Changeable Message Signs- The Original Twitter!

Business owners have long known that communication and interaction with potential customers is one of the best ways to ensure new business. To that end, staying in front of your pre-established customer base is essential to gaining repeat business.


While today’s marketing tactics may be heavily focused online, saturating Facebook and Twitter isn’t the only way to drive sales.


Sidewalk Sign Replacement Letter Set- Metropolitan DisplayConsider tourists for example. When travelling abroad, data packages are incredibly expensive. When wandering through the streets of a new city, many travelers rely heavily on the physical storefront of a shop or restaurant to pique their interest as opposed to surfing the web for suggestions. With changeable message signs, you can advertise anything from a season-end sale to the introduction of a new product line all in under 140 characters.


Let’s explore a few of the ways businesses are getting creative with changeable message signs:


Are Changeable Message Signs Right for My Business?


Businesses that should use changeable message signs for marketingRetail shops and restaurants are not the only businesses that are increasing foot traffic with changeable message signs. We’ve seen a number of different organizations across a wide array of industries capitalize on this specific breed of advertising potential. If you work in one of the following fields, take note. We’ll cover some unique ideas for use after the jump!


Apartment complexes

New construction sites

Residential communities

Public libraries

Banks and financial institutions

Day care facilities

County clubs & Sports clubs

Veterinarian offices

Hospitals & healthcare facilities

Insurance companies

Grocery Stores

Gas Stations




How Can My Business Use Them to Stand Out?


Market your business with sidewalk and curb signsWho among us hasn’t audibly laughed aloud when a cleverly written marquee sign caught our eye. It’s no surprise that showing you have a sense of humor is a great way to get folks in the door. Here are some our favorite examples we’ve seen in years past:


Veterinarian clinic - “No Hump Wednesday. 10% off spay and neuter.”


Church Public Service Announcement - “Honk if you love Jesus. Text while driving if you want to meet him.”


Bakery – “Our dough is so fresh it makes Beyonce jealous.”


Health food store – “Orange you glad we didn’t say inorganic.”


Farmer’s market- “Eat here or we’ll both starve.”


School Marquee- “Classes start August 4th. Resistance is futile.”


Book store- “Books: longer battery life than your Kindle.”


In short, if you’re looking to make a small investment with a big return, changeable message signs can pay high dividends while allowing you to show a bit of personality. No reason you can’t inform and entertain at the same time. These low maintenance advertising streams are the best way to get your message out- and the best part is you never even have to touch a keyboard!


Get people talking about your store by hooking them with a funny anecdote. Who knows, if you are entertaining enough, maybe they’ll even post you on their twitter feed.


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