Table Covers at Your Next Trade Show Event- Why you Need them!

If your business packs up and heads to trade shows more than once a year, you’ve likely invested in your own portalbe trade show display tables. While they can be cumbersome to transport, your expo booth simply isn’t complete without a key focal point to properly showcase your promotional products and business information such as brochures, business cards and pamphlets.


However, if your plan is to rent tables at your next event, we strongly suggest clarifying what sizes and shapes of tables you’ll be working with lest you arrive with an 8 foot, rectangular cover only to be given a small round table. (More on this in a moment…)


It’s also important to keep in mind that while your agreement may include table linens, what an event coordinator can’t provide is custom imprinted table covers complete with your own logo and branding. This kind of increased marketing exposure not only sets you apart from the thousands of booths in any direction of you, they also let attendees know immediately who you are, and what you do, helping you leverage your physical presence among thousands of passersby.


Which Table Cover is right for my brand?


From sizing to style there are lots of options when it comes to table linens. Invite customers into your professional looking booth with one of the following options:


Fitted Table Covers


Fitted table covers with custom imprintFor a truly unique look, try out our fitted table covers at your next event. You’ll mask the feel of a traditional table display entirely while maintaining a neat, professional appearance that also doubles as an additional storage space.


While the sleek look literally has you covered on all sides, it’s not the ideal choice if you plan to have a representative stationed at the table, or if your goal is to temporarily house items you’ll need to access and replenish often such as promotional materials, company brochures & pamphlets, intake forms, etc.


Three-Sided Table Covers


3 Sided Table Covers for Product DisplaysFor a more traditional set up, we recommend our  Three-sided table linens. They still allot for a few stored items which will remain out of view of any interested passersby, yet the open side facing the interior of your stand provides quick, easy access to key materials you’ll need to refill often. After all, what good is an empty literature holder, when trying to get the word out!


The open concept also permits ample, comfortable seating for a small team of representatives with room for multiple chairs.


Did you know we can do the same for Round Tables? Traditionally speaking, most event venues provide rectangular six- or eight-foot banquet tables; however, order late or forget to specify and you may find have to navigate coverage of a round display furniture. Fortunately, our square 60-inch, three-sided table linen, still allows for a 17-inch drop to ensure sufficient coverage of round tables up to 36-inches in diameter.


Convertible Table CoversCustom imprint table covers


Don’t want to ever have to worry what size or shape table you’ll be utilizing at your next expo? Convertible table covers to the rescue! Keeping these adjustable options on hand can give you peace of mind that you’ll never have to worry about running short of a particular size or that an event director might assign you the wrong furniture types/sizes. With handy hook and loop attachments, you can make on-the-fly adjustments that allow you to change the size in a moment’s notice.


To get the most value added from your marketing message, consider investing in some custom imprinted table covers which are sure to further brand your and company image, solidifying your goods and services in the minds of your potential customer base.


During summer months, trade shows and expos are red hot! We’ve got everything you need to make your next event a raging success. Peruse our Facebook Page for daily news updates and don’t forget to check out our Amazon and eBay stores for additional deals!


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