Are You Giving Your Display Advertising Enough Time To Work?

Curb and Sidewalk A Frame Signs Reel In Foot TrafficPatience is a virtue, especially when it comes to advertising. A key component to any successful advertising campaign is frequency. In advertising jargon, frequency simply means the advertisement must appear often enough to expose it to enough segments of a target market to generate a buying response. Some ads will work well after three or four exposures, others may take as many as six to ten exposures, and unfortunately, some ads will never generate a response.


The type of media used for the marketing message matters as well, but if the frequency is not there, the return on investment will not be as great. Here are some things you need to know about giving your marketing campaigns plenty of time to turn a profit for your business.


Consistency is King
It does not matter if you are planning a small ad campaign with a few curb signs, window signs or flags and banners or a major advertising effort with indoor and outdoor signage as well as print and broadcast media. It is better to have consistent marketing message appearing regularly to promote your business than a random, sporadic marketing event.


As a plus, many times, it is less expensive to buy many small ads or small display advertising products than it is to buy large ads or products such as billboards or television ads.


Use the Rule of Two


Custom roll banner printing, banners and postersIf you are like most businesses, you are probably working with a small marketing budget and every penny counts. However, instead of putting all your advertising dollars into one advertising medium, consider branching out and using at least one other form of display advertising to complement or reinforce your main advertising medium.


Some inexpensive ways to complement other media are with cost effective display advertising products like erasable signs, illuminated signs and flying banner sails.


Erasable signs can be changed quickly and easily so they can partner with any other advertising medium and message seamlessly. Illuminated signs like movie theatre style marquee signs grab attention and work well with other types of event or special occasion advertisements. Flying banner sails just might be the perfect companion for any other advertising medium because they can be custom designed to convey any marketing message you can imagine. They are high impact additions to any marketing mix but carry a low price point.


Monitor, Monitor, Monitor


Changeable message signs for sidewalks and curbsTo make sure you are getting the most from your advertising dollars, track your results on a weekly or monthly basis. By evaluating this data, you’ll know when to pull the plug on unsuccessful ads as well as when to continue with a successful campaign. You work hard for your profit so make sure you are getting the most from all your marketing investments by giving your advertisements plenty of time to work.


Metropolitan Display and our sister store Metropolitan Graphics has all the advertising products you need to reel in foot traffic and we also offer exciting ways to get your business noticed with digital banners, posters and more! Contact us and let us show you how we can help!


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