Farmers’ Market Advertising Displays That Shine!

Farmers market advertisingSpring is not that far away and that means many cities and towns, both large and small will welcome this time of year with craft shows, bazaars, street fairs, farmers’ markets and all sorts of events where marketers like you need to stand out in the crowd to sell you wares.


Old Displays


Before those spring fairs come along—or those held in the summer, take a look at your display items. Do you have a tent, appropriate display tables, signicades, or flying banner sails? Or, do you have an unattractive folding table full of marks, scratches and paint splashes and no signage to speak of?


It’s time to think of your booth space as a design area if you want to engage customers and make them say—“What’s going on over there?” This is where the best of the best farmers’ market advertising methods come in!


Metropolitan Display is a discount supplier that offers everything you need to make your day or weekend profitable.


Tents and Tent Accessories


Farmers market display tentsPop-up tents are a great way to make your display area more attractive and they also help to protect you and your wares from the sun or bad weather like sudden rain showers.


We carry 10 x 10 pop-up tents with durable, commercial grade steel frames that you can set up in minutes. These farmers’ market advertising tent kits include a deluxe frame, canopy and protective dust cover—and the frame has a two-year warranty!


Of course if you really want to stand out in the market crowd, why not go a step further? Our pop-up tents can be customized with your artwork (or we can help you create a stand out design). Or, choose half or full walls, which can also be embedded with your graphics and artwork—making your farmers’ market advertising a success.


If you find yourself going from one event to another, wouldn’t the crowds notice you more if your tent had a custom design with your name on it? This is called brand building and in the world of street and craft fairs and farmer’s and flea markets, to build a brand you have to get noticed and be memorable.




Discount Signicade signsAt crowded fairs, markets and events, you need to draw in the attendees with flair. Signicades are a perfect farmers’ market advertising solution! These display tools come in many colors and we offer dry erase board signicades where you can quickly change the hot seller of the hour, day or weekend!


Or, make your signicade uniquely you with custom printed inserts that show off your brand name and products.


The best signicades are made of sturdy plastic with snap-off plugs that make it easy to fill with sand or water for ballast. The most popular signicades are those in the 24 inch x 36 inch category offering ample room to announce your booth. Installation of your inserts are easy with double-stick tape, wood screws or well nuts.


Flying Banner Sails


Another great way to stand out at a craft fair, flea market or farmer’s market is to invest in affordable and discount flying banner sails.


Discount flying banner sailsFor the best results, find sails that come in a variety of sizes such as those that are 8, 11 or 14 feet in height so your booth space is easily spotted from a distance.


Teardrop and Razor flying banner sails are the most popular in design and each sign can be customized with your artwork or we can help you create something that stands out at your next event.


Lose the Old Tables


Finally, your intimate display area—your tables—are where you reel in the customer so it’s time to lose the old table this year and invest in some new tables that compliment your new display.


Look for 6 foot foldable tables that are durable and long-lasting or 4 foot grid dump tables that are easy to move around and help protect your wares from falling to the ground.


Making it All Pop


Discount display tablesThis year, it’s time to take your exhibitor status to the next level! That means investing in display items that offer a unique booth identity. We also recommend brochure holders so your customers can keep in touch and order from you away from events.


Farmers’ market advertising the right way is key to standing out at any event. Whether you’re off to a farmers’ market, flea market or one of the many craft or street fairs your city or town holds, you need to make your display area look its very best to invite the crowd in.


Let Metropolitan Display show you how easily this can be done with our discount display items!

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