Is Your Business Off the Beaten Path? Effective Outdoor Marketing Solutions

Outdoor Marketing SolutionsMany cities and town are full—literally, and retailers and restaurants of all types are buying or renting spaces on side roads, alleys and deep into popular shopping districts. Consumers easily see businesses on the front streets but what outdoor marketing solutions are available for those off the beaten path?


Free Advertising Tips


No matter how creative and inviting the inside space is, if people can’t find you, they probably won’t become patrons. There are a few ways to start driving foot traffic including outdoor marketing solutions, but before we look at them, you should also consider some of these easy and free advertising ideas.


Social Media – Big or small, you need to promote your establishment on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Local Places and LinkedIn. Pinterest is also a great social media tool that allows you to post enticing photos and gain tons of followers.


Sidewalk Signs and Changeable Outdoor SignWebsite – If you don’t have a website, you need one. There are some affordable venues such as Wix  and Inuit. Each of these webhosting platforms doesn’t require techie knowledge and you can have your site up and running in no time.


Blogs – People read blogs and they are eager to learn  not just about the happenings at your establishment but also about industry topics. Create a blog on your website and blog at least three times per week.


The important thing to remember using these free advertising ideas is once you start them, don’t drop the ball. Engage the public daily—and thank those that offer reviews!


From Outside to Inside


If your retail store or restaurant is tucked away amidst larger retailers or as we said above—off the beaten path, Metropolitan Displays has some great marketing tools to reel customers in.


Swinger Curb Sidewalk SignSwinger Sidewalk Signs – These durable and sturdy signs come in a variety of styles including models with lettering kits, neon markers and dry erase boards so you can change your announcement or message daily. Announce sales or post your restaurant menu or special of the day. These are great outdoor marketing solutions that will catch the consumers’ eye. Every discount model we carry is wind-resistant and throughout the month of March 2013, all of our swinger signs are 10% off—just mention promo code swinger10 at checkout or speak to one of our operators if placing a phone order to learn more about this extreme discount on swinger signs.


Signicade A-Frame Displays – These are great because of their A-frame style which affords you the opportunity to announce your establishment on both sides. We carry many colors and also offer dry erase and neon marker versions and our most popular accessories is our printed custom inserts to get your message across. Uploading your artwork is easy or we can help you create something special that will get noticed.


Aluminum Folding Signs – These affordable promotional signs are made just for the outdoors. Available in a 22” x 28” and a 24” x 36” insert size, these are the perfect option for restaurant menus and store sales days.


Deli Flutter FlagsFlutter Flags – We carry many of these with pre-printed messages. From food and beverage messages to specialty or general retail to bakery or beauty (and more), you’ll find a flutter flag with the message you need. Click on the flutter flag link to see all the various pre-printed options available!


All of these outdoor marketing solutions will help tremendously, especially if your establishment isn’t on the main drag. Don’t lose out on foot traffic because people can’t find you and instead, promote your business with one of our many outdoor displays!


Don’t forget, for all new Facebook likes, Twitter followers and new LinkedIn connections, we offer a 5% discount!


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