Drive Traffic to Your Business with Changeable Message Signs

Discount Wholesale Changeable message signs and boardsChangeable message signs add an interactive element to your advertising that can drive higher traffic flows. Having access to a larger pool of potential clients’ will lead to more sales and profits for your company. What’s not to like about that? Here are four benefits of changeable message signs you might not have considered:


Easy to See


Changeable message boards offer enhanced legibility and visibility for your advertising messages, especially when you opt for styles such as roadside billboard signs. The generous 36″ x 48″ double-sided surface offers lots of room to tell your story or market your products and services. Think of it as having a dedicated sales person that never sleeps, goes to lunch, or asks for a raise.


Informative and Timely


Advertise with affordable sidewalk signsChangeable messages signs can be updated quickly and easily to furnish customers and prospects with current, pertinent information about your goods and services. Are you having a special promotion on overstocked or outdated inventories? Simply change your message, advertise your specials, and count your profits.


Customized to Your Advertising Budget


Whether you are working from a shoestring budget or have access to almost unlimited advertising dollars, there is a wide range of styles to fit any budget. You can choose from affordable tabletop scrolling message signs to car-topper roof signs to sidewalk, curbside or roadside signs in various sizes and price points.


Low Operational and Maintenance Costs


Changeable message signs are manufactured to withstand weather extremes and offer years of faithful service. Whether you buy an erasable message sign or opt for a style with changeable letters, numbers and symbols, they require little to no specialized operator skills, and can be changed in a matter of minutes. Unlike some forms of disposable advertising, such as print ads that may be discarded after being read, changeable message signs offer your marketing campaign an unmatched longevity.


Who Can Benefit From Changeable Message Signs?


Businesses that should use changeable message signs for marketingApartment complexes, new construction sites, and residential communities are just a few of the many businesses and organizations harnessing the advertising potential of changeable message signs. They are also frequently used by:


Banks and financial institutions


County clubs

Hospitals and healthcare facilities

Insurance companies

Malls and shopping centers



Sports clubs


Unique Ways to Use Them


Market your business with sidewalk and curb signsLook around your community or business area, and you’ll discover many unusual ways to put your changeable message signs to work. Here are some examples:


Martial arts studio – “School crossing”


School supply store – “If you are too cool for school, are you cool enough for a lifetime of poverty?”


Weight loss center – “There can be less of you to love” or “Make this your Last Fat Tuesday”


Health food store – “Green beer is not a vegetable”


To sum it up, a small investment in a changeable message sign can pay high dividends in increased visibility and effectiveness for your advertising campaigns. They are informative and low maintenance in terms of operational costs and labor. Finally, you can customize them to fit your company’s specific needs and goals and use them creatively to create or reinforce your company brand or product.


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