Spring Sales Tips For Using Grid Panel Displays

2x6 Grid Panel DisplaysYou’ve discovered the perfect location to open your new business, but what’s your advertising plan? You’ve even found a partner that will provide a free design service by providing a rough blueprint of your space. But when you receive that blueprint, it contains some product display items you’ll need to purchase.


Enter Grid Panel Displays!


At Metropolitan Display we offer everything from a rolling, three sided portable grid panel setup to attractive wall units. The best part is their easy assembly and unlimited customization.


Some options include:


2x5 Grid Panel DisplaysTwo by Six-Foot Panels – The 2×6 foot panels mount on the walls and become the base for your flexible display. These come in a set of two to give you an eye catching option of choices. All wall panels come with mounting hardware. With such a wide display area, promote everything from jewelry accessories to hardware.


Two by Five-Foot Panels – If the 2×6 foot panels are too large, the 2×5 foot panels may be a better choice. These can be combined with other sizes or set up individually to highlight merchandise in separate locations. A hardware store can keep a display near the register to provide seasonal needs and showcase products from tools to gardening or holiday lighting. Coffee specialty stores can use the bin accessories to display flavor choices.


Tower Grid Panels – Our tower displays are three-sided and come in chrome, black or white to match any décor. Each comes with a display kit that includes a rolling base. The panels are two-feet by six-feet and we recommend buying several, especially if wall space is limited.


Tower Grid Panel DisplaysBaskets and HooksAdd baskets to showcase small items or use hooks to hang large clothing pieces and make your retail space a consumer-friendly shopping experience. At a boutique area in a hair or nail salon, your products will be displayed directly in sight of your target customers. Handbags can be hung on hooks, hair or nail products can in baskets for easy access. Change the positions to keep the display fresh.


This is only a sampling of what we have available so do browse our all the grid panels for additional options!


Wow Your Competition!


Baskets for Grid Panel DisplaysThese grids are perfect to customize an entire store. Since the wall panels come in such a wide variety of sizes, you’ll come up with plenty ideas to cover any size display. An entire store can be set with wall panels and then add the movable three-sided tower displays to fill the middle of your retail space. These can also be used with the same shelves and baskets that work on your wall displays. In a custom clothing business, you can hang garments or shoes on the grids and have smaller pieces on the shelves and baskets. These are also perfect for jewelry displays. Even a business such as a spice or scented candle company will benefit from the option to hang small items from these versatile grid panel displays.


Hooks for Grid Panel DisplaysUse scarfs, boas or draping to display a unique product. The trade and craft show user will also benefit especially from the three-sided tower grids. These are easily transported on the included wheels and offer a variety of eye-grabbing displays that will work anywhere you can’t hang the wall units.


Metropolitan Display is always on the lookout for new products to make your life easier. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.


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