Increase January Clearance Sales Traffic: 3 Display Advertising Products

January Clearance Sale IdeasDoes your advertising mix need a makeover? Are you tired of running the same ad campaign and getting the same – or worse – result? If so, it could be time to change your mindset and look at different types of display advertising products. With the new year almost here and time for that big clearance sale, these three ideas will help you reel in the foot traffic and help you sell more this January!


Flashing Lights are Attention-Getters


Flashing lights of any kind are an instant way to attract more foot traffic to your business especially if you are located off road or in semi-isolated conditions. It’s highly visible in spite of weather conditions or time of day or night, and it is an easy way to separate yourself from other businesses or your competition.


Use Large A-frame stands with blinking lights for January salesA movie theatre style marquee sign flashing in the window of your establishment could be just the incentive passersby need to pop in and check out your goods or services. To make sure your flashing sign always looks it best and is operating in tiptop condition 24/7, be sure to order some replacement bulbs when you purchase your sign. That way, you will never have to worry about having burnt out bulbs.


Before you store all your holiday lights away, invest in a large A-frame sign with custom printed inserts and add your blinking lights to the sign and watch people flow through your front door!




Use Flags to reel in January clearance sale foot trafficFlags add an interactive element to marketing promotions. They are high impact, high visibility advertising products with low price points, and prospects can spot them from a variety of different vantage points. Use them alone or in combination with other display advertising products.


Choose from stock flutter flags and flying banner sails or have them custom printed with your marketing message. Design your own or let our design team create one for you – the choice is yours. All our flags are designed to withstand strong winds and harsh weather and printed in ultra high resolution for maximum visibility and impact.


Put Your Foyer to Work


Use bulletin holders with custom printed inserts to announce salesAre you promoting your products and services in your foyer or other waiting areas? If not, you might be missing some major sales because you have a captive audience when people are waiting in these areas.


Bulletin holders, poster holders, brochure holders and pedestal signs can all be used to give customers and prospects more information about the products and services you can offer them. Even if you do not have a foyer or reception area, you can use the same concept in dressing rooms, bathroom, showrooms and other common areas where customers might be browsing or waiting for service.


Companies make major investments in the building facilities for their products and services, so it’s important to get the highest return on that investment. Using these tips will help ensure you are getting the maximum exposure for your January clearance sales and all retailers must consider first-of-the-year sale days as part of their holiday season advertising plan!


At Metropolitan Display and our sister store Metropolitan Graphics, we have all the products you need to ring in the New Year and make those bank deposits just bigger!


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Are You Giving Your Display Advertising Enough Time To Work?

Curb and Sidewalk A Frame Signs Reel In Foot TrafficPatience is a virtue, especially when it comes to advertising. A key component to any successful advertising campaign is frequency. In advertising jargon, frequency simply means the advertisement must appear often enough to expose it to enough segments of a target market to generate a buying response. Some ads will work well after three or four exposures, others may take as many as six to ten exposures, and unfortunately, some ads will never generate a response.


The type of media used for the marketing message matters as well, but if the frequency is not there, the return on investment will not be as great. Here are some things you need to know about giving your marketing campaigns plenty of time to turn a profit for your business.


Consistency is King
It does not matter if you are planning a small ad campaign with a few curb signs, window signs or flags and banners or a major advertising effort with indoor and outdoor signage as well as print and broadcast media. It is better to have consistent marketing message appearing regularly to promote your business than a random, sporadic marketing event.


As a plus, many times, it is less expensive to buy many small ads or small display advertising products than it is to buy large ads or products such as billboards or television ads.


Use the Rule of Two


Custom roll banner printing, banners and postersIf you are like most businesses, you are probably working with a small marketing budget and every penny counts. However, instead of putting all your advertising dollars into one advertising medium, consider branching out and using at least one other form of display advertising to complement or reinforce your main advertising medium.


Some inexpensive ways to complement other media are with cost effective display advertising products like erasable signs, illuminated signs and flying banner sails.


Erasable signs can be changed quickly and easily so they can partner with any other advertising medium and message seamlessly. Illuminated signs like movie theatre style marquee signs grab attention and work well with other types of event or special occasion advertisements. Flying banner sails just might be the perfect companion for any other advertising medium because they can be custom designed to convey any marketing message you can imagine. They are high impact additions to any marketing mix but carry a low price point.


Monitor, Monitor, Monitor


Changeable message signs for sidewalks and curbsTo make sure you are getting the most from your advertising dollars, track your results on a weekly or monthly basis. By evaluating this data, you’ll know when to pull the plug on unsuccessful ads as well as when to continue with a successful campaign. You work hard for your profit so make sure you are getting the most from all your marketing investments by giving your advertisements plenty of time to work.


Metropolitan Display and our sister store Metropolitan Graphics has all the advertising products you need to reel in foot traffic and we also offer exciting ways to get your business noticed with digital banners, posters and more! Contact us and let us show you how we can help!


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Breaking Bad: 5 Ways Good Ads Can Go Bad

Breaking Bad 5 Signs of a Bad Advertising CampaignFew businesses plan to run a bad advertisement because it would be a waste of time and money. However, in the day-to-day pressures of running a company, it’s easy to make a small mistake that quickly morphs into a nightmare. Here are five ways even the most carefully planned advertising campaigns can go bad along with tips to keep it from happening.


Shotgun Approaches


Does this scenario sound familiar? Sales are down, shareholders are panicky, and the pressure is on to get profits up. Buying a few spots on television or radio or putting one or two ads in the local newspaper or magazines looks like an instant fix, but it’s a dead end street to disaster.


Vehicle vinyl decals Metropolitan DigitalThere’s an old adage that goes “Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan,” and most marketing plans go bad from a lack of planning. Before you place the first order for media or indoor or outdoor signage, do your due diligence and have a tightly planned campaign strategy complete with market research and specific goals. For example, our sister company Metropolitan Graphics offers digital decal printing that you can utilize on vehicles to advertise 24/7, even when parked!


Fishing in the Wrong Pond


No matter how cleverly written your advertisement is or how much money you spend on graphic design, colors and other options, if you are trying to sell products designed for teenagers to a senior market demographic, you are doomed to failure. Market research to determine the target age, gender and wealth status of your potential buyers increases the odds for a successful campaign for any product or service.


Buying the Wrong Type of Advertising


A-frame sidewalk signs and changeable message boardsTelevision is a wonderful advertising medium but so are sidewalk signs and changeable message boards. With the myriad of advertising products from which to choose, how can you pick the right medium to promote your goods and services?


Knowing the market demographics for your target audience is one piece of the puzzle, and this data will help your advertising consultant help you decide what advertising mix will give you the best results.


Under Investment


Discount flutter flags and bannersIt’s important not to overspend on advertising, especially when you are working with a tight budget, but it is just as important not to underspend. As a rule of thumb, if you are a new business or introducing a new product or service, you will need to invest more in advertising dollars than someone with an established brand does. One cost effective way to do this is by investing in low cost advertising products such as flutter flags or banners.


Quitting Too Soon


Successful advertising is based on frequency so customers and potential buyers must see your marketing message more than one or two times to make a buying decision. In fact, it could take 7 to 10 exposures to an advertising message before a prospect makes a purchase. Giving up too quickly on an advertising campaign and not allowing it time to generate the exposure and frequency you need is just another way a good ad can go bad.


Still not sure how to keep your advertising efforts from breaking bad? The experts at Metropolitan Display are available to help you choose the right advertising products for your business and budget.


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Image via Flickr by Lydia Fizz


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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Signage

4 Reasons why your business needs indoor and outdoor signageWhen it comes to getting your business noticed, if signage – both indoor and outdoor – is not part of your advertising plan, you are not working with a complete marketing vision for growing your customer base and increasing your profitability. Here are some ideas on how adding signage to your marketing mix will furnish maximum visibility for your brand or service and help potential buyers and established customers remember your business better.


1. Pays for Itself


Dollar for dollar, signage is one of the most cost effective ways of advertising products and services. Unlike many other types of costly advertising media such as radio or television spots, which have limited visibility in narrowly defined time slots, you can choose to have as few or as many signs as necessary to advertise, and you can place them almost anywhere you want (depending on local restrictions in your area).


Another benefit of signage is you can start with just a few carefully placed signs and add more over time as your sales increase and your advertising budget grows.


2. Attract More Customers


Poster and wall murals for your business interiorsBecause signage is available in such a wide range of options such as flutter flags and sail sign banners, portable or stationary signs, indoor or outdoor models and so on, they expose your product or goods to a wider audience than many other types of advertising. Signs are highly visible and can be positioned for best exposure to any potential prospect whether on foot or in a vehicle. They are always at work promoting your business so you have time to take care of other aspects of running your company.


3. Complements Other Advertising Programs


Because they are so inexpensive, signs are the perfect vehicle for reinforcing the messaging of your other advertising programs. They are a low cost way to introduce new product lines or announce new locations and provide extra exposure for any other advertising you might do for such product or new territory launches.


4. Improves Your Brand Image


Sidewalk and curbside stands to reel in foot trafficWhat affect does it have on your bottom line if your customers cannot locate your business? A sign outside your business not only helps your clients and potential buyers find you, it also helps establish your reputation and credibility as a reliable, trustworthy company.


Speaking of image, what type of message does a dirty, outdated or worn out sign send to your potential clientele? If any of your existing signage is in need of repair or replacement, now is the right time to looking at making an investment in some new indoor or outdoor signage.


Metropolitan Display and our sister store Metropolitan Graphics has all the business signage products you need to stand out from your competitors and help you sell more!


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Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Portable Signage!

Buy portable signs at discount pricesIf portable signage is not part of your marketing strategy, you may be missing potential new sales and markets or not harnessing the full power of your marketing dollars. Here are three benefits of portable signs you might not have considered when planning your marketing strategy.


1. Penetrate New Markets


While it would be great if you could afford to open a chain of stores in every locality in your target demographic, the odds are your operating budget cannot be stretched that far. However, what you can do is harness the effectiveness of portable signage to introduce your products or services or increase your exposure in new markets and territories. From car topper signs to changeable message signs to roadside billboards, there are a plethora of options from which to choose.


2. Cost Effectiveness


Buy discount A-frame sidewalk signs onlineOne tremendous benefit of portable signage – especially message boards that can be changed manually – is their cost savings. The initial investment is affordable, and they are made of the finest quality materials, designed to withstand the harshest elements or roughest treatment.


Additionally, instead of waiting for someone else to update your marketing messages, any of your staff members can make changes quickly and easily. Change them monthly, weekly or daily – it is all under your control, so you can make snap marketing decisions and keep your advertising messages timely and current.


These portable signs are easy to move so they can be positioned to best advantage depending on your floor space or exterior configuration. Their compact size means they can be moved easily by almost anyone, especially if you opt for A-frame or curb signs.


3. Introduce New Products and Services


Buy portable outdoor signs onlineYou can decide to highlight services such as home deliveries or free estimates or offer public service announcements such as updates on community events, and have the new message posted for all to see in a matter of minutes. This adds a new level of versatility to your marketing mixes and helps brand your company for its social responsibility.


On the flip side, what better way to entice your client base and potential new clients to try a new product than by offering a free sample or a substantial discount on their first order? Sidewalk curb signs and swinger roadside billboards are the perfect vehicle for this type of product marketing. If you have several locations, you can rotate the signs between locations for maximum exposure or use the signs in other locations to capture a new demographic.


Portable signage can take any marketing strategy to a completely new level by offering you a wider range of choices in colors, signs and price points. You can tailor a program to fit your business needs and budget in a matter of minutes and add additional units as necessary.


At Metropolitan display we have all the portable display and signage products you seek! Do take advantage of our December 2013 promotion: 10 Percent off commercial Z-Racks (just click on the image below).


Folding Garment Racks 10 percent off


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4 Reasons Why Your Church Needs Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage for Churches and NonprofitsWhether you are heading up a new congregation or an established congregation, you might be wondering if outdoor signage would be a benefit to your organization. Here are four reasons you might not have considered about the advantages of using signs to advertise your church or house of worship.


Communication Center


Outdoor signage is one of the most cost effective ways of communicating with the passing public, whether they are pedestrians or in vehicles. Outdoor signs offer high visibility and can serve as an important communication center for your church or house of worship.


For example, you can use your outdoor signs to make the community aware of special events such as seasonal cantatas or special worship service or important outreach programs such as children’s ministry groups or bible studies.


Changeable message boards, sidewalk signs and swinger signs are excellent ways to get your message out to the community. The messages can be changed quickly and easily and the signs are manufactured to stand up to the extremes of wind and weather.




Changeable Message Signs for Churches and NonprofitsHave you ever heard the saying, “You may be the only Bible some people will ever read?” The same statement could apply to the sign outside your church. Posting thoughtfully prepared messages that attract and entice people to visit your church is a good first step, and helps your church make a good first impression.


Reinforce Your Image in the Community


What does your church property say about your church when your congregation isn’t there? Are the parking lots clean and tidy, the grounds well maintained, and the appearance of the buildings and other structures neat and inviting? Just as a prospective home seller takes special care to make sure his or her property has excellent curb appeal, you need to be aware of the impression your church makes on a daily basis.


If yours is a new congregation, outdoor signs are a great way to introduce your church to your community neighbors. Established congregations can benefit from outdoor signage as well by using signs to increase awareness of their community service efforts, new programs or personnel changes such as new pastors or other staff members.


Teaching Tool


Outdoor bulletin board signs for ChurchesWhile a sign outside a church may not seem like your traditional teaching resource, properly used, these huge, highly visible communication devices furnish a perfect pulpit. Use them to display quotations from famous theologians or inspiring Bible quotations. Be unique and avoid clichés such as “seven days without prayer makes one weak.” Did your pastor say something profound in his or her weekly message? Condense it down to a single point and display it. Who know who might benefit from their words of wisdom?


Do’s and Don’ts


While there are many benefits to be gained from promoting your church or house of worship with outdoor signage, there are a few rules to follow and pitfalls to avoid.


Make sure your messages are clear and understandable to everyone – not just your congregation. Avoid any denominational terminology that outsiders would not understand.


Custom printed banners for churches and nonprofitsMake sure your theology is sound. Check and double-check chapter and verse of any Bible scriptures that are posted. It is easy to make a mistake, but that could be the very thing that turns off a visitor or passerby.


Unfortunately, outdoor signage is not equipped with spellcheck. Have several people proofread any new text that is posted on signs, banners or flags and then check the sign periodically.


Be creative and clever but be careful when being cute. Alliteration, rhymes and cheesy sayings may not appeal to the wider demographic you are hoping to attract.


Metropolitan Display and our sister store Metropolitan Graphics has all the outdoor signage you need for your church or nonprofit organization. Ask us how we can help – It’s easy to contact us!


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Need Tablet Display Racks and Stands That Have Security Systems?

Samsung Galaxy Tablet holders with security devicesIt’s one thing to display your tablets—iPads and Samsung Galaxy tablets—in glass cabinets, but most consumers want to see, feel and play a bit with these electronics before they buy them. Now you can take those tablets out of display cases and use tablet display racks and stands that have security systems to prevent theft.


From Standard to the Very Techie!


Standard acrylic tablet display holder

Of course at Metropolitan Display we do offer standard acrylic tablet holders for retailers that prefer this style but we also offer the innovative and imaginative! Here are just some of our favorite table display racks and stands that have security systems:


Wall Mount or Counter Top iPad  Display Holer


Wall Mount or Counter Top iPad Kiosk Display – We love this locking iPad display holder and it’s easy to install and has a Tryten five-pin pick-resistant locking mechanism. The charging and audio cables fit inside nicely and it even has custom keying options. Perfect for mall kiosks and in-store displays.


Industrial Grade iPad display holder with security device


iPad Kiosk Counter Mount Display Holder  – This is an industrial grade iPad tablet display and the height is adjustable. It can hold iPad versions 2, 3 and 4 and has a pivot and turn feature. Cables pass through the counter and remain out of view and again, this tablet rack includes a top-grade security device. This is made in the USA and comes with a 10-year warranty.


Samsung Galaxy Tab floor stand table display holder


Aluminum Pro Samsung Galaxy Display Floor Stand – With its square base, this Galaxy Samsung display holder stands 37-inches in height. It comes in both black and silver and fits Galaxy 10.1 tablets. Again, anti-theft security hardware comes with this tablet holder and it also has an integrated USB cable and plug. Get a few of these to showcase the tablets themselves or to show your in-store promotions.


EuroPad tablet display holder for Internet Cafes and Lounges and Bars


EuroPad Lounge Pad Counter Style iPad Holder – Own a coffee shop or Internet café? If so, this iPad tablet holder rack is not only secured by a lock, it can be passed from user to user. Attached to a tethered cable it’s easily handed to a buddy, fits nicely on laps and is designed for interaction in casual settings. Available in white, black and custom colors for larger runs.


Full Line-Up


Of course we offer many more tablet display racks and stands that have security systems so check out our product inventory!  The uses for these table racks are endless and the anti-theft security systems means no matter what the use, your iPads and Galaxy tablets are safe.


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Combine Billboard Advertising With Other Visual Marketing Displays

Car Top signs great visual marketing displaysOutdoor signage such as billboards offer many advantages, especially to advertisers that want to invest in long-term advertising campaigns. These benefits include, but are not limited to:


Guaranteed visibility: It’s pretty hard to ignore those larger-than-life graphics and text messages, isn’t it?

More exposure on a daily basis: Sign locations are chosen based on the numbers of impressions (individuals passing by the sign), which means advertisers can tailor the marketing campaigns to reach the largest pool of prospects.

Targeted placement of advertising messages: Signs can be positioned to reach target markets according to specific demographics such as ethnicity, gender or other criteria. This gives advertisers increased visibility to hard to reach audiences.

Cost-competitive: Typically, outdoor signage is one of the most cost effective ways of advertising.


However, more and more municipalities are adopting strict signage ordinances, which can make it difficult for a business to take advantage of the benefits of billboard advertising. Of course there are many legal ways to reap the benefits of outdoor advertising without running the risk of violating signage restrictions.


Buy digital banners onlineIn addition, billboard advertising can be expensive but again, there are some marketing visual displays you can combine with your billboard ad to reap the most benefits.


Printed Vinyl Banners


Printed vinyl banners with grommets can be attached to a car, truck or van and used as mobile billboards outside a storefront or wherever the vehicle is parked. They are quick and simple to put up and take down, so you can choose to run short or long-term marketing campaigns that are designed around the needs of your business. They are also a perfect, low-cost way to run seasonal campaigns, promote special offers and discounts, or introduce new products and services.


These banners are designed for commercial use and crafted from high-quality materials to withstand even the extreme weather without fading or tearing. Choose from three different sizes: 2′x6′, 3′x8′, or 4′x10′, and use your own designs or allow our experts to custom design a banner to your specifications.


Swinger Car Topper Signs and Sidewalk Signs


Buy sidewalk and A-frame signs onlineAnother way to leverage the power of outdoor signage is with changeable rooftop messages signs installed on the tops of vehicles. These can be used in conjunction with printed vinyl banners to increase the visibility and reach of advertising messages or as stand-alone, mobile advertisements.


These signs are always ready when you are and can be conveniently stored in a small amount of space when not in use. They feature easy portability, and there is no easier way to get your advertising message in front of thousands of prospects. Swinger car topper signs have a generous 18″x32″ sign face, which allows you to display up to three lines of advertising copy. They look good and work hard, and you can change your advertising message in mere minutes.


Sidewalk signs, A-frame signs and signicades are also a good choice to enhance billboard advertising. Whether you choose the changeable message type or buy A-frame signs with custom printed inserts, make sure you align your ad message to your billboard advertisement to achieve the best results.


If you want to experience all the benefits of outdoor advertising with none of the legislative hassles, consider adding some of these versatile display advertising products to your marketing mix today.


Metropolitan Display and its sister company, Metropolitan Graphics offers both swinger car top signs and digital banners so it’s easy to complement your billboard ads with these visual marketing displays.


We hope you’ll like us on Facebook, connect with us on LinkedIn and add us to your circles on Google+!


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Ring In Happy Holiday Sales With Racks, Signage and Fixtures

Discount Holiday Flutter Flags!Odds are, you are probably finished decorating your storefront or business for the holidays. Now that you have the visual decorations in place, it is time to make sure you have the necessary peripheral display advertising products to help you ring up the maximum seasonal sales and profits.




If your business is positioned around apparel, accessories or other items in need of visual display, now is the perfect time to invest in an adequate supply of garment racks, top and bottom shelves, add-on rails, baskets and so forth. Displaying complete outfits is an easy way to increase sales of holiday apparel and display-advertising accessories like baskets make it simple to display complementary items on the same rack. Don’t forget our November 2013 special on our salesman folding garment racks! Click on the image below to learn more!


Folding Garment Racks 10 percent off


Rolling garment racks make changing window displays and store layouts a breeze and can be configured in many different ways to best suit your needs. They are reassuringly sturdy and made to last.

Outdoor Signage


Discount Windmaster Outdoor SignsSeasonal banners and flutter flags are an inexpensive way to wish shoppers and prospects a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” These cost-effective marketing tools are available in a wide range of pre-printed designs or can be custom printed with the design of your preference.


In addition to banners and flags, you might want to consider putting some other types of signage such as Windmaster signs, swinger signs or A-frame signs to work for you this holiday seasons.  Outdoor signs give your business a professional look and can be used year-round to proclaim a variety of targeted marketing messages. All outdoor signage products are manufactured for commercial use and built for years of serviceable use.


Indoor Signage


Discount Bulletin Holder StandsOutdoor signage attracts the eyes of passersby and increases foot traffic, while indoor signs help to promote specific inventory items and increase conversion rates. Bulletin holders, poster stands and poster frames are just a few of the many options from which to choose for displaying holiday posters and advertising messages.


These hard working display-advertising products are a snap to assemble and disassemble and literally maintenance free. There is no easier way to create a marketing display for storefronts, lobbies and showrooms than with some carefully selected signs and sign holders.


Store Fixtures


Discount grid panel and slat displaysGrid and slat panel displays, garment racks, tablet holders and display furniture are vital elements of showroom marketing. The beauty of these store fixtures is the way you can mix and match them to create a myriad of ever-changing displays for best visual appeal. Choose from a wide range of styles, finishes and options to create the best holiday decor for your product or service.


Display advertising products such as these are always ready when you are and will give you many years of service. You can depend on Metropolitan Display to provide everything you need for that polished, professional look.


We hope you’ll add us to your circles on Google+, like us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn!


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Place Catalog Holders Around Your Store to Promote Holiday Products

Discount Catalog Holders for Seasonal DisplaysHow would you like to increase sales of your holiday products without investing a lot of money in an expensive advertising campaign? Here are six ideas to turbo-charge seasonal sales in no time at all by putting some exquisitely crafted catalog holders to work in your business:


1. Retail Establishments


Display catalogs and promotional materials on strategically placed catalog holders throughout your business or in window displays. Be sure to have a high concentration of these marketing messengers positioned at the entrances and exits to your business so you can catch the eyes of potential buyers coming and going as well as by the checkout registers to encourage impulse buying.


Additionally, even if you don’t use catalogs to sell your merchandise, you can print flyers advertising discounts or special promotions and post them on the catalog holders.


2. Food and Beverage Establishments


Where to buy catalog holders onlineDisplaying custom printed holiday menus is an excellent way to boost sales of holiday food and drink items.  In addition, you can advertise holiday buffets and meals, catering services, party and event facilities, and other related services to your clientele with elegantly printed promotional materials prominently displayed on catalog holders.


3. Hotels, Motels and Lodging


In addition to promoting your food and beverage services, highlight room specials, package deals, and holiday promotions. If special seasonal events are to be hosted at your venue, be sure to print up the appropriate information and display it on catalog holders in the lobbies.


4. Event Marketing


Keep regular customers coming back and appeal to new customers by making sure they know about special events such as food and drink tastings, holiday parties, and other special events. Catalog holders are an excellent way to promote these types of events 24/7, and you won’t have to worry about giving them a holiday bonus or paying them overtime.


5. Showrooms


Catalog holders with built-in three-ring binders are the perfect accessory for organizing product images or specifications so customers can browse them at their leisure.


6. Communication Vehicles


Buy brochure and catalog holders onlineDo you typically mail out hundreds or even thousands of holiday greeting cards to your loyal customers and vendors? Try something different this year by designing and printing holiday cards to fit the specifications of your catalog holders, and then position them around your business to give your patrons larger-than-life holiday greetings wherever they look.


Invest In Quality


All our catalog holders are manufactured with craftsmanship and care so you can be assured of years of serviceability from your purchase. Their handsome design complements any decor and gives your promotional materials and catalogs an air of importance. They are built for commercial use and are rugged enough for heavy-duty use.


Metropolitan Display has all the catalog holders you need to advertise, market and promote holiday products. If you want to sell more this holiday shopping season, using the right product displays boosts your chances of doing so!


We hope you’ll connect with us on LinkedIn, add us to your circles on Google+ and like us on Facebook!



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