Inexpensive Marketing Tips to Add to Your Business Card Advertising

Inexpensive Marketing tipsAre your business cards earning their keep? If they are stuck in a drawer, a pocket, a wallet or a glove box of the car, not only are they not working for you, but also, they are costing money. Here are some easy-to-implement tips for getting those valuable marketing pieces out of your briefcase, office or vehicle and into the hands of qualified prospects for your goods and services.




With the state of the anemic economy and shrinking budgets, more and more consumers are turning to couponing as a way to ease the sticker shock of buying products and services. Coupons and special incentives are an excellent way to reward loyal customers, attract new customers, encourage people to try your product or service, or generate repeat visits to your storefront or website, especially if you offer a coupon for a discount on a future visit. Now, picture that coupon on the back of your business card and you have a vision of how you can leverage your cards for more marketing advantages.




Add erasable message signs to you list of inexpensive advertising tipsJust as popular in today’s economic climate, if not more so, are free samples or trial offers. By giving potential new customers the opportunity to try before they buy, their anxiety about the risk of trying a new product or service is lessened. In addition, you increase your odds of capturing a repeat customer for your goods.


Passive Marketing


While passive marketing will not generate huge returns on your investment, it never hurts to keep your pipeline populated. A simple way to do this is by including your business card in all your promotional materials, invoices and other distributed information. Pinning your business card to community bulletin boards or asking non-competitive businesses to let you leave some cards on display in their business are some other examples of passive marketing.




Giving your loyal customers a recurring discount for bringing in new business is a smart way to increase your bottom line and reward your customer base. An easy way to do this is have some of your business cards printed with a special discount code, and then give the coded cards to your customers. Ask them to write their name on the back of the cards and hand them out to friends associates. Each time someone redeems a card, your customer receives a credit. Once they understand what’s in it for them, you might be surprised at how many referrals they will send your way.


Cost Effectiveness


Use tablet displays as an inexpensive marketing idea to showcase products!What would you pay to get 1,000 unique visitors to your website, or 1,000 new customers coming through the doors of your store? While you will not convert 1,000 prospects from your next batch of 1,000 business cards, at an average cost of 2.5 to 10 cents per card, it’s a pretty small price to pay for some mega marketing exposure. Even if you only convert one or two prospects to new clients, would it be worth the expense?


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