Avoid These 3 Common Sports Team Product Marketing Mistakes

Sports team marketing ideasSports marketing, which is the promotion and sales of promotional products at sports and team events, is an important component of event management because it generates additional revenue and profit, boosts team name recognition, and increases attendance and fan loyalty. However, it’s important to avoid the most common product marketing mistakes made by some event promoters so you can maximize your return on investment for inventory, time and effort.


Mistake #1: Not Displaying Items Properly


How many times have you attended a sports event and seen piles of licensed sports apparel scattered helter-skelter over table tops? Maybe all you really want to purchase was a souvenir program, but you couldn’t find one under the jumbled mess of merchandise, so you just walked away empty-handed. We could go on and on, but you get the point.


4-Way clothing garment racksMerchandise such as caps, T-shirts and other sports apparel, logo embellished mugs and cups, and event programs sell better when they are attractively displayed so they catch the consumer’s eye.  One of the best and least expensive ways to get these items off the tables and into the hands of your loyal fans is with point of sale display products. T-shirts and sports apparel can be neatly displayed and arranged by sizes or colors on garment racks, with hats on a millinery style hat rack positioned nearby.


Even giveaway items like newsletters, biographical information, or flyers advertising upcoming events is easier to distribute and more likely to be picked up and taken away if it is appropriately displayed. Brochure holders, literature displays, and business card holders are a must for making your table displays look professional, tidy and inviting. While you are at it, why not invest in a few suggestion boxes so your fans can share their ideas and opinions with you?


Mistake #2: Not Utilizing Tables and Table Covers Effectively


4-Sided Table Covers imprint 8 footDo you have custom imprinted table covers for all the tables used for merchandising products and promoting your team and future events? If not, you may lose sales before and after events because fans may not know your store is open for business.


Additionally, you are losing out on delivering subliminal advertising messages to everyone who passes by your table because an imprinted table cover with a hard-hitting advertising sells your team and your message with no interruptions or distractions.


Mistake #3: Being Afraid to Take Risks


Sticking to conventional marketing techniques because they feel safe is one of the biggest mistakes in sports team marketing. After all, if everyone else is using a particular display marketing product or technique, it must be the best, right? However, do you want to be a part of the crowd or do you want your team and your promotional products to cut through the noise and grab a larger market share?


Men's Jersey Dressmaker Form for Sports Team DisplaysIt might be risky, but imagine how your sales might skyrocket if you hired some living mannequins to model your team’s sports apparel at the sales tables. What if some local celebrities or well-known individuals would agree to be your models for the event or even staff the tables?


When you pair an unconventional marketing technique like this with tables proclaiming an effective marketing message and racks of attractively displayed products, you have a winning combination for your sports team marketing efforts.


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