Must-Have Tips on How to Use Shoe Fitting Displays

Discount Multi-Shelf Shoe RacksIn order to showcase your shoe inventory to its best advantage, you need the highest quality, flexible display pieces. In the fiercely competitive shoe market, you want customers to feel comfortable and welcome visiting your store and also to present your inventory in attractive and enticing ways.


Inviting Displays


The background you create will be complemented by the products you choose for displays. You can’t sell or entice if you don’t make it easy for shoppers to visualize themselves wearing your inventory.  The first thing you need is the proper visual space. A sturdy chrome-plated rack with eight adjustable shelves will put your stock at an easy level to see and to shop. Our shoe exhibits are lightweight and easy to move around so your display can be consistently changed to stay fresh.


Discount shoe fitting mirrorsChange them monthly and always seasonally. Pinpoint sales and discounts with posters or A-frame signs to make an eye catching display. Several racks can create a versatile area that can be shopped on both sides. Separate shoe sizes on the different adjustable racks to make them easier to browse. Shoe display products can be customized to work in a temporary or a permanent business area. You can use one for clearance items and another to section off sizes according to color. And because they are lightweight, they are also great for trade shows or expos.


Don’t Forget the Mirrors and Benches!


Discount frameless and angled shoe fitting mirrorsYour potential buyers will want to see what your shoes look like on their feet. Shoe mirrors should be placed nearby so that when trying on your wares, customers have a handy tool to see the footwear on their feet.


We offer two shoe mirror choices depending on your décor. Choose from the traditional framed mirror or the more modern frameless mirror. We also recommend with ladies shoes especially, at least one full length mirror be available. This is important in a women’s shoe display area because your customers will appreciate an entire body view.


Discount shoe fitting benches with padded seats for sales peopleYour staff also need a place to sit and assist the customers. Our shoe fitting stool with an attached padded seat is perfect for this purpose. The close, upfront contact will help you close the deal and sell more footwear. Get your star sellers out on the floor. Set up several mirrors nearby all your shoe displays so customers get the full effect of how each style of footwear looks on their feet. Placing our slanted mirrors  by shoe benches can take on two jobs. Clients are easily served by your staff and when they stand up, they have the perfect nearby viewing area.


Discount shoe fitting benches with padded seatIf you have more of a self-service location, the padded bench  is easy for consumers to use while shopping in your retail space, trade show or expo event. Potential buyers will love the comfort of the seat and its closeness to the mirrors so they can easily view their choices.


Because the shoe market is highly competitive, count on Metropolitan Display to help you put your best foot forward!


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