5 Tips for Creating Eye-Grabbing Retail Displays

How to Design a Retail DisplayThere’s a reason large retailers succeed. Sure one can say it’s due to their volume and variety of inventory but there is also a concentrated effort on how their retail displays are designed—to engage the consumer.


Smaller retailers can achieve the same effect whether located in a strip mall, shopping mall, kiosk or a boutique in any city or town.


1. What Do Your Customers See First?


Walk into your retail space with a customer’s hat on. What you see first? Is your focal point attractive to the eye or do you have no real design? Is your inventory categorized and organized or does it have no rhyme or reason?


An unorganized space isn’t attractive so think about using your top sellers as a focal point. Use grid panel displays to showcase your focal point and think about contrasting colors to make it pop.


One tip expert merchandisers utilize is making a top seller the focal point and then adding items nearby that complement the top seller. For example, if you sell summer dresses and display them in an eye-appealing way with Z or garment racks, have another rack nearby that’s full of scarves to match your dress line.  Consumers will often buy complementing items if they are nearby and within reach. You may also want to consider mannequin forms to showcase your apparel.


Retail Poster Frames2. Display Like the Experts


Color and balance play a big part in designing your retail display. Don’t place too many dark colors at the top or your display will look unbalanced; the same goes for the ends of display racks or shelves. Make sure colors blend nicely throughout the display.


Take the time to put some effort into this element of designing your retail space. You need eye-appealing displays to invite the consumer to stop and browse.


If your space looks like a block of everything, it will appear too challenging and shoppers will avoid it.


3. Area Identifiers


Think about when you go to a large retailer or unfamiliar grocery store. Your eyes look for store item identifiers that tell you where the products you seek are located.


Get 10% off Bulletin HoldersEven if your retail space is small you can do this with wall mounted posters or bulletin holders to inform your customers where they can find what they seek. In fact, the smaller the space, the harder it may be to find the wanted item.


Metropolitan Display has many poster signs and bulletin holders (all bulletin holders are 10% off for the month of February 2013 – promo code STAND10) to aid you in creating area identifiers.


4. Store Layout


Discount Garment RacksOne of the hardest challenges new retailer face is designing the right store layout. You’ve rented the space but where to put racks and shelves, display tables and your cash register station?


This can seem inundating when looking at an empty retail space! About.com offers a great post on store layout software from the free to the paid variety.


If you’re in a new space, taking the necessary steps to design your retail space layout is essential.


5. Are You In the Dark?


Once you’ve designed your floor plan, stacked your shelves, creating stunning grid displays and have garment racks that attract there is one final tip to creating a great retail space—how well can you see it?


Appropriate lighting is an absolute must! Invest in LED lights that last longer and utilize your floor plan software to choose the best lighting spots.


Stores with Style


Signicade and Sidewalk StandsThese five tips for creating a great retail space will ensure shopper feel warm and welcome in your store. As a bonus tip, we also recommend considering the outside of your retail space using signicade/sidewalk stands for sales, promotions, discounts or even a simple, welcome to our store!


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Image Credit: debspoons / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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