Retail Advertising Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

Discount Outdoor Advertising Displays and SignsWe live in a world teeming with information via the Internet and broadcast and print media, as well as by myriad types of indoor and outdoor advertising. It is difficult at times to filter through all the conflicting messages to make the best buying decisions, and many consumers feel overwhelmed, pestered or alienated by the constant barrage of advertisements. Here are some tips for navigating the fine line between engaging and enraging your target audience.


Do Harness the Law of Attraction


The goals of most marketing campaigns are to introduce new products or brands, to increase sales of current products and services, or to attract new customers. Whether you are considering indoor or outdoor advertising or a combination of both, it’s vital to design your advertising messages in a way to lead customers to you, while avoiding messages with the potential to annoy or offend potential consumers. Opt for targeted information conveyed simply and paired with a clear call to action for best results.


Do Offer Practical Benefits


Discount signicades and A-frame sidewalk signsBefore you sign off on any advertising campaign, ask yourself, “What’s in this for my prospects or loyal customers?” Is the marketing message personally relevant to your target demographic and does it deliver value? If not, head back to the design table and retool the advertisement until it contains a specific, simple reason for buyers and prospects to engage with your company or brand.


Do Look Professional


Proofread carefully before approving any type of advertising. Typos look sloppy and unprofessional and reflect poorly on the quality of your brand or products. Even worse, however, is the danger that a mistake in your contact information would prevent those brand new customers from getting in touch with you.


Don’t Push Agendas


Discount A Frame Curb Signs


It may be tempting to use advertising venues such as sidewalk signs or erasable boards as a medium for your political, social or religious agendas, but is it the best business decision? It is usually safer to stick with advertising messages specifically targeted to your demographics and avoid being drawn into controversial topics.


Don’t Spam


Discount changeable message signs and letter kitsWhile it is common to relate the term “spam” to junk mail in email inboxes, it is just as possible to commit the “spam” error with other types of advertising. For example, how annoying is it in the throes of flu season to drive down a roadway littered with miles of bandit signs advertising “Flu shots here?” A smarter way to attract consumers might be to use a changeable message sign partnered with flutter flags to advertise flu vaccines or other promotional products and services.


The bottom line in developing your own set of advertising etiquette guidelines is to remember the purpose of your advertising campaign is to increase your market share, to gain visibility and to win new customers. Following these simple do’s and don’ts gives you a leg up on your competition and allows you to woo rather than pester potential customers.


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