How to Leverage Visual Display Marketing to Increase Sales

Flutter flags to help visual displaysHow many times have you heard the saying “A picture is worth 1000 words?” The reason this mantra is so often-repeated is because of its truth. Visuals such as pictures, logos, and targeted advertisements can deliver hard-hitting marketing messages in a matter of seconds, especially when they are partnered with the correct display marketing vehicle.


Visual Displays


Outdoor signs, flutter flags, and flying banners are just a few of the inexpensive visual display marketing products businesses can use to attract new customers to their locations, promote their services and goods, or announce special events, sales and promotions.


However, they are particularly good advertising options for stadiums, convention centers and other venues that might otherwise have trouble increasing their visibility with the public and gaining new customers because they offer an affordable cost, easy installation, and low maintenance and upkeep.


Here’s three of the best options to use to increase sales, improve your current customer retention, and add to your customer base.


Flutter Flags


where to find flutter flagsFlutter flags move and gyrate with the whims of the wind and provide an eye-catching attraction for onlookers. They can be purchased as stock items manufactured with vivid attention-getting colors or custom designed and used for product or image branding. These types of flags are specially designed to stay open even in strong winds for maximum exposure of your company’s message and are made of textiles that can endure even extreme weather conditions.


While you can use them effectively as stand-alone advertisements, you may want to pair them with other display marketing vehicles such as flying banner sails for better exposure and results. Attracting more prospects for your products and services gives you a larger pool of potential buyers so increase your coverage by having your marketing message displayed numerous times in multiple locations.


Flying Banner Sails


Flying banner sails from Metropolitan DisplayFlying banner sails can be printed with a marketing message on both sides of the banner or just on one side and offer the advertiser a large surface area for advertising. The unique design enables the message to be seen from any direction.


They are perfect as parking flags, event flags, or sales promotion flags, and as a plus, they can be effective for indoor advertisements, outdoor advertising or a combination of both in most marketing campaigns. Most experts agree potential buyers need to see an advertising message repeatedly in order to be motivated to make a purchasing decision, so the more places you can display your marketing message, the better.


Outdoor Signs


Use sidewalks signs from Metropolitan DisplayOutdoor signage instantly boosts your curb appeal and visibility and also multiplies the power and penetration of your message. For example, an A-frame type of signage is inexpensive, portable and easy to maintain but it works for promoting your business 24/7 in just about any location.


Most A-frame type display signs require little or no specialized installation, and the message can be changed by almost anyone in just a few minutes, especially if you choose a design specially designed for rapid changes such as those featuring erasable surfaces.


Sidewalk signs and curb signs can be used solo or in conjunction with other outdoor signage to help get your point across to new and existing customers, and these are just a few of the many types of outdoor advertisement products available in today’s market.


The beauty of using display advertisement products such as these to increase your sales is easy due to the wide range of products from which to choose. Whether you are working on a shoestring budget or have an abundance of advertising dollars to allot, there is bound to a product which is just right for your business needs.


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