How to Effectively Use Colors to Promote Your Brand

Color-Emotion Guide- Metropolitan Display

Glance around and more than likely your eyes will quickly land on a host of various colors. Color makes up our world, effects our mood and influences our decisions on everything from the food we eat to the products we buy to the clothes we wear.


What starts out as white light from a central source such as the sun then gets bounced off  and absorbed by different objects. Those that get reflected have different wavelengths which our eyes interpret as different colors. The longest of which being red, the shortest of which being violet. 


But what does this mean for your brand? 


Whether you’re in the middle of designing a new logo or brainstorming for your next wildly successful advertising campaign, knowing which colors to use, which to avoid, and which pairings will help you generate the highest return for your initial investment, is the best way to steer your creative team. 


Play your colors right and your company could very well end up with the next ‘Coca Cola Red’ or ‘Whole Foods Green’ and immortalize your brand with the hue of your choice!  


What Colors Are Really Saying


Offer red shopping carts to your retail customers!Aside from the primary emotion a color evokes, what other message are you potentially sending by using a particular color? Here’s a short overview of how three primary colors and the color psychology behind them:




Red is a passionate, bold color which evokes subconscious thoughts associated with blood and love and has been a staple of global brands such as CNN, Target and Coca Cola. Its energetic undertones and ability to jump to the foreground are also perfect when you want to encourage customers to act quickly. We’re such big proponents of the hue, we even use it as as the foundation of our very own branding! 

 Antiques Economy Size Flutter Flag



According to one study, more than 57% of the men polled sited blue as their favorite color. Perhaps this is because it tends to denote authority and strength. If you want to impart characteristics such as trust, calmness, and wisdom, this is the hue for you. Perhaps you’re a consultant looking to build your presence, or a budding technology company attempting to get a foothold on your chosen market, blue may be just the reassurance your customers need to pick up the phone can call. 





 Yellow is undoubtedly the joyful, cheery color of the bunch. It’s often associated with food and sunshine, ie: things that make us happy! It’s a clear standout in most advertisements, just be sure not to overuse it as it can also evoke a slight anxiety (think of warning signs which incorporate the hue). Wind Spinner Sidewalk Sign Frame


Signage: Many of our signage products can be custom printed to your specifications, and strong design elements such as color are easy to include. Custom-printed flutter flags, banners, and A-frame sign inserts are just a few of the display advertising products that can be customized. Our full color printed inserts for our Windmaster signs are another way to add a touch of color to your advertising lineup.


Metropolitan Display carries all the retail product displays you need to make your displays—and the color—pop! We hope you’ll bookmark our blog to stay on top of new products and display tips.


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Image Source: The Logo Company


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