Get Noticed Using Promotional Display Stands and Signs!

Promotional Display Stands and SignsJust because you open a retail store doesn’t mean customers will feel compelled to drop in and browse around. The old adage “If you build it, they will come” does not account for what all retailers need to consider—advertising, promotion and building a brand identity.


Using promotional display stands and signs, however, are an affordable way to stand out, increase foot traffic and spark a buzz.


Simple But Smart


A-frame signs, curb and sidewalk signs, signicades and changeable message signs afford retailers the opportunity to announce, engage and spark an interest. They are a form of in-your-face advertising people can’t help but notice.


Promotional display stands like bulletin holder stands, banner and poster stands are also useful tools to inform walk or drive-by consumers and build your brand identity.


These simple, yet smart solutions to getting your retail store noticed are often overlooked by retailers who think creating the perfect interior displays is the only way to drive sales.


Sign Tips and Promotions


Now that you know you need outdoor promotional display stands and signs, what’s the best way to use them?


Swinger Signs

Sidewalk Signs and Changeable Outdoor Sign


These are extremely versatile and durable—even in increment weather. Options range from rolling message signs with neon markers, dry-erase signs and changeable message signs.

Metropolitan Display is offering all of our swinger curb and sidewalk stand at a discount for the month of March 2013—simply enter promo code swinger10 at checkout or if placing a phone order, simply give the promo code to one of our operators.


Bulletin Holder & Poster Stands


These promotional display stands come in single, two and three tier formats and Metropolitan Display can help you design custom printed inserts that pop.


Other options include front and top loading bulletin stand holders to keep your announcements and informational text and imagery safe. From chrome to steel to aluminum, find the right bulletin holder stands and start promoting—outdoors where customers are first enticed!



Signicades for retail stores


Also known as A-frame and curb stands, signicades come in a variety of colors. We’ve all seen these prominently placed outside retail venues and the uses are endless.


Basic A-frame sigicades will hold 24” by 36” inserts and because of their “A” design, consumers will see your message from both sides. We also offer signicades with printed custom inserts using your artwork.


Dry erase signicades are an awesome way to announce daily events or sale, a café menu or discount days. Because these are easily changed, they help to build brand identity. Passers-by will notice them and soon look forward to what’s new or what’s happening.


Signicades with lettering kits are also great promotional display stands. Each of our changeable letter signicades comes with 350 letters and numbers so you can change your message as often as you wish without having to print new graphics. These A-frame signs offer seven lines of copy on each side an letters and numbers are easy to slide in.


Build It and Promote It!


All retailers have to advertise and promote. Some forms of advertising like direct mailers, newspaper and magazine ads and TV and radio ads can run up your advertising costs quickly.


Using these promotional display stands are an affordable way to get noticed and we also offer bulk discounts!


Be sure to check out our eBay store and our Amazon store for all the products mentioned above and we offer 5% discounts for new Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn followers—click on your social media icons at the top and let ask our operators how to receive your discount – Call us at 800-899-0015 today.


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