Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Portable Signage!

Buy portable signs at discount pricesIf portable signage is not part of your marketing strategy, you may be missing potential new sales and markets or not harnessing the full power of your marketing dollars. Here are three benefits of portable signs you might not have considered when planning your marketing strategy.


1. Penetrate New Markets


While it would be great if you could afford to open a chain of stores in every locality in your target demographic, the odds are your operating budget cannot be stretched that far. However, what you can do is harness the effectiveness of portable signage to introduce your products or services or increase your exposure in new markets and territories. From car topper signs to changeable message signs to roadside billboards, there are a plethora of options from which to choose.


2. Cost Effectiveness


Buy discount A-frame sidewalk signs onlineOne tremendous benefit of portable signage – especially message boards that can be changed manually – is their cost savings. The initial investment is affordable, and they are made of the finest quality materials, designed to withstand the harshest elements or roughest treatment.


Additionally, instead of waiting for someone else to update your marketing messages, any of your staff members can make changes quickly and easily. Change them monthly, weekly or daily – it is all under your control, so you can make snap marketing decisions and keep your advertising messages timely and current.


These portable signs are easy to move so they can be positioned to best advantage depending on your floor space or exterior configuration. Their compact size means they can be moved easily by almost anyone, especially if you opt for A-frame or curb signs.


3. Introduce New Products and Services


Buy portable outdoor signs onlineYou can decide to highlight services such as home deliveries or free estimates or offer public service announcements such as updates on community events, and have the new message posted for all to see in a matter of minutes. This adds a new level of versatility to your marketing mixes and helps brand your company for its social responsibility.


On the flip side, what better way to entice your client base and potential new clients to try a new product than by offering a free sample or a substantial discount on their first order? Sidewalk curb signs and swinger roadside billboards are the perfect vehicle for this type of product marketing. If you have several locations, you can rotate the signs between locations for maximum exposure or use the signs in other locations to capture a new demographic.


Portable signage can take any marketing strategy to a completely new level by offering you a wider range of choices in colors, signs and price points. You can tailor a program to fit your business needs and budget in a matter of minutes and add additional units as necessary.


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