Apartment Advertising Ideas for Management Companies

Apartment complex flutter flagsAs the manager of an apartment complex whether you manage one or many, potential renters are more likely to inquire about rentals if they’re engaged. The very best way to do this is choose the best apartment advertising tools like flutter flags, flying banner sails, sidewalk signs and iPad displays.


Flutter Flags Instead of Balloons


Every apartment complex needs to keep occupancy levels high to please building owners. Those balloons may be nice and seeable but they also pop or fly away. Effective apartment advertising means looking beyond the balloons and relying on industry rental magazines alone.


It’s hard not to notice an apartment community that is full of flutter flags that shout “Move-In Special” or “For Rent” or “Available Now” or “1st Month Free!” These promotional displays are our specialty at Metropolitan Display and our line-up of flutter flags for the real estate industry and apartment complexes is vast.


You may also want to consider custom flutter flags with your artwork and if you need something designed, we can help with that too! We make our custom artwork ordering easy for all of our customers!


Sidewalk Signs


Apartment Complex Sidewalk SignsSome apartment communities sit side-by-side a competitor and in large cities and town, that closeness can confuse possible renters. Along with flutter flags, you can also grab the eye of every potential renter with our sidewalk signs.


Take our 41-inch by 55-inch WindMaster Wind-Flex Sidewalk Sign for example. Not only are these signs durable and will withstand gusty winds, you can also get custom printed inserts for all the WindMaster sidewalk signs we have in stock.


Foot traffic within cities is growing—more are walking or biking and skipping the automobile to get around. These noticeable signs with your message are an apartment advertising necessary must for communities close together to help you distinguish your complex from the competitor.


Flying Banner Sails


Apartment Complex Banner Sail FlagsAnother eye-grabbing apartment advertising idea is choosing one of our many flying banner sails. Our Deluxe Custom Teardrop Flying Feather Banner Sail is 11-inches high and is manufactured using high-quality reinforced carbon composite pole sets. They stand up to strong wind gusts and choose from single-sided printing where the image reads correctly on one side and in reverse on the other or double-sided printing that reads correctly on both sides.


We also carry flying banner sail accessories like weight bags, ground spikes and cross bases. These banner sails will attract foot traffic into your apartment management office!


iPad Displays


Now that you’ve utilized all the apartment advertising ideas we’ve listed above, your foot traffic of renters will be huge! With all that foot traffic, it’s impossible to show models to everyone at the same time so why not invest in one of our iPad displays where you insert the iPad and show potential renters beautiful images of your available apartments—even models all dressed up with furniture and accents to entice them to rent!


Apartment Management Office iPad Display HoldersWe offer both a wall mount iPad display and a countertop iPad display.


Each of these iPad displays comes in black or silver and have heavy round steel bases, anti-theft hardware and integrated USB cable and plug. They are easy to assemble and offer a 360 degree rotation frame for vertical or horizontal display. Now, instead of losing all that foot traffic, you can engage them while you show models!


Metropolitan Display is your one-stop source for all your display items and apartment advertising products. Ordering online is easy to make your apartment complex stand out and reel in the renters you need to keep occupancy at optimal levels!


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