Display Ideas Retail Stores Can Learn From Restaurants

How to Drive Foot TrafficEver go to a restaurant and see chef images of favorite and famous dishes using stunning imagery and color? Food to tempt you and chef presentations are just one way restaurants are bringing in the hungry to become life-long customers. The use of chef presentations is not new but retail stores can learn a lot from how these presentations are portrayed using the right retail display products.


Poster Frames


Chefs and restaurateurs are taking advantage of poster frames to display great food presentations in lobbies and bar areas to tempt the taste buds of patrons. Poster frames with life-like food images of popular dishes are also being used in buffet style restaurants with general seating areas to entice those to try a particular buffet station—entrees, desserts, salads and soups.


Poster Frames for Retail Store AdvertisingMetropolitan Display offers discount poster frames both top and front loading and any retailer can use this retail display tip chefs and restaurants are known for. If you’re a retailer interested in portraying your wares in poster frames, we can either use your artwork or help you create one-of-a-kind custom printed inserts to reveal top sellers—or anything you want to convey to shoppers.


Swinger Sidewalk Signs


Restaurants also take advantage of swinger sidewalk and curb signs to reel in foot traffic with a special offering or menu sample. Built for the outdoors, these signs are great for tough weather conditions but they’re not just for restaurants—swinger sidewalk and curb signs offer retailers the ability to do the same. Announce a big sale or let passersby know they can get a percentage off of what’s inside your store. Boast about happenings in your retail store with sidewalk signs—these are a very effective form of outdoor marketing.


You need to take advantage of all of our discount swinger signs because throughout the month of March 2013, all of our swinger sidewalk and curb signs are 10% off—just enter promo code swinger10 at checkout or mention the promo to one of our operators.

Swinger Sidewalk and Curb Signs



Gain customers from both sides with signicade and A-frame stands. Restaurants have been taking advantage of these for quite some time in cities and tourism towns. Graphic imagery and custom printed inserts engages foot traffic—we connect with what we see—and imagery and graphics will entice consumers to enter your retail shop.


LED Signs


LED Open SignsIf you’re hanging small and hard to see signs showing when your “open” or “closed” you don’t have a great chance of consumers seeing those signs unless they’re standing right in front of your retail store. Instead do what restaurants do with great LED signs announcing you are OPEN! The signs we carry are top quality and durable and won’t stop working like the ones you find in big box stores.


Interactive Displays


iPad wall mount displays with flangeSome restaurants are also taking advantage of interactive displays to entertain those waiting in lobby areas. Electronic iPad displays with anti-theft hardware allow restaurant goers to explore menus, upcoming events or an eatery’s history. You can do the same within your retail store with floor, countertop and wall-mounted iPad displays to reveal what’s new, how to videos as well as product demonstrations.


Are you are a retailer wondering why all your print ads aren’t working? Today’s consumer wants to be engaged outside in the areas they walk and drive each and every day and print ads are unfortunately, old fashioned.


Take advantage of what restaurants are doing and do the same for your retail store—we carry all the discounted retail display items you need!


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