3 Inexpensive Ways To Instantly Strengthen Your Advertising Campaign

3 Ways to strengthen your advertising campaignIf you are like most companies, you made a major investment in your advertising campaigns and you want the highest return for the dollars spent. Did you know there are many low-cost or free ways to strength your advertising communication, sell more effectively, and make a dazzling first impression on customers and prospects? Here are some easy ways to add value to your marketing efforts and make an instant impact you may not have considered.


Customer Referrals and Testimonials


A satisfied customer is any company’s best salesperson. As a plus, these happy customers add instant credibility to any brand or product with their enthusiastic endorsements. There are many ways to use these referrals and testimonials to attract new customers or to retain current clients. For instance, if you publish a newsletter – either in print or in digital formats – you can feature your buyers in each issue by either doing short interviews with them or publishing their letters of endorsement.


Another easy idea is to offer a discount for both the buyer and the new customer based on a referral. Print a discount offer on the back of your custom printed business cards and give a stack to customers who are willing to pass them out. This works because both customer and prospect perceive value because they are receiving an incentive, and it can do big things for your company image and brand recognition.


Professional Associations and Networking Groups


Use Metropolitan Graphics for all Your Visual Marketing Media NeedsThose hard-working business cards can also come into play at networking and professional meetings or conventions. Take 10 cards and make a commitment to hand out each one of them to a qualified prospect at every meeting you attend. Imprint both sides of the card with your marketing message, contact information, and other essential information so you maximize your advertising real estate to the hilt.


Other good ways to put your best face forward at these events is with custom printed brochures, flyers and other promotional materials. If you have the opportunity to make a presentation before the group, you can establish trust and connect with potential clients by using your standard displaying advertising products such as imprinted table covers, pop-up displays and other tradeshow-type accessories.


Giveaways and Incentives


Is you retail store ready for the Holiday Shopping Season?Offering coupons for trial products or free samples of your goods and services is an excellent way to maximize your business opportunities and complement your marketing. After all, if the customer has seen your product or service advertising on outdoor signage, LED signs or other types of display advertising media, he or she may just need a tiny nudge to take the step from being a prospect to becoming a customer. Letting them try before they buy gives them a way to experience all the benefits of your goods or service without incurring any risk.


According to most advertising experts, businesses have about six seconds to attention a prospect’s attention and make a sale. When you invest in pursuing every avenue of advertising and promotion of your business, you’ll always win in the long run. An easy way to do that is by complementing your marketing messages with other marketing strategies such as these.



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