5 Common Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Are you making these 5 common marketing mistakesWhether you are a seasoned business owner or the proprietor of a start-up company, it’s easy to make fatal marketing mistakes if you aren’t careful. Choosing the right advertising vehicle, narrowing down your choices, and targeting your niches are just a few of the pitfalls to avoid. Let’s take a look at some of the common marketing mistakes, and then discuss ways to overcome them.


Ignoring Details


Are you overlooking important details that are hidden keys to developing your target market profile(s)? Remember, the largest, most expensive advertising campaign is a pointless waste of time and money if it is directed towards market share that does not match your product or service. Avoid any generalizations about your customer base; instead, target demographics by analyzing your sales by vectors such as customer sales, product sales, territory sales and so on.


Ignoring Trends


Now is the time for discount outdoor signage for fall salesWhat is your goal for your next advertising campaign? Do you want to increase market share, expand sales of existing products, open new territories or all of the above? Having a narrowly focused target market profile is a good starting point, but if you are ignorant of the trends in your industry, your advertising efforts make fall short of the mark or fail entirely. Make sure you understand what hot products or services your customers want, what your competitor is offering them, and how you can tailor your product or service to deliver what they need at a competitive price point.


Repeating Failed Marketing Campaigns


Albert Eisenstein reputedly said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.” Failed advertising campaigns need to be revised, reworked or relegated to the dead file. While it may be a tough decision, it may be time to change advertising agencies or try some new advertising products. Imagine the possibilities of choosing an innovative product such as scrolling LED signs. Cutting edge products like these may be just the ticket to connect with today’s technology savvy consumer.


Imitating Your Competitors


Outdoor windmaster signs and custom printed inserts for fallImitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, according to the famous English writer Charles Caleb Colton, but your goal should be to beat your competitors, not to emulate them. While evaluating what types of advertising your competitors use or how they formulate their ad copy or special offers and incentives is reasonable, it’s never a good idea to be the me-too product in the market. So, instead of trying to outdo your competitor by buying up more outdoor signage or more broadcast advertising spots, opt for something novel. If you typically advertising in print or broadcast media, try topping your vehicle fleet with car top signs or investing in some sidewalk or curb signs.


Failing to Plan


Successful executive John L. Beckley famously said, “Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.” A hard-hitting, successful advertising campaign does not pull itself together. The smartest choice you will ever make is to invest the time, the labor and the finances to do it yourself, delegate it to your staff, or hire a professional to do it for you. To get the highest rate of return on your dollars invested, make sure you avoiding making any of these deadly marketing errors.


Metropolitan Display has all the retail display products to ensure you skip these common marketing mistakes and your retail space, tradeshow booth or any type of business shines! Be sure to add us to your circles on Google+, like us on Facebook and connect with us on Linkedin!

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3 Inexpensive Ways To Instantly Strengthen Your Advertising Campaign

3 Ways to strengthen your advertising campaignIf you are like most companies, you made a major investment in your advertising campaigns and you want the highest return for the dollars spent. Did you know there are many low-cost or free ways to strength your advertising communication, sell more effectively, and make a dazzling first impression on customers and prospects? Here are some easy ways to add value to your marketing efforts and make an instant impact you may not have considered.


Customer Referrals and Testimonials


A satisfied customer is any company’s best salesperson. As a plus, these happy customers add instant credibility to any brand or product with their enthusiastic endorsements. There are many ways to use these referrals and testimonials to attract new customers or to retain current clients. For instance, if you publish a newsletter – either in print or in digital formats – you can feature your buyers in each issue by either doing short interviews with them or publishing their letters of endorsement.


Another easy idea is to offer a discount for both the buyer and the new customer based on a referral. Print a discount offer on the back of your custom printed business cards and give a stack to customers who are willing to pass them out. This works because both customer and prospect perceive value because they are receiving an incentive, and it can do big things for your company image and brand recognition.


Professional Associations and Networking Groups


Use Metropolitan Graphics for all Your Visual Marketing Media NeedsThose hard-working business cards can also come into play at networking and professional meetings or conventions. Take 10 cards and make a commitment to hand out each one of them to a qualified prospect at every meeting you attend. Imprint both sides of the card with your marketing message, contact information, and other essential information so you maximize your advertising real estate to the hilt.


Other good ways to put your best face forward at these events is with custom printed brochures, flyers and other promotional materials. If you have the opportunity to make a presentation before the group, you can establish trust and connect with potential clients by using your standard displaying advertising products such as imprinted table covers, pop-up displays and other tradeshow-type accessories.


Giveaways and Incentives


Is you retail store ready for the Holiday Shopping Season?Offering coupons for trial products or free samples of your goods and services is an excellent way to maximize your business opportunities and complement your marketing. After all, if the customer has seen your product or service advertising on outdoor signage, LED signs or other types of display advertising media, he or she may just need a tiny nudge to take the step from being a prospect to becoming a customer. Letting them try before they buy gives them a way to experience all the benefits of your goods or service without incurring any risk.


According to most advertising experts, businesses have about six seconds to attention a prospect’s attention and make a sale. When you invest in pursuing every avenue of advertising and promotion of your business, you’ll always win in the long run. An easy way to do that is by complementing your marketing messages with other marketing strategies such as these.



At Metropolitan Display we have all the items you need to help you increase your brand, showcase your retail items and advertise your business! We hope you’ll follow us on Facebook and do connect with us on LinkedIn and Google+!

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Is Your Display Advertising Dressed for Success?

Is your display advertising dressed for successFor most, the term “dressed for success” and the works of author John T. Molloy are irrevocably linked. However, what many people may not know is Molloy developed his dressing for success concept based on government-funded research he conducted on the connection between how the clothing worn by educators affected their clout and influence. Molloy proved image does matter and built a successful consulting business on the dressing for success model.


Did you know image is just as important in the advertising arena as it is in other aspects of business practices and policies? Many times, potential customers see or hear a company’s advertising messages long before they make a buying decision or otherwise engage with the business. First impressions count, so it’s imperative your advertising is clothed in the best possible image for success. Here is what you need to know.


What Message Do You Want Your Advertising to Convey?


Discount Grid Panel Lip ShelvesAll businesses want to portray an image of professionalism and competence to their target audiences and loyal customers. Attention to detail is a guaranteed way to ensure success in this area. Advertising copy must free of typos, misspellings and poor grammar or sentence structure.


It is more cost effective to hire a professional copy editor to catch mistakes that might slip through the cracks than it is to make errors. Such carelessness could lead customers and prospects to decide a company was sloppy or did not care about its products or services.


How’s Your Grooming?


Discount LED SignsWe aren’t talking about the grooming of your sales or executive staff; how do your advertisements and display advertising products look? LED signs with burnt-out bulbs, erasable signs with missing or smeary letters, and soiled and threadbare display table covers can torpedo an image in seconds. Repair or replace them immediately to freshen up your corporate image.


Is It Time for a Tune-up?


Discount Fabric Curved Pop-Up DisplaysAre you still using your original pop-up displays or tradeshow booth exhibits? If you’ve only been in business for a year or so, recycling these advertising products might not make a difference, especially if they are well maintained. However, if you’ve been in business for decades (or maybe centuries), it’s definitely time to re-evaluate your display advertising products and update or replace them as needed.


Is Your Advertising Cluttered or Distracting?


Even the latest and greatest advertising product can fail to deliver a return on investment if it is not used appropriately. After all, just because a changeable message signs comes standard with about 314 letters does not mean you should use them all at the same time.


Advertising copy should be designed to complement the advertising medium; for instance, messages for LED signs should be much shorter than advertising copy for a full paper magazine or newspaper ad. Use graphics to attract the eye, keep fonts simple and limited to one or two styles, and make messages concise and clear to avoid distraction.


Taking a few minutes, hours or even days to analyze the image of your advertising is an easy way to reward yourself with new business, better retention and satisfaction of your customer base, and an enhanced brand image. Follow the tips here and your advertising will be dressed for success – every day.


At Metropolitan Display we carry all the display advertising products you need to keep you looking fresh, trendy and above all—engaging.


We hope you’ll like us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn and add us to your circles on Google+!


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Boost Your Electronics Sales With Point of Purchase Displays

Samsung Galaxy tablet display with floor base and carrying caseCould your sales of electronic products of items such as cell phones, smartphones, iPads and tablets use a boost? One of the easiest ways to sell these electronic gadgets is with the appropriate type of point of purchase (POP) displays.


What’s So Special About POP Displays?


Points of purchase displays draw attention to electronic products and act as a silent sales staff. You no longer need to worry about a potential sale slipping through the cracks because you are tied up with another customer, because interested prospects can see and experience the product for themselves while you are busy.


Points of purchase displays furnish valuable information about product size, weight and ease of use. They help increase brand recognition, and displaying well-known brand items such as iPads or smartphones builds instant credibility for your company. These high quality, attractive displays are designed as an easy way to sell electronics like smartphones, cell phones and tablets and contribute to a solid sale.


Want Some Extra Profit for the Bottom Line?


iPad poster stand displaysElectronics displays are great for buyers because they can see and touch the items that interest them. Demonstrating the products is quick and easy, and sales increase because potential purchasers experience actually using the product before they make a buying decision.  These types of sales are often impulse purchases, and the point of purchase displays help appeal to a customer’s emotions by allowing them to visualize owning and enjoying the product.


Another appealing feature of point of purchase displays is their cost effectiveness. Most displays yield a quick return on investment and pay for themselves quickly.


Point of Purchase Solutions


Cell phone holder counter top displaysElectronics displays come in a wide range of styles and options so you can mix and match to create the perfect selling solution for your retail environment. They are ergonomically designed and have small footprints so you can maximize the square footage of your store to best advantage.


Choose from counter-top, wall mounted or freestanding floor models or use a variety of styles to show your inventory to best advantage. All our electronics displays are manufactured from durable, high quality materials and designed to give you years of service. An important feature to help with loss prevention is the standard anti-theft hardware, and all the units are quick and simple to assemble and set up.


Remember to complement your point of purchase displays with other display advertising selling tools such as brochure holders and pockets or business card holders. The easier it is for your customers to spend money with you, the more they will spend.


At Metropolitan Display our lineup of iPad, Samsung and iPhone displays is growing so please do check out our inventory! We invite you to like us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.


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NYC Garment Co. – Innovative Display Racks, Mirrors and Accessory Stands!

Garment and accessory racks are unsung heroes in retail establishments, costume departments, showrooms and even commercial dry cleaners and laundries. After all, without garment racks or mannequins, how could businesses stock, store and display clothing, costumes and accessory items like scarves, hats, and jewelry?


Discount Countertop Accessory Jewelry Displays


Of course, clothing could be folded and stocked on shelves or tables, but the items will look more appealing to consumers when they are displayed in neat, color-coordinated rows on garment racks. Inventory sells faster and for a better price point when it is properly displayed with visual marketing to give it maximum eye appeal.


Discount countertop mirrors for retail displays


To showcase these stunning racks made of steel piping we’re including tons of HUGE photos to help you get a better idea on just how stylish these racks are and a scroll below and you’ll receive a BIG discount on these eclectic racks, mirrors, and accessory displays.


Versatile, Durable and Handsome

NYC Garment Co. Clothing Racks and Z-Racks

Inspired by New York City’s renown Garment Center, NYC Garment Co. racks and companion items transform even the smallest spaces into spacious looking, upscale showcases in a matter of minutes.


NYC Garment Co. racks and accessories are commercial grade racks manufactured from sturdy, high quality materials. They are easy to maneuver, even when fully loaded with clothing, and feature two locking and two non-locking casters to make sure they will not sag, lean or tip over. Their strength and durability make them an excellent value for the price point.


Discount Adjustable Bar Clothing Racks

Choose from non-adjustable or adjustable height racks; mix and match racks to suit your business needs. For instance, if you primarily stock longer garments such as gowns or slacks, an adjustable rack might be the smartest choice.


Classy Style


Position a NYC Garment Co. adjustable single accessory displayer atop a countertop in your showroom or storefront window and use them to highlight individual garments or entire ensembles.


NYC Garment Co. countertop tiered accessory merchandisers are an ideal way to encourage impulse sales. Use them to display jewelry, brooches, purses or scarves to complement a rack full of clothing and watch the additional profits add up.


Discount countertop accessory jewelry displays


Make it easy and convenient for your customers to see how fashionable they look in your clothing, costumes or accessory items like jewelry by placing several NYC Garment Co. countertop mirrors throughout your store or costume department.


Discount Double Bar Ballet Garment Racks


By displaying an entire outfit including accessories, it is easier for customers and potential customers to visualize themselves wearing the outfit to their next party, event, work or play. NYC Garment Co. racks make displaying single items of wearing apparel or complete ensembles fun and hassle-free so why not invest in one or two of them today?


At Metropolitan Display we’re offering a super discount on all of our NYC Garment Co. displays:


NYC Garment Co Retail Display Racks



We invite you to connect with us on LinkedIn for updates on new display products, ideas to help your displays shine and tons of retailer tips. Please do add us to your circles on Google+ and find us (and like us) on Facebook!


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Why Advertising In Hotel Lobbies Is So Important!

Use iPad and Tablet display holders in Hotel LobbiesInviting hotel lobbies appeal to lodgers checking in and out and can make a fantastic first impression on arriving guests or alienate them. Many hoteliers fail to appreciated the opportunities their lobbies offer for broadcasting targeted advertising messages to enhance brand recognition, increase customer loyalty, or gain new clients.


After all, even in the best-managed hotels, there are busy periods when guests are waiting to check in or check out. Those waiting guests are a captive audience for smart hoteliers with a solid marketing plan. Here are some inexpensive ideas for hotel lobby advertising you may not have tried.


iPad and Tablet Displays


Information about the news, weather, restaurant specials or hotel promotions are a great way to keep guests entertained or engaged while they are waiting for service. iPad and tablet displays can be placed on lobby tables or countertops and are an affordable way to keep customers enticed, especially during check-in times. Because these come with anti-theft security locks, simply place an iPad or tablet on the display, secure it and then showcase the hotel’s amenities and events—even the restaurant menu or room service offerings.


Posters and Poster Frames


Front loading poster frames for hotel lobbiesUse full-color custom posters to advertise room specials, holiday promotions, or special events and services. Poster frames come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit any advertising budget. To change the message, simply remove the poster insert and slide another one into the frame. Tailor advertisements to tailored to the seasons, holidays or other time-sensitive events and impress your clientele.


Make the Most of Lobby Advertisements


While hotel lobbies do offer a captive audience, it is important to keep advertising campaigns low profile and unobtrusive to avoid annoying the waiting clientele. Deciding what demographics you want to target and why you are targeting those groups is the best way to fine tune marketing campaigns for the best results.


Who Are You Targeting?


Advertising campaigns for business travelers and road warriors might focus on hotel loyalty programs or frequent lodging rewards and benefits, while ads targeting seniors or families would have a different theme. Alternatively, if the goal is to build or to increase profitability in a particular market segment, a marketing plan would include ads designed to appeal to that demographic group. The bottom line is, you must know to whom you want to appeal before you can create effective marketing messages.


Why Are You Targeting a Particular Demographic?


Advertising Ideas for Hotel LobbiesNow that you know whom you are targeting, why are you targeting them? What results do you want from your advertising efforts? Whether it is to increase brand awareness, generate new business, or keep satisfied customers coming back, it’s important to match your ads to your specific goal. When you answer questions or solve problems for the individuals in your target demographic, you’ll get the results you want and need.


Metropolitan Display has all the products you need to make advertising in hotel lobbies successful. We invite you to like us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn and follow us Twitter!


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What Are the Benefits of Pop-Up Displays for Advertising?

Benefits of Pop-Up Displays for AdvertisingAre you looking for an inexpensive yet eye-catching idea for creating displays for lobbies, storefront windows and showrooms or tradeshow and exhibition booths? Fabric pop-up displays are an affordable, easy-to-assemble answer for creating visually appealing, full color displays in a matter of minutes.


What Is a Pop-Up Display?


Pop-up displays are graphic banners that attach to a lightweight aluminum frame. Assembly is quick and easy and can be done by one person. Simply remove the frame from its carry case and pull up to expand the frame fully.


Attach the graphic banners to the frame and your customized three-dimensional marketing messages are ready to display to your customers and potential clients. Taking the display down is just as simple because the banners can be left in place on the frame. Simply collapse the frame and store the display in the convenient carry case. The carrying case makes transportation a breeze and ensures your displays can go wherever you go – meetings, conventions, sales presentations or point of purchase displays – with no disruption in your advertising campaign.


Benefits of Pop-Up Display Advertising


Best Pop-Up Displays for SaleAs mentioned, ease of assembly and transportation is a key advantage of pop-up displays. Additionally, these 3-D graphic displays attract attention and set your products and services apart from the competition.


Because of their small footprint, they work as well in the confines of limited space such as tradeshow booths or conference rooms as they do in large spaces such as retail stores or outdoor marketing venues.


Changing a marketing message can be done in minutes by merely exchanging one set of custom printed banners for another set. Interchangeable banners allow you to customize your advertising to reach a wider demographic than other types of banner advertising might offer. Instead of being locked into one message, you have the ability to deliver a multitude of marketing messages using just one medium.


Pop-up displays are one of the more affordable options for full color advertising, which makes them an ideal solution for businesses with smaller advertising budgets.


Discount Pop-Up DisplaysFinally, you can create a customized design for your banners or allow our art team to create one to your specifications. What’s not to like about the convenience and affordability of that service?


Our pop-up fabric displays are manufactured from the highest quality materials and designed to give years of service as part of any advertising mix. If you are in the market for a visual way to take your marketing to the next level, you might want to add some pop-up displays to your line up of display advertising products.


Metropolitan Display has all the pop-up displays you need to create the most stunning product promotions. We invite you to like us on Facebook and be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn!


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Dressed For Success: Prepping Windows For Holiday Displays

Holiday window dressing ideasAre your storefront windows dressed for success or do they need an extreme makeover to get ready for the upcoming holidays? Windows can be one of your best sales tools as they sell your products or services around the clock whether you are open for business or closed for the day. Here are some easy to implement tips for making your windows work more efficiently for you during the holidays.


Do Your Housecleaning


Nothing is more unattractive than a dirty, dingy storefront window with a mishmash of articles strewn around the interior. Keep the window glass sparkling clean and streak free even if it must be cleaned several times throughout the day. If the window is not well-lighted, switch to higher voltage bulbs or add some additional lighting units. Use bright, traditional colors such as red and green for Christmas or pastels for Easter and change the displays frequently to keep the attention of passersby. Table covers are a low cost way to add a pop of color to your holiday window displays.


Check Out Your Competitors


Dress up your store windows for the holidaysTake a few minutes or few hours to look at your competitors’ holiday window dressings. Which do you like best and what would you do differently? Snap a few pictures of the best ones. How could you use a similar idea to make your product or service stand out from the competition and attract more customers? The goal here is not to create a copycat version of your competitor’s marketing message but to gather ideas for designing an eye-catching holiday display that makes people want to do business with you.


Be Cooperative


What types of business are to the right or left of your store? Could you work cooperatively with any non-competing business to increase sales for both of you? For example, a women’s clothing store in the middle of a ladies shoe store and a jewelry store might want to see if the shoe store would like to loan some shoes and handbags to display with mannequins displaying holiday fashions and jewelry from the neighboring store. Each business benefits from the increased exposure and the customers benefit from the value-added service of being able to buy complete ensembles. Does your business have neighbors with whom you could work?


Target Community Families


Discount Counter Top Mirrors for Retail DisplaysHoliday displays of winter wonderland scenes or bunnies and chicks frolicking among colored eggs are guaranteed to catch the eyes of children and adults alike. No matter what your product or service, think of ways to make a display that appeals to families rather than individuals, and you’ll have a winning holiday combination.


In addition to those types of displays, why not post a sign to let parents and caregivers know how child-friendly your establishment it? It takes little space to set up a special corner for kids to play or read while adults shop, but it could mean the difference in making or losing a sale.


Be Generic


In today’s hyper politically correct society, the safest bet is to keep holiday window displays generic. Terms such as happy holidays or spring holidays should not give any special interest groups a reason to feel offended by your advertising message.


A well-lit, gaily decorated holiday display window is a great way to advertise holiday specials or new products. Be sure to have enough inventories on hand to service your client’s needs, and make it easy for them to do business with you.


At Metropolitan Display, we have all the holiday display products you need to make your retail store—or space stand out!


We invite you to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn and don’t forget our September 2013 special – details below!


NYC Garment Co Retail Display Racks



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Unlock the Secret of Mobile Signage!

Unlock the Secrets of Mobile MarketingMobile signage is quality-advertising space that pays for itself quickly. It is an inexpensive way to invest in high profile advertising with high impact and visibility for a small price point. While many states and localities have banned the use of outdoor billboards or enacted onerous restrictions on their placement and usage, businesses can typically avoid these regulations and restrictions via the use of mobile signage. It’s free publicity and an excellent way to introduce new products or services.


Increase Your Reach


Mobile advertisements are a smart solution for covering large geographic areas to saturate an area. All you need to do is conduct your demographic research, target your areas, and position your signage. Car top signs are an inexpensive way to outfit a one car or a fleet of vehicles with targeted messages, and this signage works at delivering advertising messages 24/7.


Move Your Signage


Use car top signs for mobile marketingTo be effective, mobile signage needs to stay on the move. Parking vehicles adorned with car top signs outside your business day after day will not deliver the necessary results. Instead, target high traffic areas to visit on a regular basis while you or your employees are making deliveries or conducting routine day-to-day business. Convenience stores, malls and shopping centers are just a few of the many high traffic areas that can give promotional messages more exposure.


No Vehicle Fleet?


No worries; you can benefit from mobile signage by sponsoring a local sports team or school and having your name and business information emblazoned on their uniforms or t-shirts. Even better, have some promotional t-shirts made up and give them away to your customers or use them as giveaways at tradeshow events and exhibitions. The amount of additional advertising you will receive might amaze you as these living mannequins go about their daily routines wearing apparel advertising your company, product or brand.


Making Mobile Signs Effective


Use curb and sidewalk signs in high traffic areasAn important point about mobile signage is that unless the vehicle is parked or your living mannequins are standing still, the message is moving. Keep the messages short and easy to read with compelling headlines and a powerful call to action. Focus on one or two key points; never try to tell your entire company story or history.


Additionally, take off the owner’s hat for a minute and put on the customer hat. If you didn’t know anything about your product or service, what would you need to know to make a buying decision? What type of value-added features would interest you? What might turn you off or make you decide not to make a purchasing decision? What incentives would appeal to you? Once you know the answers to these questions, you’re in a better position to create an advertising message that attracts potential customers to your business or brand.


If you need to get results fast, mobile signage is an inexpensive way to engage potential clients, keep existing customers, and generate more exposure for your company. You will stand out from the crowd because of its high visibility, and it is an innovative way to market any product or service.


Metropolitan Display has the mobile signage product to help boost your brand, market and advertise your business and we’ve been pleasing customers since 1994! We hope you’ll like us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.


Image via FreeDigitalPhotos.com/renjith krishnan


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How To Make Your Retail Advertising Displays More Powerful

Make Retail Displays More PowerfulIs it time to turn up the creative volume on your advertising messages? Are you getting the results you expect or need? If your advertising copy isn’t giving your customers the information they need to make a purchasing decision, you might as well invest those dollars in some other way. Fortunately, giving your ads a tune-up is can be as simply as 1-2-3 when you follow the tips below:




How do your ads look? Are they clean, concise and on-target or cluttered and confusing? Masterpieces of art develop from blank canvases and so do compelling advertisements. Chose each element of the advertising copy such as graphics, text color, fonts and so on with painstaking care. Next, position those elements with clockwork precision to present a finely targeted message.


Use iPad and tablet displays to show your products in your storeIf you are not confident in your ability to create persuasive messages or evoke powerful emotions, consider working with companies specializing in graphic design. Once you have a winning design, decide whether to advertise online, offline or a mix of both. Finalize your ad beautification project by working with companies that can custom print your ad copy onto your chosen display advertising projects such as banners, posters or other indoor or outdoor signage.




The classic film “The Wizard of Oz” is a brilliant example of how inserting color pumps up the visual appeal of printed materials. Who can forget the dramatic contrast between the drab, grayish setting of Dorothy’s home in Kansas and the multicolored, glittering world of Oz?


Use lots of colors in your grid panel displaysMany times, companies can punch up the impact of their ads by simply adding colors or graphics. However, if a company has been using the same ad copy for decades, it could be time to retire it and inject some new life by updating the look or the communication of the message. Adding color is just one of the ways to intensify impact. Let’s look at another way.




Graphics: Outsize, dramatic images attract attention faster and convey messages without the use of words. Choose the right image, match it with a power headline or copy,and you’ll increase the reach and efficiency of your advertising immediately.


Show rather than tell: If you sell products, instead of using a picture of the product, use an image of people using and enjoying the product to create an emotional response and connect with your target audience. Use images, not words, to sell the advantages, features and benefits or your product and services, and your ads will deliver a higher return on your investment.


NYC Garment Co Accessory Product Display CountertopInspire action: Do you want your ads to be actionable, attractive, convincing and interesting? If so, when creating headlines or text, focus on action verbs and powerful adjectives to get your point across in the fewest words.


You can do all the beautifying, colorizing and glamorizing just right and still miss the mark if you don’t choose the right marketing mix of online and offline marketing or invest in the wrong advertising products. At Metropolitan Display, we pride ourselves on our customer service and our ability to help you choose the best advertising solution to fit your situation and budget constraints.


We invite you to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and add us to your circles on Google+.


September is upon us and soon it will be the busiest time of the year for retailers. Check out our September 2013 promo and get a 10 percent discount off NYC Garment Co. product display racks—unique with an upscale look with an affordable price!



NYC Garment Co Retail Display Racks



Image credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net/renjinth krishnan

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