DIY Quick & Easy Table Cover Tips for Creating Attention-Grabbing Displays

Product Display Table Cover TipsIf you don’t plan to bring your own tables to events, tradeshows or expo booths, it’s important to know what sizes and shapes of tables you’ll be covering. After all, nothing is worse than showing up with square table covers and finding out you need to cover round tables. (Keep reading – we’ll tell you how to overcome this.)


Even if the event coordinators provide table linens as part of the booth or display agreement, consider investing in custom imprinted table covers to increase your marketing power and set you apart from your competitors. Custom table coverings are a small investment, but they will give you years of effective marketing.


Choosing the Right Size Table Covers


Here’s some tips on choosing the right sizes of table linens to make your table presentations look professional, inviting and unique:


Three-Sided Table Covers

3 Sided Table Covers for Product DisplaysCovering Square Tables: Three-sided table linens hide stored items from the view of passersby, but allow for easy access to those items. If you will be restocking products or refilling brochure or literature holders, a three-sided table cover is your best choice. This size also allows you to provide seating for staff members because they can pull chairs up under the table for comfort and convenience.

Covering Round Tables: While most event venues use standard six- or eight-foot banquet tables, you may find yourself in a situation where you must cover round tables with square table cloths. Use a 60-inch square, three-sided table linen, and you still have about a 17-inch drop to play with. This works for round tables up to 36-inches in diameter.


If you need more drop or want to give the illusion of a fully draped table, trying using two, 60-inch square table cloths in matching colors, overlapped at the center. Use table clips or straight pins to secure them, and arrange your display materials to disguise as much of the center seam as possible.


Fitted Table Covers


Fitted table covers with custom imprintUse fitted table covers to give booths and display areas a neat, professional appearance that camouflages items that might be stored under the table. Opt for this style if you don’t plan to have people sitting at the table, or if you are storing non-essential items such as packing materials, brochure or product boxes and so forth, because you won’t be able to access the stored items easily.


Convertible Table Covers


It’s always a good idea to have a few convertible table covers in your table linen inventory as a backup for those occasions when you don’t know if you’ll need to cover a six- or eight-foot table. It’s also nice to have some of these on hand just in case you run short of one size or the other of your table cloths and need to make some on-the-fly adjustments. The handy hook and loop attachments on convertible table covers ensure fast and hassle-free size changes.


Table Cover Carry Cases


Table Cover Carrying CasesWhen ordering your table linens, remember to pick up some handy carrying cases. In addition to making the task of hauling around table covers easier and more convenient, they are an inexpensive way to keep table covers dry and dirt free.


Tips for Dressing Up Display Tables


Complement table displays and make them visually attractive to passersby by making simple ribbon bows in the color of your choice. Secure the bows to the table cover with straight pins.


For white table covers, consider using gold or silver ribbon bows for an elegant look, or red or blue to draw attention. For colored table coverings, choose a complementary color or a contrasting one depending on the look you want to achiever.


Custom imprint table coversAnother way to add really dramatic effects is to use risers to create different platforms or levels for display items. Cover the risers with another table cloth in a contrasting color and arrange the overlay in a pleasing pattern over the risers.


Make every presentation the best it can be with the proper mix of table cover sizes, and pair them with creative product or service marketing techniques. To add more impact to your marketing message, consider buying some custom imprinted table covers to further brand your company image, goods and services.


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