Illuminated LED Signs- Such a ‘Bright’ Idea!

Did you know April is Earth month? Since its beginning in 1970, celebration and awareness of the energy we consume and its effects on our planet has spread around the world. What started as a collection of 20 million Americans on one day in late April has grown to an month-long awareness campaign recognized by over 180 countries and some 1 billion people! 


Even still, we have a lot of room to make improvements in the U.S. We use an overwhelming amount of the world’s energy even though our population accounts for only 5% of all people on this planet. To put it another way, the average American uses the same amount of energy as 307 Tanzanians.


But what can you do? You still have to run a successful business in order to feed your family after all. 


Why not try making small changes like switching all your interior and exterior lights to energy-efficient, environmentally-friendlyLED Signs- Metropolitan Display LED lighting? It can be especially beneficial for lights that stay on for long periods of time such as your storefront’s ‘Open’ sign. Enter Metropolitan Display’s Illuminated LED Sign collection. 


Our High Quality LED Illuminated Signs are manufactured using tested, UL approved, high performance parts and superior manufacturing. Each comes with a guaranteed  One Year 100% Warranty so you never have to worry about suffering from manufacturer defects. On average, theses signs enjoy a lifespan in excess of the 10 year mark. If you divide the initial cost over the course of its life, you’ll be getting your initial ROI, and then some with all the customers who’ll inevitably be drawn to your store with this brilliant window advertising. It even glows vibrant in daylight!



LED Marquee Sign- Metropolitan DisplaySigns use just 10 watts of power- that’s more than 10X less than neon bulbs. This low energy consuming , safe low voltage illuminated window sign won’t over heat and, the best part, it’s much more environmentally safe as LED bulbs are Environmentally Friendly and devoid of hazardous materials such as mercury. Each sign’s slim and light weight frame make them easy to manage, install and maintain.


Here are some other interesting facts about lighting from top retailer which you may not know:


- Only about 1% of outdoor lighting in the world has been converted to LED lighting.
- Most electric bills in the U.S. average about 25% of their total from lighting alone.
- Most consumers see an immediate 50-90% energy savings when they switch to LED lights.
- Most LED Lights have a Minimum 5 year warranty with an estimated life of 15 years.
- In less than 20 years, it’s estimated that LEDs will account for 75 percent of all lighting sales.


Not only can the experts at Metropolitan Display help you choose the right kinds of advertising products for your business and LED Open Sign- Metropolitan Displaybudget, they can also save you money in the long run and help your business go green, starting with our Illuminated LED Sign collection.


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