4 Tips for Creating Wow Factor Window Displays

Use Pop-Up Displays as Window DisplaysUse Store Windows Like Trade Show Booths


What do you do with trade show displays and accessories after the trade show is over? If you are like most companies, you probably have the booth display, table covers, banners and signage neatly packed away and stored for the upcoming event next year or next season. However, is that the best use of the monies you have invested in creating an eye-catching display that edges out your competition at these shows? Put those advertising dollars to work and exploit the items you have already paid for to add an interactive aspect to your marketing campaigns.


After all, a traffic-stopping display that grabs the attention of passersby at a trade show is just as effective, if not more so, at drawing foot traffic into storefronts. The reason it is effective is this type of display is not typically used in store windows. This novel approach could gain lots of new customers and prospects for your product or service so be innovative, not a me-too in your window dressing strategy.


Use Your Display Tables and Tablecovers


Discount display tables and table coversYou might choose not to use your whole tradeshow booth display in your showroom window for various reasons: it might be too big or you might not want to risk neglecting to pack some essential component of the display when preparing for your next tradeshow. However, you can get more mileage from your advertising investment by using your display tables and table covers as part of a window dressing technique to create a 3-D effect.


Tables can play a key role in creating visually attractive tableaus because you can employ techniques such as pyramiding to put items at different heights and create a pleasing effect.  Grouping items in a triangle shape is also effective.


The key is to focus on one main theme or focal point – such as the table display – and keep the rest of the window dressing clean and simple.


Use repetitive colors or shapes in merchandise arrangements on tabletop displays to be a magnet for the eyes of passersby and encourage them to stop for a closer look. Odd numbers seem to work best in product merchandising, so groups of three items stacked in a pyramid draw more attention than groups of two or four items do.


Use Mannequins in your storefront window displaysLet There Be Light


Window displays need lots of light to illuminate items to their best advantage. If you are using mannequins as part of a window tableau, consider using spotlights or additional lighting to draw attention to them.


Fresh is Best


Modernize and revitalize displays frequently to arouse interest and keep your customers and prospects coming back to see what you will do next. Larger than life graphics, displays and signage are a good ways to generate interest, but to keep that awareness; you need to change your displays regularly. Be inventive and try new ideas and techniques; for instance, if you always use mannequins for window dressing, replace them with pop-up displays, cutout figures or hanging banners. The secret to effective window displays is to keep the audience guessing and astonish them with displays that stimulate their curiosity.


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