Why Advertising In Hotel Lobbies Is So Important!

Use iPad and Tablet display holders in Hotel LobbiesInviting hotel lobbies appeal to lodgers checking in and out and can make a fantastic first impression on arriving guests or alienate them. Many hoteliers fail to appreciated the opportunities their lobbies offer for broadcasting targeted advertising messages to enhance brand recognition, increase customer loyalty, or gain new clients.


After all, even in the best-managed hotels, there are busy periods when guests are waiting to check in or check out. Those waiting guests are a captive audience for smart hoteliers with a solid marketing plan. Here are some inexpensive ideas for hotel lobby advertising you may not have tried.


iPad and Tablet Displays


Information about the news, weather, restaurant specials or hotel promotions are a great way to keep guests entertained or engaged while they are waiting for service. iPad and tablet displays can be placed on lobby tables or countertops and are an affordable way to keep customers enticed, especially during check-in times. Because these come with anti-theft security locks, simply place an iPad or tablet on the display, secure it and then showcase the hotel’s amenities and events—even the restaurant menu or room service offerings.


Posters and Poster Frames


Front loading poster frames for hotel lobbiesUse full-color custom posters to advertise room specials, holiday promotions, or special events and services. Poster frames come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit any advertising budget. To change the message, simply remove the poster insert and slide another one into the frame. Tailor advertisements to tailored to the seasons, holidays or other time-sensitive events and impress your clientele.


Make the Most of Lobby Advertisements


While hotel lobbies do offer a captive audience, it is important to keep advertising campaigns low profile and unobtrusive to avoid annoying the waiting clientele. Deciding what demographics you want to target and why you are targeting those groups is the best way to fine tune marketing campaigns for the best results.


Who Are You Targeting?


Advertising campaigns for business travelers and road warriors might focus on hotel loyalty programs or frequent lodging rewards and benefits, while ads targeting seniors or families would have a different theme. Alternatively, if the goal is to build or to increase profitability in a particular market segment, a marketing plan would include ads designed to appeal to that demographic group. The bottom line is, you must know to whom you want to appeal before you can create effective marketing messages.


Why Are You Targeting a Particular Demographic?


Advertising Ideas for Hotel LobbiesNow that you know whom you are targeting, why are you targeting them? What results do you want from your advertising efforts? Whether it is to increase brand awareness, generate new business, or keep satisfied customers coming back, it’s important to match your ads to your specific goal. When you answer questions or solve problems for the individuals in your target demographic, you’ll get the results you want and need.


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