5 Sure-Fire Ways to Ruin Your Product Displays

5 Sure Fire Ways to Ruin Your Product DisplaysDisplaying products the right way is actually an art. It takes imagination, innovation and creativity to come up with stunning displays. Eye-appealing displays also take time and forethought and consumers can easily tell which displays were put together quickly compared to those where the designer took the time to ensure the display achieved its purpose.


We’ve offered tips on how to create stunning displays but here, we take a look at five ways to ruin your display—don’t let these pitfalls harm your display message or appearance.


1. What Am I Looking At?


Whether you’re designing a trade show or expo display or retail or commercial display, you need to imagine the final look. If it’s too busy, consumers will lose interest. They’ll also wonder what in the heck they’re looking at!


Your product line may be theme-related; say outdoor gear, but if you haphazardly place the products with no real division or type, consumers may not quite get what it is you’re trying to achieve.


Clearly marked and divided-by-product displays that are eye-appealing and balanced will gain more interest.


2. No Informational Materials


Discount Business PrintingYou may have the most attention-getting display but you lack the one thing people want—more information. We’re not talking about a demonstration but informational materials like brochures  and flyers—even business cards with contact information.


There are ways to save money on all your business printing needs—especially those promotional materials people want to take along with them after being at your booth, in your store or at a conference.


3. Viewer Interaction


iPad Display HoldersIt doesn’t matter where the display is—if you don’t give the audience or shopper a chance to see, feel and touch your products, they’ll move on and forget all about you. Nothing is worse than failing to engage the consumer.


Fix this by offering product demos or using electronic displays like iPad holders where attendees or shoppers can learn more, see beautiful imagery and get a feel for your products.


4. Abandoned Displays


There are two ways you can abandon a display. If you’re an exhibitor or conference holder and you’re nowhere to be found, how can attendees ask questions? Who do they turn to learn more or get contact info? Never leave your display booths or spaces unattended.


The second way is to create a stunning retail display and then once the products start to sell, you allow emptiness to takeover. One might think a bare shelf means a popular product is sold out, but you may just need to restock it. If you’re out of inventory, use bulletin holders to inform when the popular product will be available. Get an email list of customers who want the unavailable product and don’t drop the ball on contacting them once you’ve restocked.


5. Using Out-Dated Display Elements


Tower Grid Panel DisplaysScratched and worn display elements like grid panels, signs, banners, flags and garment racks don’t portray confidence. Consumers will feel if you don’t care enough to invest in the items you need to display your products, you really don’t care about your products either.


Invest in commercial grade, high-quality product display items to ensure your products are always offered in a fresh and clean light.


Stand Back and Analyze


Look at your display designs as a consumer, not as the product seller. What may look good to you may appear complicated to the viewer.


A crisp display that delivers is by far the best and consumers will notice the bad ones.


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Image credit: Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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