Avant-Garde Display Marketing Tips for Promoting Your Costume Shop

Product display ideas for costume shopsMany costume shops depend on some type of outdoor advertising to promote their products, especially in the off-season months when sales are slow, and these are good methods. However, are there other, more novel approaches for promoting your costume shop?


One minor drawback to billboard advertising is it is static; you are limited to advertising in the locale where the billboard is situated. On the other hand, this kind of advertising can be very effective because the ads are larger than life with an edgy in-your-face quality. Let’s talk about how to get a similar effect with various display marketing products.


Think out of the box for a minute. Chances are, you have or can purchase inexpensively the makings of several movable and visually striking displays. Here’s how to use mannequins, clothing racks, and point of purchase displays to promote your costume shop in a radical way.


All Dressed Up and Ready to Promote


Where to find discount mannequins and formsYou probably have your mannequins artfully dressed in your most eye-catching costumes and carefully positioned around the interior of your store. However, think of how much more impact you could generate by arranging those mannequins in a unique tableaux outside your shop window instead of inside it.  (Think Dracula getting ready to pounce on an unsuspecting victim!)


Now take that thought one step farther. Position a Z-rack containing various sizes of those same costumes close to the scene so customers can browse. Depending on the size of your marketing budget and how much space is available outside your shop for promotional displays, you could even tie in some flying banner sails advertising your discounts or specials or an A-frame sign offering a trade-in on customers’ old costumes toward the purchase of a new one.


All the World’s A Stage


Discount indoor and outdoor banner standsThink of banner stands as smaller versions of a billboard and imagine the possibilities. For instance, could you get a local celebrity to dress up in one of your costumes and have his or her photo taken? Convert the photo into a poster, insert in the bulletin poster holder, and you’ve just created another moveable advertisement.


How about offering your costuming and theatrical make-up services to a local community theatre or school thespian society in exchange for some promotional photographs of the costumed cast? Turn those into posters and put them to work promoting your handiwork.


The beauty of moveable display advertisements such as these is you are not limited to using them at your storefront location. Take them with you to conventions, trade shows and other types of indoor and outdoor events so you can promote your business in dramatic style wherever you are.


Point of Sale Displays


Discount hat racksA visual appealing display is a great way to lure customers into your costume shop, but once they are inside, you want to make it easy for them to find the items they need. Point of sale displays can be very helpful in displaying groups of similar items in ways to be a magnet for the customer’s eyes.  Belt racks, tie racks, and hat racks are all must-have marketing aids for presenting the inventory in your costume shop to best advantage.


The good news about display marketing products like we’ve discussed here today is they are reasonably priced, easy to take care of, and require little or no assembling or set-up. You can pick and choose specific pieces to create just the right mix to suit your costume shop needs, and put them to work for you immediately.


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