Are You Ready for Your Bridal Trade Show?

How to prepare for a wedding trade showJune may be known as the wedding month, but for wedding vendors, the time to advertise your gowns, bridal fashions and footwear, food, music or venue is now, especially with all the bridal trade show events happening between January through April.


Our goal at Metropolitan Display is to help YOU shine. What will engage trade show attendees more—a bland booth with no pizzazz or a full wall pop up tent with amazing graphics or one of the many banner stand displays we offer?


Part of being successful at expos and trade show events is the ability to bring your brand with you. That means custom banner designs that pop with your logo and essential contact information—brand building tools if you will, so no attendee forgets you or your products or services.


In the wedding/bridal world, competition is fierce and to compete with the big boys, you need to get noticed and stand out.


Start with the Staffing


Trade show banner pop up displaysSome mistakes trade show exhibitors make is hiring stand-ins to represent, talk about and display their products. Ask yourself this before you make this decision: Who knows your bridal/wedding products better than you do?


You need to be on-hand to answer questions, greet and meet attendees and shine during presentations. Although you do need to schmooze the crowd at times and check out other exhibitors that may be valuable partners in the future, it’s a good idea to bring along energetic staff members who are also dedicated and exciting about your business—leave these folks in charge while you’re off visiting other booths.


The Right Tools


Many trade shows take months to prepare for so you need devise a marketing plan including how you want your display to look including its design and appearance. One way to make your show the best ever is to invest in trade show tools like banner, floor or lighted displays.


Two-way garment racks are also a great way to show off new wedding fashion designs and Z-racks are also a great choice to showcase your fashion ensembles.


You should also consider chairs, tables, flooring and lighting accessories to ensure you have ample space to display your products or showcase your wedding services.


For example our eight-foot trade show curved pop up display includes mural center panels and fabric end panels as well as a frame, channel bars, hardware bag and a LED light kit. In addition, much like many of our trade show pop up displays, you can provide your own graphics or we can create something from scratch using your logos and images. We also provide graphic templates to help you get started. You can also find instructions on how to upload your artwork right from our website.


Trade Shows Near You


Trade show displays and accessoriesFor those just starting out in the bridal/wedding industry, the Trade Show News Network provides a list of bridal trade shows throughout the U.S and also offers an easy to use search tool to find shows or expos in your area.


Standing out at any trade show helps to build your brand and you also need to grab the attention of all attendees and other exhibitors by investing in your exhibit design. Think of all the display elements you’ll need as an investment into your company’s future and let Metropolitan Display show you just how easy it is to rise above the rest, make some noise and pop at  your next trade show!


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