Promote Sale Items With Holiday Banner Stand Displays

Center pole holiday banner standsIf you want to make your holiday sale items stand out with brilliant splashes of color, consider investing in some banner stand displays and custom designed banners. In addition to high visibility color, you can draw on the power of carefully chosen graphics and text to give your holiday marketing messages that extra impact.


At Metropolitan Display, we pride ourselves on offering banner stand displays that earn superior marks for construction and durability. They excel in durability and eye appeal to give your advertisements a look of importance and professionalism.


Banner Display Options


Jumbo and large format banner stand displays for the HolidaysCenter Pole: Opt for center pole banner displays when you need a sturdy, durable stand for posting holiday and seasonal banners in lobbies and storefronts or at tradeshows and exhibitions. The banners camouflage the center poles, and potential customers view the banners as single or double-sided advertisements. Choose from a classic center pole or the compact, counter top version depending on the available floor space.


Double-sided: Do you want more advertising exposure for your dollar investment? If so, select double-sided banner displays, which allow your prospects to see your advertising message from any vantage point. Choose from indoor or outdoor models depending on your marketing campaign strategy and needs.


Floor Stand: Floor standing banner displays attract attention and add visual appeal to your storefront, tradeshow booth, or other areas of display. Easy to assemble and disassemble, you can move them to various locations to maximum your advertising coverage.


Holiday retractable banner stand displaysJumbo and Large Format: Opt for jumbo and large format banner displays when you want to create a wow effect with larger than life graphics and text. Tall jumbo displays stand a regal 10 feet tall and proclaim your marketing message boldly even when viewed from a distance. Wide jumbo displays are available in five, six or eight foot widths and create dramatic effects for extra attention to your promotional messages. Both are built for commercial use and offer years of service. Large format banner displays are available in four or eight foot widths for indoor or outdoor signage needs. These high visibility signs are crafted for years of use and feature top-of-the-line high quality construction and durability.


Retractable: Retractable banner displays are an easy way to update your seasonal promotions and holiday messages instantly. Banner changes are quick and simple, and extraction and retraction is possible in mere seconds.


Wood: If you are looking for an easy way to green a portion of your business, consider adding some environmentally friendly bamboo display stands to your store fixture inventory. These handsome displays complement any business environment, while sending a subtle message about your endorsement of sustainable practices.


Maximum Durability


Holiday wood and bamboo banner stand displaysOur entire inventory of banner displays feature perfectly weighted, heavy flat bases to keep the stands stable. Set-up and break down is quick and easy, and all the necessary hardware is included. These banner displays require little to no maintenance and available in a wide range of colors, styles and materials.


Peripheral Services


Design your own banner or have one custom created by our design staff to your exact specifications. We pride ourselves on our high-resolution printing technology, which produces high quality, custom printed banners.


Now that you’re armed with information to help you dress up your holiday sales items with banner stand displays and custom designed banners, let Metropolitan Display guide you on which models are best for your retail store or space. We can help you customize your stands and banners to include essential information that will lead customers right to your holiday sale items.


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Inexpensive Marketing Tips to Add to Your Business Card Advertising

Inexpensive Marketing tipsAre your business cards earning their keep? If they are stuck in a drawer, a pocket, a wallet or a glove box of the car, not only are they not working for you, but also, they are costing money. Here are some easy-to-implement tips for getting those valuable marketing pieces out of your briefcase, office or vehicle and into the hands of qualified prospects for your goods and services.




With the state of the anemic economy and shrinking budgets, more and more consumers are turning to couponing as a way to ease the sticker shock of buying products and services. Coupons and special incentives are an excellent way to reward loyal customers, attract new customers, encourage people to try your product or service, or generate repeat visits to your storefront or website, especially if you offer a coupon for a discount on a future visit. Now, picture that coupon on the back of your business card and you have a vision of how you can leverage your cards for more marketing advantages.




Add erasable message signs to you list of inexpensive advertising tipsJust as popular in today’s economic climate, if not more so, are free samples or trial offers. By giving potential new customers the opportunity to try before they buy, their anxiety about the risk of trying a new product or service is lessened. In addition, you increase your odds of capturing a repeat customer for your goods.


Passive Marketing


While passive marketing will not generate huge returns on your investment, it never hurts to keep your pipeline populated. A simple way to do this is by including your business card in all your promotional materials, invoices and other distributed information. Pinning your business card to community bulletin boards or asking non-competitive businesses to let you leave some cards on display in their business are some other examples of passive marketing.




Giving your loyal customers a recurring discount for bringing in new business is a smart way to increase your bottom line and reward your customer base. An easy way to do this is have some of your business cards printed with a special discount code, and then give the coded cards to your customers. Ask them to write their name on the back of the cards and hand them out to friends associates. Each time someone redeems a card, your customer receives a credit. Once they understand what’s in it for them, you might be surprised at how many referrals they will send your way.


Cost Effectiveness


Use tablet displays as an inexpensive marketing idea to showcase products!What would you pay to get 1,000 unique visitors to your website, or 1,000 new customers coming through the doors of your store? While you will not convert 1,000 prospects from your next batch of 1,000 business cards, at an average cost of 2.5 to 10 cents per card, it’s a pretty small price to pay for some mega marketing exposure. Even if you only convert one or two prospects to new clients, would it be worth the expense?


Visit our sister store Metropolitan Digital to get 50 free business cards and remember, you’ll always save 25 percent on all business printing!


We invite you to like us on Facebook where we announce our monthly promos and be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn!


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Pros and Cons of DIY Business Cards

Pros and Cons of DIY Business CardsShould you have your business cards professionally printed or design and print them yourself? Like most business decisions, there are advantages and disadvantages to the DIY method. So, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of printing your own business cards.


Pros of DIY Business Cards


Tech Savvy


With the ever-improving digital technology, finding software, pre-printed, perforated business card templates, and printers is simple and quick. In fact, you probably already have a computer and printer or even a network of computers and printers from which to choose. Given those facts, will adding one more print job to your queue really make that much difference?


Time and Cost Effective


If you are only running a small quantity of cards, you can probably save time and money by doing the job yourself. However, if you need to run thousands of business cards, you will probably want to do a cost analysis to see if outsourcing the work is the better economic choice for your business.


Isn’t It Easier?


Print business cards onlineMaking your own business cards is easy; just follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the package. Most template packages have preset options to help you design a logo or add graphics, insert custom text, and add borders or backgrounds. Once you have the design elements set up, save your work and then simply load the pre-printed sheets into your printer and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for printing.


After the cards are printed, you fold, score and tear the cards, and your business cards are ready for your marketing campaigns. When you run low on cards, you simply reprint them as necessary, making any changes that may be required.


Cons of DIY Business Cards


Labor Intensive


While setting up a business card design is simple if you have some computer literacy, if you are a small business owner or a single proprietor, the time and effort involved in printing your own business cards may not be the best use of your time and talents. Signing up new clients and increasing sales should be job one for you, so you may want to outsource the job to a professional. In addition, maybe you’re looking for business cards that are printed in an eco-friendly way, which is something you probably can’t do on your own


Quality Issues


Discount business card holdersIs the quality of your laser or jet printer comparable to that of a commercial printer? How about the cardstock options in pre-printed or templated business cards – will they convey the type of image you want for your brand or product?


When you hire a professional to print your business cards, you are paying for that person’s expertise and knowledge. Just as you wouldn’t try to operate on yourself if you needed surgery, you might want to think twice before deciding to print your own business cards.


Cost Considerations


If you are a smart shopper, you can find lots of promotions and deals to help you save money on business cards and other business printing needs. Most companies offer volume discounts on bulk orders, and some even offer specials such as buying 500 cards and getting 250 cards free. While there are no free lunches in life, with a little bit of research, you might discover that buying business cards is less expensive than printing your own.


Instead of going the DIY route when it comes to business cards, let our sister store, Metropolitan Digital help you create a stunning, memorable business card. We hope you’ll like us on Facebook and invite you to connect with us on LinkedIn!


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Don’t Run Out of Business Cards and Promotional Items This Holiday Season!

Buy Discount Custom Holiday Brochures OnlineHave you ever found yourself in the embarrassing position of having to utter one of these lame excuses for not having a business card to give a prospective client?


“I ran out and my new cards have not come in yet.”


“I just gave out my last one!”


“I’m sorry, I don’t have a business card with me. Do you have something I can write my number on?”


The last thing you want to do is run out of business cards this holiday season, especially if you plan on showcasing your items at trade shows, expos or seasonal and holiday community fairs.


Most people understand the value of having a business card ready to hand to potential customers because they know these little bits of paper are low cost advertising that builds instant trust and credibility for businesses and brands. Here’s four easy ways to cut the costs of keeping your business card holder locked and loaded for business without busting your budget.


Order in Bulk


Best business cards online Metropolitan DigialWith the cost of doing business continually soaring, it can be tempting to delay reordering business cards until the last minute to conserve your cash flow. However, this strategy can quickly backfire, especially if you find yourself at networking events, tradeshows or conventions without any business cards.


It’s actually more cost effective to buy larger quantities because you can avoid running out and having to have more printed in a hurry, which could mean extra costs such as set up, or shipping fees or up-fees for expedited printing and delivery.


Use Every Inch of Your Card


You are paying for both sides of your business card, so take advantage of the additional advertising space. Use the front side of the card for the essentials such as contact information and website addresses, and the backside for special offers, promo codes, QR codes or value added information for your clientele such as maps or charts.


Hire a Professional


Best online custom brochure printing Metropolitan DigialGraphic designers and professional business print services are worth their weight in gold because they save you time and money in the end. These pros know how to create high-appeal designs or help you make the best decisions on cardstock, font size and colors.


They will help you decide on the essential versus non-essential features to maximize your budget dollars.  Additionally, they furnish valuable advice such as avoiding lighter weight card stocks because they may look and feel cheap while a heavier stock will last longer and long more professional.


Our sister Store, Metropolitan Graphics not only sells discount business cards, but also other selling tools like sell sheets and flyers and brochures.


Comparison Shop


Custom printed product folders Metropolitan DigialLook for promotions and deals (for example, buy 500 business cards and get 250 free). One big advantage of buying business cards online versus in a traditional brick and mortar print shop is the convenience of comparing prices with a few clicks of the mouse instead of by driving all over town.


Other pros and cons of brick and mortar print shops as compared to online are:


Brick and mortar store prices will probably be higher than online prices because the business has to cover operating expenses such as building leases, utilities, and staff. You will need to figure in the drive time and fuel expense when you calculate the true cost of the cards, and do you really want to try and find a parking space?


Online stores are open 24/7 so you can purchase your business cards when it is most convenient for you. There is no parking, no fuel expense, and some vendors offer free shipping for your finished order.


Whether you are in the market for business cards or other forms of business printing, the professionals at Metropolitan Display are available to help you choose the best quality products to fit your business needs and budget.


Visit Metropolitan Digital today to find all discount seasonal graphic and printing solutions and above all, don’t run out of business cards this holiday season.


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Holiday Advertising: Should You Fish in a Big Pond or a Small One?

Holiday Flutter Flags and Flying Banner SailsSaving money on advertising campaigns is everyone’s dream, but cutting costs too much can cause a business to lose customers and profits, especially during the busy holiday shopping season. Planning an advertising mix to help balance advertising expenditures with return on investments can be a tricky proposition. Deciding if you want to fish in the big pond or the small one is a smart way to evaluate your risks versus rewards and make your decision.


Advantages of Small Pond Advertising


When you choose the small pond route, you can work in a narrow niche, which means less wasted marketing dollars. You can run smaller ad campaigns more often to increase your reach and frequency without busting your budget. Smaller marketing campaigns are perfect for display advertising products such as flutter flags, flying banner sails and sail sign banners as your marketing dollars buy more products, which means you can saturate a target market with a minimal outlay of advertising monies.


Another advantage of small pond advertising is it allows a business to integrate all the marketing efforts under one umbrella. Display advertising products can be use as stand-alone advertisements or as complements to other segments of a marketing mix.


Finally, concentrating your efforts on more advertising in a smaller area can generate larger cash flows that can be used to open up other markets.


Advantages of Large Pond Advertising


How to choose an advertising methodIf you look at some of the most hotly fought political battles in recent history, you’ll see a definite pattern emerging – the battle often goes to the best funded individual rather than the best candidate. The same can be true in the advertising wars because money does talk. One huge ad could outperform many smaller ads depending on the choice of media and the target demographic.


Another advantage of large pond advertising is it allows you to have many streams of prospects and potential new customers and new territories flowing into your business pipeline. Any business, regardless of size, will lose a percent of its business each year to attrition. It’s important to keep enough irons in the fire to compensate for any erosion of your customer base as well as increase your market share.


Finally, maintaining a robust advertising program is the best way to support your product line or services and keep your client base solid.


Once you’ve decided which advertising pond to fish in, you’ll want to take the following steps to guarantee your success:


What Holiday Ad Methods Really WordPlan your holiday marketing campaign. Failure to plan is one of the most expensive mistakes a business can make. Evaluate the return on investment for every dollar spent. Track results for each type of advertising product and cut poor performing programs immediately.


What one thing can you do today to make your seasonal advertising campaign work harder and produce better results?


At Metropolitan Display we offer all sorts of holiday advertising displays and signs of all kinds including A-frame signs, curb and sidewalk signs and flutter flags and flying banners. We hope you’ll like us on Facebook and don’t forget to add us to your circles on Google+


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Retailers: Use Tablet Displays This Holiday Season and Sell More!

Use iPad and Galaxy Tablet Displays to Sell More This Holiday SeasonIf you’re a retailer and you haven’t started your holiday product display plan, start today! Sure you might be thinking about the best window displays, discounts and sales, but how do you plan on “showcasing” your products. In other words, during the busy holiday shopping season, is there a way to inform and educate consumers about your products while you’re helping other customers? The answer is simple—tablet displays.


Here are some of our favorite electronic tablet displays along with ideas for uses:


Industrial Grade iPad Kiosk Wall-Mounted Display


iPad Tablet Kiosk Display HoldersThis is one durable tablet display and comes with a 10-year warranty. It’s easy to install your iPads—works on iPads 2, 3 and 4 and includes a security lock and key to keep your iPads safe. This dark grey holder for tablets also tilts, rotates and pivots—and it’s made in the USA.


Think of a crowded shopping mall or holiday travelers in an airport. You have product to sell and they are in a hurry. With these wall-mounted iPad displays, entice customers with pictures, product information, various models available and pricing. At the end of your iPad product show, lead them where they can find the product. If you offer easy purchasing options like Google Wallet, iWallet or PayPal Mobile let them know right on the iPad screen and you will close the sale quick and easy.


Aluminum Pro Samsung Galaxy Display Holder


Samsung Galaxy Tablet Display Holder for Counter TopsAlso made in the USA is this classic aluminum pro Samsung Galaxy display holder which is great on a counter top. Will house the Galaxy 10.1 tablet and also offers integrated USB cables, a rotating frame and anti-theft hardware. This is available in black and silver and the flange mount allows you to affix the tablet display holder securely to counter tops.


Let’s imagine you’re at the cash register and your staff is helping others inside your retail clothing store. You’re trying to promote the latest in fall fashion—an easy-wear, one-piece ankle length dress that shines with the right boots. Everyone is interested in these dresses but you and your staff are tied up! Here, the Samsung Galaxy display holder comes to the rescue! Use it to show videos and images of this must-have dress. Show front, back and rotating images. Reveal how the dress looks with different types of footwear or outwear items. Show the dress on models—even for plus size-women. Inform shoppers what materials the dress is made from and what sizes are available. If they love your presentation, they’ll stick around and buy that must-have dress—even during the holiday rush!


Aluminum iPad and Samsung Galaxy Floor Stand Displays


iPad tablet display holders with floor baseWe’re happy to offer the classic aluminum pro iPad tablet floor stand display with a square base. We also have a similar model for the Samsung Galaxy tablet.


The iPad holder works on generations 2, 3 and 4 and the Samsung is compatible with the Galaxy 10.1 tablet.  Both feature integrated USB cables, rotating frames for vertical and horizontal displays and anti-theft hardware. They are made in the USA and available in black or silver. At 37-inches in height with square heavy steel bases, these tablet floor display holders are just the ticket for product showcasing.


For larger retailers with may departments, consider how easy it is to attract shoppers to colorful presentations informing them of all the features of particular products. Change product display shows depending on time of day. Stay-at-Home Moms might shop in the morning or afternoon where working Moms will head to your store during lunch or the evening. Again, include all information about the products in your Keynote or PowerPoint presentations including price, models, sizes and colors. Be as precise as possible so when the customer comes to the cash register with the product, they’re set to pay and go.


Take advantage of this “third-arm” solution to selling more this holiday shopping season. Electronic tablet displays are a great way to get product information to your customers and in reality, many shoppers prefer informational displays to the talking, pushy salesperson. And, if you purchase any of our tablet displays before October 31, 2013, you’ll get a 10 percent discount:


Save 10 percent off table display holders for iPad and Samsung


At Metropolitan Display we offer a variety of electronic tablet displays and accessories so stock up and get ready for a profitable holiday season at your retail store!


Be sure to like us on Facebook and bookmark our blog for tons of retail product display tips and more!


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3 Ways Advertising Campaigns Can Boost Product Sales

Industrial iPad Kiosk DisplaysWhile there are probably many ways to increase sales and find new customers, not all of them are time or cost effective for all businesses. For instances, many small businesses cannot afford to buy bigger showrooms or hire more salespeople, but they might be able to invest more money in a well-planned advertising campaign.


Let us look at three ways to use any advertising campaign to generate more sales and attract new customers for any product or service.


Create Compelling Content


No matter what advertising media you favor such as outdoor or indoor signage, flags and banners or other types of displaying advertising, if your content doesn’t hook the prospect’s attention and induce them to take action, you aren’t gaining the most for your advertising dollars.


Custom printed sell sheets and information brochuresIn addition to engaging customers and generating sales, exclusive, customer oriented advertising content encourages frequent visits to a physical location or website, wins new customers, and keeps brand image and reputation top of the mind.


A prime example of the power of compelling content is The Coca-Cola Company. In business since 1886, they still maintain a robust advertising campaign to ensure brand recognition. Additionally, odds are the name Coca-Cola instantly brings some advertising jingles to your mind such as this one “Coke – it’s the real thing” (1969 slogan). Designing and implementing a consistent advertising campaign in your choice (or mix) of media options is a guaranteed way to increase your sales.


Provide Useful Information


Custom printed window clingsWho says advertising has to be boring or product oriented? Think creatively and offer value-added information, tips and promotional offers to your customers and prospects. Maps, poll results, customer testimonials and technical advice are just a few of the ways you can use your advertising dollars to reward your target market with beneficial information. As a bonus, you build customer loyalty and secure repeat sales for your products and services.


Variety Is the Spice of Advertising Life


We touched briefly on the value of being captivating rather than unexciting because, as the old saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt. Using the same ad copy campaign after campaign can end up hurting you in the end because your customers and potential buyers may become bored, annoyed or even tune out your marketing communications.


Going back to our example business The Coca Cola Company, in the years 1886 to 2012, the company used over 60 different slogans to keep the image of their product fresh, new and inviting to their target market.


Discount table displays for iPad and Galaxy and Samsung


Changing slogans or ad copy is not the only way to keep marketing campaigns robust and appealing. Many companies use their advertising campaigns to introduce new products or to feature products to encourage sales. As an example, this month we are featuring tablet displays. Tablet displays can display tablets vertically or horizontally making it easy and convenient for your customers to give them a test run. They look attractive on table or counter tops and feature anti-theft hardware to protect the tablets. What products or services could you feature in your advertising campaigns this month? What actions do you need to take to make your advertising campaign more appealing to generate more sales?


Metropolitan Display has all the display advertising products you need to turn your sales around. The key to boosting sales with advertising campaigns is to think outside the box, look for product displays that will help your inventory stand out and above all, offer superior customer service!


We hope you’ll like us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn


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Increase Your Advertising ROI With Outdoor Signage

Discount Outdoor Retractable Banner StandsIn today’s ultra-competitive world, most businesses cannot afford to not advertise, but deciding which media will generate the highest return or how much to invest on each portion of an advertising campaign can be tough. Outdoor signage can be an unmatched selection for offering a high return on the dollars invested. Signage makes your physical locations easier to find and more visible, enhances your company image, and increases brand awareness and recognition.


When it comes to outdoor signage, there are two main categories from which to choose: static or moving messages.


Static Messages


Custom industry flutter flags deeply discountedSigns, posters, print or broadcast ads and billboards are all types of static advertising messages, although some billboards are also moving messages if the boards are “rotated” throughout a market segment. However, most of these advertising examples are static because the marketing message is permanently attached to a particular location or market segment.


Moving Messages


Flutter flags whipping with the breeze, flying banner sails waving proudly, and vehicles zipping through town with car top signs are examples of moving advertising messages.  So are bumper stickers, car window signs, and human billboards.


Are you wondering what a human billboard might be? Think about all those custom-imprinted hats, t-shirts, jackets and other wearing apparel you’ve handed out at tradeshows and conventions or as customer incentives. Every time someone wears one of your promotional items, you’re getting a little extra mileage out of your advertising dollars and increasing the reach and frequency of your marketing communications.


Affordable clothing and display racks from NYC Garment CoSince variety is the spice of life, you might want to try dressing out a window mannequin with some of your custom imprinted apparel as a novel way of complementing some of your other types of advertising. The options are endless when you are working with outdoor signage ideas.


Choosing the Best Mix


Choosing the right mix of static and moving messages for your business can be tricky but not impossible. The first thing to do is analyze your sales and identify your market demographics. Next, decided how many advertising units you’ll need to reach your goals and how visible you want them to be. While less is more when it comes to advertising copy, more is better when you are striving for market penetration, brand awareness and increased sales.


The Devil’s In the Details


Discount Changeable Message SignsProperly maintained signage, whether static or moving, works best. Even the most well constructed, powerfully built signage can become dirty or faded over time and with exposure to extreme weather.  In addition to looking bad and being a potential eyesore to the community, outdoor signage that is in poor repair reflects badly on your company and your reputation.


Refurbishing and replacing signage as needed sends an important non-verbal message to prospects and customers because it shows you take pride in your product or service. They will know you do not compromise quality and pay close attention to even the smallest details.


At Metropolitan Display we’re always here to help you choose the best product display items – at affordable prices. And, we always offer a monthly promo. October 2013′s promo is a 10 percent discount off electronic table displays…just click the image below for more products and details!


Save 10% off iPad and Galaxy Table Displays!


Be sure to add us to your circles on Google+, like us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn to stay on top of all the new advertising and display products we add to our inventory each and every day!


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Reap the Rewards of Benefit Oriented Ad Campaigns

Discount Adjustable Height Banner Stands with Custom Printed InsertsNo matter how long you’ve been creating marketing campaigns to promote your brand or service, it probably did not take you long to realize the rewards of using benefit oriented advertising. Even if you are the largest brand in the world or offer a service everyone must have, prospects will remain a prospect until they understand the “WIFM” fact – what’s in it for me.


However, once they appreciate how your business can solve their problems, fulfill their needs or gratify their desires, they connect emotionally and are motivated to action.  Fortunately, it just takes a few simple steps to tweak advertising and make it appeal to prospects and encourage them to make a buying decision.


Lights, Camera, Action

Sidewalk and curb signs with custom printed insertsAdvertising copy should be clear, concise and loaded with action words because action words, especially action verbs, are influential and communicate passion and intensity. For instance, which of the sentences below would motivate you to purchase this imaginary product?


“Our natural sunscreen with 100% organic ingredients will take care of your skin all day.”

“Deflect sunrays – defend skin with XYZ.”

The second sentence assures potential customers they can safeguard their skin while it plays on their emotions with verbs like deflect and defend.


Less is Always More


Discount Windmaster Signs with custom printed insertsLook at our example above one more time. It contains six simple syllable words and no irrelevant or redundant text. The message is quite clear and the customer benefits are obvious. Powerful statements like this create compelling ad content for flyers, brochures, product labeling or display advertising products such as banners and signs.


If you can say it in six or seven words (or less), you will supercharge your advertising power. Is your product lightweight, easy to set up and take down? Tell the world!


Hook Prospects with Headlines


What is the common denominator between print and broadcast advertisements? The answer, of course, is the headline. Advertising copywriters know that the headline must contain some juicy tidbit of bait to hook the reader.  These crafty wordsmiths use phrases like “the insider secrets of…”, “the lazy person’s way to …”, “everything you have to know about…” to entice individuals to keep reading to find out the hidden secrets.


Discount Poster frames with custom printed insertsUse ad headlines to your advantage by using them to broadcast the benefits of your products to your target market. Promise them secret knowledge or boast about value, but make sure you deliver on your promises.


The beauty of benefit-oriented advertising is it makes your sales job much easier. Customers and prospects feel better about buying because they understand how they will benefit. You benefit from increased sales, brand recognition or market share. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone.


At Metropolitan Display we have all the products you need to create an awesome benefit oriented ad campaign including poster frames, retractable banners, sidewalk and curb signs and with all of these you can obtain custom printed inserts!


Don’t forget to add us to your circles on Google+ and be sure to follow us on Twitter!

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5 Common Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Are you making these 5 common marketing mistakesWhether you are a seasoned business owner or the proprietor of a start-up company, it’s easy to make fatal marketing mistakes if you aren’t careful. Choosing the right advertising vehicle, narrowing down your choices, and targeting your niches are just a few of the pitfalls to avoid. Let’s take a look at some of the common marketing mistakes, and then discuss ways to overcome them.


Ignoring Details


Are you overlooking important details that are hidden keys to developing your target market profile(s)? Remember, the largest, most expensive advertising campaign is a pointless waste of time and money if it is directed towards market share that does not match your product or service. Avoid any generalizations about your customer base; instead, target demographics by analyzing your sales by vectors such as customer sales, product sales, territory sales and so on.


Ignoring Trends


Now is the time for discount outdoor signage for fall salesWhat is your goal for your next advertising campaign? Do you want to increase market share, expand sales of existing products, open new territories or all of the above? Having a narrowly focused target market profile is a good starting point, but if you are ignorant of the trends in your industry, your advertising efforts make fall short of the mark or fail entirely. Make sure you understand what hot products or services your customers want, what your competitor is offering them, and how you can tailor your product or service to deliver what they need at a competitive price point.


Repeating Failed Marketing Campaigns


Albert Eisenstein reputedly said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.” Failed advertising campaigns need to be revised, reworked or relegated to the dead file. While it may be a tough decision, it may be time to change advertising agencies or try some new advertising products. Imagine the possibilities of choosing an innovative product such as scrolling LED signs. Cutting edge products like these may be just the ticket to connect with today’s technology savvy consumer.


Imitating Your Competitors


Outdoor windmaster signs and custom printed inserts for fallImitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, according to the famous English writer Charles Caleb Colton, but your goal should be to beat your competitors, not to emulate them. While evaluating what types of advertising your competitors use or how they formulate their ad copy or special offers and incentives is reasonable, it’s never a good idea to be the me-too product in the market. So, instead of trying to outdo your competitor by buying up more outdoor signage or more broadcast advertising spots, opt for something novel. If you typically advertising in print or broadcast media, try topping your vehicle fleet with car top signs or investing in some sidewalk or curb signs.


Failing to Plan


Successful executive John L. Beckley famously said, “Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.” A hard-hitting, successful advertising campaign does not pull itself together. The smartest choice you will ever make is to invest the time, the labor and the finances to do it yourself, delegate it to your staff, or hire a professional to do it for you. To get the highest rate of return on your dollars invested, make sure you avoiding making any of these deadly marketing errors.


Metropolitan Display has all the retail display products to ensure you skip these common marketing mistakes and your retail space, tradeshow booth or any type of business shines! Be sure to add us to your circles on Google+, like us on Facebook and connect with us on Linkedin!

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