dealers promoting vehicles on clearance: Especially with big ticket items like cars, people are always looking for a bargain. New inventory for you means big savings for them.

- Seasonal shops: Do you sell fireworks in July and January? Make sure you’re clearly visible from the road so families who are looking to celebrate know where to stock up.

- Stores offering military discounts: Supporting our active military and veteran counterparts is not only noble, it’s a great way to get people in the door by showing your support.

- To announce a house that’s just come on the market: There could be dozens of open houses in your neighborhood at any given time. Realtors looking for a quick sale love the option to stand out.

- Pack people in for your next yard or estate sale: Some folks devote their entire weekends to seeking out these types of second hand sales. The more buyers you have on your property, the faster you can get back to your day.


Ready to grow leaps and bounds this quarter? Build these custom swooper flags into your advertising budget and watch as yourantiques 4th of july Flutter Flag Advertising Banner Sail ROI comes back in droves.


Metropolitan Display has thought of everything to help you grow and make your establishment more visible! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.


Free Shipping on Printed A-Frame Inserts

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Ban on Plastic Bags? Stock Up On Reusable Value Expo Totes!

Some figures suggest as much as 90% of the 380 billion discarded plastic bags we use each year in the U.S. end up in landfills instead of being recycled. Thankfully, some progressive cities such as San Francisco, Portland and Austin have banned the use of plastic bags entirely in stores. In several other countries around the world such as Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany, the use of plastic bags come with additional fees or taxes.


Reusable Value Expo Tote BagStill, that leaves an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags worldwide which are thrown out each year after just one use.


One simple solution is to offer customers Reusable Value Expo Tote Bags. Not only does this cut down on environmental waste and show you care about the planet, you can also elect to imprint your logo on the face of the bag and instantly market your brand to potentially hundreds of people!


New! Reusable Value Expo Tote Bags


These best selling Value Expo Tote Bag are the newest addition to our product line. They are economical in price only with heat-seal detailing which creates the “turned and stitched” look of more expensive bags without the high price. No matter what the event, these are great ways to promote your brand at Trade Shows, Grocery Stores or even just a day at the beach.


Let’s talk Sizes and ColorsReusable Value Expo Tote Bag Colors


With five different sizing options available, we can outfit you with a bag to satisfy any purpose. Are you a catering company who needs extra space for large food orders? Or maybe you own a jewelry store and need a smaller option to fit your wears. Either way we’ve got you covered. Sizes range from 8″ x 10″ x 4″ all the way up to 20″ x 16″ x 6″.


We’ve got 9 colors to choose from including black, white, royal blue, navy, warm red, red, yellow, green and purple. We also offer 29 standard Imprint colors, plus a full color thermal transfer for a truly vibrant imprint. Prefer to purchase blank them blank? No problem.


It’s all in the Details, Folks


  • Each bag is made with non-woven polypropylene with matching reinforced handles- no breakage happening here!
  • Fully reusable and 100% recyclable!
  • 9 different colors to match any branding strategy!
  • Order them  blank, single or double-sided imprinted with your company logo!
  • We can turn it around fast with a 4-10 Day imprinting lead time!


We make the effort to get it right the first time. Please contact us and speak to one of our live operators for more information and pricing. 800-899-0015


Be sure to follow Metropolitan Display on Facebook and Twitter. Also, don’t overlook our April 2014 promo— we’ll ship your printed inserts for free when you buy the frame. Click the image below to learn more!


Free Shipping on Printed A-Frame Inserts

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Spring Has Sprung! Take Full Advantage With A-frame Signs

Ding dong the winter’s gone! After a punishing season and polar vortex which held much of the U.S. hostage for several months, the weather is finally starting to cooperate, and folks couldn’t be more thrilled with the sunnier conditions.Vitamin D deprived pedestrians are anxious to hit the streets and soak in some rays.


Do you have portable signage on-hand, ready to market to the weather-depressed masses? Metropolitan Display can help, offering a plethora of A-frame signs for your sidewalk. They are some of the most versatile and durable ways to advertise.


Where/How can my business use them?


Discount A-frame changeable message A-frame signsA-frame signs are perfect for almost any venue including:


  • Restaurants and cafes – Perfect for the soup du jour and for catching the eye of passersby.
  • Tax preparation businesses – April 15th is a mere two weeks away- get them in quick!
  • Auto repair facilities – Do you specialize in Japanese or vintage cars? Tell your public!
  • Convention centers – Designate registration and trade show areas in a flash.
  • Spas and salons – Try offering a spring mani-pedi combo in time for sandal season!
  • Schools – School closures or special events in the works? Let your parents in on it.
  • Farmer’s Markets - Got a special on some end of season root vegetables? Sing it loud!
  • Retail Stores - A 50% markdown on winter cashmere sweaters should do the trick!
  • At the Register- Place next to your counters to advertise credit cards or additional discounts.
  • Gyms and Yoga centers – Save your customers the trouble of calling in to find out the schedule for the day.
  • Trade show exhibitors and venue organizers – Convention centers are big places- help them find your booth easily!
  • Hotels – Holding a cheer leading conference or gaming convention? Let attendees know where to find their brethren!
  • And more!


Why we Give A-Frame Signs an A+!


Seasoned retailers and trade show exhibitors may refer to these must-haves as A-frame signs- otherwise known as a sidewalk/curb signs, signicades or sandwich board signs. Regardless of how to label them, they all serve as powerful marketing tools which help you advertise your business at the street level.


Discount metal outdoor A-frame signs

And the Choices Keep on Coming…


Need an ad display that gives you color options including white, yellow, orange or black? We’ve got you covered! In fact, color options makes these attention getters versatile enough to match your customized inserts and facilitate your branding efforts.


Discount aluminum A-frame signsSpeaking  of custom printed inserts, did you know we have the ability to take care of these as well? We make it easy for you to upload your custom artwork for flawless digitally printed inserts.


Have you budgeted enough for an effective interruption marketing campaign in the form of these show-stopping, lock hinging advertisements? Contact us today to start advertising your spring sales with A-frame signs!


Be sure to follow Metropolitan Display on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn. Also, don’t overlook our April 2014 promo— we’ll ship your printed inserts for free when you buy the frame. Click the image below to learn more!

Free Shipping on Printed A-Frame Inserts

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The Versatility of Easel Stands and Art Tree Presentation Stands!

Buy Easel Stands Online at affordable prices!Easel stands and art tree presentation stands help place your business products or services in front of your target customers. They give you the very best bang for your advertising display buck. An easel is completely versatile to use in every situation from a huge storefront to a small booth type display. The economical and more importantly, choice variety, make these stands affordable solutions. Our art tree stands allow you to display products, brochures or use as educational tools.


A Plethora of Portable Easels!


The portability of our easel stands makes them indispensable for presenters. These are available in a variety of materials and many of our models are made in the USA. Even the most lightweight style gives a professional appearance to show your audience you care enough about your products to showcase them in the best light.


Heavy Duty easel stands at discount pricesThe basic easel comes in either a matte silver finish or a black finish with a 24 inch shelf. These are perfect if you need a moveable display for conferences or trade shows. They are also great for hotels and convention centers to guide and inform.


A step up to a heavier easel stand is also affordable and holds up to a 50 pound display. These are perfect for a classroom or workplace presentation. To upgrade to a more upscale look, choose the classic Baroque styles in either black with brass accents or all brass. They can guide customers into a theater or a specialized area in a hotel setting. They will also present your daily café offerings in a memorable and classic bistro look. Make your business stand out!


The flip chart display easel is made of aluminum, easy to transport and with the adjustable legs, is height adjustable. These are great to use in a meeting where you want to brainstorm and have everyone’s ideas visible to the group. In a classroom they are ideal to get the lessons you need to teach to your students.


Art Presentation Trees Stands that Shine!


Buy art tree presentation stand online at discount prices!Our print and poster art tree stands are also priced affordably and can be useful in a variety of situations. They expand up to 80 inches high to get your information up past eye level. The top is an 11 x 17 inch header and this two-tone stands holds up to 32 display pieces. They will showcase your artwork or your specific business information at a variety of levels. These stands will also work for calendars and slim booklets. They are easy to move via wheels but come with four locking casters to keep them in place. What a great space saver for everything from a gift shop to a trade show!


Whenever you need to put your best ideas forward, Metropolitan Display will have the right product for you. You can use your company artwork or order customized signs from Metropolitan Display—we make it easy to upload your artwork.


From school and education centers to hotels and convention centers to trade shows and more, our easel stands and art tree presentation stand are the best you’ll find anywhere and our prices will amaze you!


We invite you to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn!


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Must-Have Tips on How to Use Shoe Fitting Displays

Discount Multi-Shelf Shoe RacksIn order to showcase your shoe inventory to its best advantage, you need the highest quality, flexible display pieces. In the fiercely competitive shoe market, you want customers to feel comfortable and welcome visiting your store and also to present your inventory in attractive and enticing ways.


Inviting Displays


The background you create will be complemented by the products you choose for displays. You can’t sell or entice if you don’t make it easy for shoppers to visualize themselves wearing your inventory.  The first thing you need is the proper visual space. A sturdy chrome-plated rack with eight adjustable shelves will put your stock at an easy level to see and to shop. Our shoe exhibits are lightweight and easy to move around so your display can be consistently changed to stay fresh.


Discount shoe fitting mirrorsChange them monthly and always seasonally. Pinpoint sales and discounts with posters or A-frame signs to make an eye catching display. Several racks can create a versatile area that can be shopped on both sides. Separate shoe sizes on the different adjustable racks to make them easier to browse. Shoe display products can be customized to work in a temporary or a permanent business area. You can use one for clearance items and another to section off sizes according to color. And because they are lightweight, they are also great for trade shows or expos.


Don’t Forget the Mirrors and Benches!


Discount frameless and angled shoe fitting mirrorsYour potential buyers will want to see what your shoes look like on their feet. Shoe mirrors should be placed nearby so that when trying on your wares, customers have a handy tool to see the footwear on their feet.


We offer two shoe mirror choices depending on your décor. Choose from the traditional framed mirror or the more modern frameless mirror. We also recommend with ladies shoes especially, at least one full length mirror be available. This is important in a women’s shoe display area because your customers will appreciate an entire body view.


Discount shoe fitting benches with padded seats for sales peopleYour staff also need a place to sit and assist the customers. Our shoe fitting stool with an attached padded seat is perfect for this purpose. The close, upfront contact will help you close the deal and sell more footwear. Get your star sellers out on the floor. Set up several mirrors nearby all your shoe displays so customers get the full effect of how each style of footwear looks on their feet. Placing our slanted mirrors  by shoe benches can take on two jobs. Clients are easily served by your staff and when they stand up, they have the perfect nearby viewing area.


Discount shoe fitting benches with padded seatIf you have more of a self-service location, the padded bench  is easy for consumers to use while shopping in your retail space, trade show or expo event. Potential buyers will love the comfort of the seat and its closeness to the mirrors so they can easily view their choices.


Because the shoe market is highly competitive, count on Metropolitan Display to help you put your best foot forward!


Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! And, while you’re picking up some shoe display products, why not take advantage of our March 2014 Promo—10 percent off all retractable banner stands (Click on the image below for details). A great way to guide trade show attendees to your footwear selections!


10 percent off retractable banner stands

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