How To Make Your Retail Advertising Displays More Powerful

Make Retail Displays More PowerfulIs it time to turn up the creative volume on your advertising messages? Are you getting the results you expect or need? If your advertising copy isn’t giving your customers the information they need to make a purchasing decision, you might as well invest those dollars in some other way. Fortunately, giving your ads a tune-up is can be as simply as 1-2-3 when you follow the tips below:




How do your ads look? Are they clean, concise and on-target or cluttered and confusing? Masterpieces of art develop from blank canvases and so do compelling advertisements. Chose each element of the advertising copy such as graphics, text color, fonts and so on with painstaking care. Next, position those elements with clockwork precision to present a finely targeted message.


Use iPad and tablet displays to show your products in your storeIf you are not confident in your ability to create persuasive messages or evoke powerful emotions, consider working with companies specializing in graphic design. Once you have a winning design, decide whether to advertise online, offline or a mix of both. Finalize your ad beautification project by working with companies that can custom print your ad copy onto your chosen display advertising projects such as banners, posters or other indoor or outdoor signage.




The classic film “The Wizard of Oz” is a brilliant example of how inserting color pumps up the visual appeal of printed materials. Who can forget the dramatic contrast between the drab, grayish setting of Dorothy’s home in Kansas and the multicolored, glittering world of Oz?


Use lots of colors in your grid panel displaysMany times, companies can punch up the impact of their ads by simply adding colors or graphics. However, if a company has been using the same ad copy for decades, it could be time to retire it and inject some new life by updating the look or the communication of the message. Adding color is just one of the ways to intensify impact. Let’s look at another way.




Graphics: Outsize, dramatic images attract attention faster and convey messages without the use of words. Choose the right image, match it with a power headline or copy,and you’ll increase the reach and efficiency of your advertising immediately.


Show rather than tell: If you sell products, instead of using a picture of the product, use an image of people using and enjoying the product to create an emotional response and connect with your target audience. Use images, not words, to sell the advantages, features and benefits or your product and services, and your ads will deliver a higher return on your investment.


NYC Garment Co Accessory Product Display CountertopInspire action: Do you want your ads to be actionable, attractive, convincing and interesting? If so, when creating headlines or text, focus on action verbs and powerful adjectives to get your point across in the fewest words.


You can do all the beautifying, colorizing and glamorizing just right and still miss the mark if you don’t choose the right marketing mix of online and offline marketing or invest in the wrong advertising products. At Metropolitan Display, we pride ourselves on our customer service and our ability to help you choose the best advertising solution to fit your situation and budget constraints.


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