Out of the Home Advertising Ideas: Bulletin Holders Poster Signs

Single tier bulletin holder poster signsWhen we think of out of the home advertising, the first thing that comes to mind are billboards or ads on buses or benches, however, this is no longer the case. Some out of the home advertising ideas to jump on now include using bulletin holders with custom printed inserts—and these can be used for many purposes.


Interruption Advertising


Indoor signage is an excellent out of the home advertising idea as they are what marketing experts call a form of “interruption advertising.” Why interruption? Remember the last time you were at an airport security check in? You probably noticed the many bulletin holders full of instructional information on what’s allowed and what’s not allowed to pass through security check points. Airports also use these holders to inform the public about the TSA with globally recognized symbols and QR (quick response) codes where smartphone users scan these codes to learn more about airport safety.


When placed in high traffic areas, bulletin holders grab the attention of passers-by—a graphic interruption they can’t help but notice.  The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) offers that 95 percent of people surveyed said they remembered graphics on signage so using bulletin holders to showcase, guide or announce just about anything are a smart, reusable and durable ad solution.


Types and Uses


Single, two-tier and three-tier bulletin holder poster stands provide easy solutions for mall retailers to display store wide sale information. They can also welcome and inform the consumer into restaurants and hotels. Their ability to provide important information to conference or event attendees is by far the best way to get your message or direction across.


Trade show exhibitors utilize bulletin holders as enhancements to their booth space. Boutiques and shops find these useful as a way to welcome, showcase products and for brand building. Restaurants can invite the hungry in with mouth-watering food images.

Three tier bulletin holder poster signs


With custom graphic inserts, a promotional product to push inventory becomes easy and when the promo is over or the product is sold out, bulletin holders make it easy for retailers to switch out inserts to advertise the next big item. They are eye-grabbing, attention-getters that are more affordable and noticeable than traditional forms of advertising such as radio, TV or newspaper ads.


At a crowded event, they help consumers find you or, at more intimate events, they showcase messages, products or services—the uses are endless.


Holders with Pizzazz


Bulletin holders are one of our top sellers at Metropolitan Design and now, the accessories we provide to create stunning holders makes advertising easier than ever. Accessories include:


Printed Inserts – We can use your artwork or help you create a design that will grab the viewer’s attention for any size or type of bulletin holder.

Clear Overlays – Protect your custom inserts—great for long-term promotional or informational announcements.

Wire and Acrylic Brochure Holders – Once the bulletin grabs their attention, with attachable brochure holders, consumers can quickly grab featured-packed brochures to take with them.

Color inserts for bulletin holder poster signs


Our customers are raving about the many uses this out of the home advertising idea can do and with prices that won’t break their advertising budget.


We invite you to browse through our many bulletin holders and accessories and also learn how easy it is to order custom artwork or upload your artwork  and then gain an edge in the out of the home advertising world.


In today’s competitive world of grabbing the customer’s attention, bulletin holders and the interruption marketing they offer do get noticed and we make it easy to get started!

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