5 Reasons Why Mobile Users Are Skipping Your Restaurant or Retail Store

People search for stores and restaurants on mobile phonesLacking the foot traffic you desire in your restaurant or retail store? You’ve priced items attractively and studied competitors yet still foot traffic remains light. Here are five solid reasons why mobile users are skipping your establishment and how to fix these problems.


1. Is Your Website Optimized for Mobile Viewing?


Put your consumer hat on and search for your business on your smartphone. Sure, you may be able to find it on a Google or Bing search—even on a Windows phone but is your website optimized for mobile viewing?


What we mean by this is do you have to scroll back and forth to shop, read menus or see photos of the store or restaurant or is everything neat and tidy and automatically fits the smartphone screen?


Digby  put together some stunning statistics about mobile phone users and there shopping and dining habits; some of these pay-attention statistics include:


*48 Percent use or would like to use a smartphone to shop while in the store or on the go.

*Mobile searches related to restaurants have a conversion rate of 90 percent with 64 percent converting within the hour.

*57 Percent of consumers will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site and 40 percent of consumers will go to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience.

*47 Percent of consumers say they use their mobile phones to search for local information and 46 percent look up prices on a mobile site.


These statistics reveal if your retail store or restaurant’s website isn’t mobile friendly, expect consumers to skip your establishment.


2. It’s Easy to Get a Mobile App


Swinger Curb Sidewalk SignThere are many mobile app developers to convert your store or restaurant’s website into an optimal viewing and searching—even shopping experience. MobyAffiliates offers a list of the best mobile app developers for a variety of countries including the U.S.


Two that stand out are the affordable Uppsite where you can get a basic mobile-friendly app for around $5 a month to MobiSoft Corp which offers packages in all sorts of price range levels depending on need.


Before choose a mobile phone app developer, make a list of what you want your mobile site to do. Do you want to reveal your menu and show photos and testimonials of your restaurant? For retailers, do you want to offer the ability to buy online, browse online and offer images of your product displays?


Above all, make sure whichever app developer you choose, you’ll receive a “how to get there” or “Google maps” tool so consumers can find you while on the go.


3. Google Algorithms May Penalize Your for Bad Reviews


Bulletin Holders for Restaurant MenusThe technology event each year is SWSW in Austin Texas. Here is where moguls from companies like Google come to tell the world how they plan on using their search engines to find the best of the best.


At the 2013 SWSW Show, Matt Cutts of Google revealed that at some point in the upcoming months, Google will run an update or algorithm and may penalize retailers with bad reviews. Being penalized means if you have too many negative consumer reviews and do nothing to improve your customer rating, your website (mobile or not) may not show up on page one or two of a Google search.


Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land offered his take on the words of Matt Cutts at the 2013 SXSW Expo and it’s a must-read.


Sullivan quoted Cutts: “We have a potential launch later this year, maybe a little bit sooner, looking at the quality of merchants and whether we can do a better job on that, because we don’t want low quality merchants to be ranking in the search results.”


4. How to Make Consumer Reviews Better


iPad wall mount displays with flangeIt is true it’s impossible to please every consumer but there are tools to help you stand out. For example do you have a Google Places Local page? Do you advertise on Yelp within your local market? Do you offer a place for customer testimonials on your website and mobile app? Have you taken advantage of Yahoo! Local?


Sure you may get bad reviews from some, but if you respond to those reviews and offer to aid the customer in whatever problem they had with your retail store or restaurant, search engines like Google will take notice of your efforts and so will people that use these search engines on their mobile devices.


5. Make Your Establishment Inviting


Our last tip for ensuring mobile users will find and visit your retail store or restaurant is doing an inventory on how your establishment looks on the inside.


Do you have stunning displays in lobbies? Are you taking advantage of restaurant displays that will make the environment welcoming and a favored place to dine? Are the retail displays inside your store poorly organized or are they sharp and easy to browse?


Don’t lose mobile foot traffic because of any of these reasons and employ the suggestions offered here.


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