Are You Taking Advantage of Hotel Lobby Display Products?

Hotel Lobby Display ProductsWhen customers enter a hotel lobby whether it’s to check-in to a room or attend a conference, if your lobby isn’t inviting or lacks display products that welcome, inform or direct, your customers will be lost, confused and may even choose to leave your hotel.


What’s Your Theme?


Every hotel lobby needs a theme. You can base it on where your hotel sits by location. For example, a Southwest hotel would benefit from southwestern themes of wood and hues of blue and orange. A New York City hotel would fare better using modern furniture and fixtures and a poster with a cityscape of the Big Apple.


Or, you can base the theme of your hotel solely on a comforting appearance. Whatever theme you choose, remember to keep it streamlined throughout the lobby and the hotel conference rooms, other common areas and hallways—and never forget you can also grab consumer interest with restroom advertising displays.


Be Seasonal!


Some hotels skip the seasonal displays and that’s a mistake. Your customers want to be welcomed into Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. They also want appropriate and tasteful decorations for important holidays throughout the year.


Take advantage of seasons and holidays and make sure not to overdo, less is more as they say.


Hotel Lobby Display Products

Poster Frames for Hotel LobbiesOn top of choosing a lobby theme and decorating the lobby throughout each season and holiday, you also need to consider essential hotel lobby display products. Metropolitan Display is your one-stop shop for all your hotel display and promotional items and we offer bulk discounts.


Some of the items to enhance your hotel lobby displays include:


Poster Frames – We talked above about lobby themes and how a lobby will benefit from a poster with an attractive cityscape. We offer poster frames in a variety of sizes that are top or side loading. If your lobby area is large, take advantage of many of these with custom printed inserts and we make uploading artwork easy or we can help you create something. Make sure to utilize poster frames in other areas like restrooms and conference areas.


iPad Electronic Displays – Consumers love technology and what better way to entertain them while they await check-in or a conference start than an interactive iPad featuring images and other information about the hotel? We carry iPad displays that are wall, floor or countertop mounted and each comes with anti-theft security so your iPads will stay safe.


iPad display holders for hotel lobbiesBrochure Holders – No hotel lobby would be complete without a brochure holder full of places to see and must-visit area sites. We also offer acrylic literature displays for informational purposes that attract, not distract from the flyers and brochures you place inside them. Both of these are also great for hotel lobby countertops and lobby tables.


Bulletin Holders – For conference attendees, bulletin holders come in all shapes and sizes and help direct and inform attendees about times and room locations.


Pedestal sign stands are another option to guide conference attendees with ease.


Make Your Hotel Lobby Shine


Metropolitan Display invites you to browse our many categories for the hotel display products you need to enhance and welcome.


Remember that all new Facebook likes, Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections can get 5% off their order—just mention this discount to one of our operators.


Do you have any ideas for stunning hotel displays? Let us know because we love comments from our customers!


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