Place Catalog Holders Around Your Store to Promote Holiday Products

Discount Catalog Holders for Seasonal DisplaysHow would you like to increase sales of your holiday products without investing a lot of money in an expensive advertising campaign? Here are six ideas to turbo-charge seasonal sales in no time at all by putting some exquisitely crafted catalog holders to work in your business:


1. Retail Establishments


Display catalogs and promotional materials on strategically placed catalog holders throughout your business or in window displays. Be sure to have a high concentration of these marketing messengers positioned at the entrances and exits to your business so you can catch the eyes of potential buyers coming and going as well as by the checkout registers to encourage impulse buying.


Additionally, even if you don’t use catalogs to sell your merchandise, you can print flyers advertising discounts or special promotions and post them on the catalog holders.


2. Food and Beverage Establishments


Where to buy catalog holders onlineDisplaying custom printed holiday menus is an excellent way to boost sales of holiday food and drink items.  In addition, you can advertise holiday buffets and meals, catering services, party and event facilities, and other related services to your clientele with elegantly printed promotional materials prominently displayed on catalog holders.


3. Hotels, Motels and Lodging


In addition to promoting your food and beverage services, highlight room specials, package deals, and holiday promotions. If special seasonal events are to be hosted at your venue, be sure to print up the appropriate information and display it on catalog holders in the lobbies.


4. Event Marketing


Keep regular customers coming back and appeal to new customers by making sure they know about special events such as food and drink tastings, holiday parties, and other special events. Catalog holders are an excellent way to promote these types of events 24/7, and you won’t have to worry about giving them a holiday bonus or paying them overtime.


5. Showrooms


Catalog holders with built-in three-ring binders are the perfect accessory for organizing product images or specifications so customers can browse them at their leisure.


6. Communication Vehicles


Buy brochure and catalog holders onlineDo you typically mail out hundreds or even thousands of holiday greeting cards to your loyal customers and vendors? Try something different this year by designing and printing holiday cards to fit the specifications of your catalog holders, and then position them around your business to give your patrons larger-than-life holiday greetings wherever they look.


Invest In Quality


All our catalog holders are manufactured with craftsmanship and care so you can be assured of years of serviceability from your purchase. Their handsome design complements any decor and gives your promotional materials and catalogs an air of importance. They are built for commercial use and are rugged enough for heavy-duty use.


Metropolitan Display has all the catalog holders you need to advertise, market and promote holiday products. If you want to sell more this holiday shopping season, using the right product displays boosts your chances of doing so!


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